Incorporating videos in your (real estate) email marketing campaigns may greatly benefit open and conversion rates.

And in the real estate space, one tool in this regard often gets more mentions than others, which is BombBomb.

But what is BombBomb Real Estate?

BombBomb, in general, is a software enabling you to send emails with incorporated video to your contacts list.

No specific BombBomb product or feature is exclusively tailored to realtors and real estate overall. 

The only element where a slight focus on real estate gets clear is when it comes to the integration of third-party CRM software

But many of these software products are tailored to the real estate industry.

Please read on should you want to know more about BombBomb, its pricing, how you can profit from video in your email campaigns (crunching numbers), and what alternatives to BombBomb there are.


What Is BombBomb?

BombBomb is easily explained. It doesn’t have to do anything with explosives, that’s for sure.

It’s an email software that allows you to send pre-recorded video emails to your email list or email contacts. These videos are incorporated into emails.

The software allows you to do this from multiple devices, such as mobile (iOS and Android) and your desktop computer.

This is an easy and basic explanation of the software.

But BombBomb has more nuances and products with relevant use cases for realtors that I will explain in the next section.


BombBomb Products & Features

1) BombBomb Essentials

The BombBomb Essentials plan costs $39 monthly and is the most basic software version.

You have multiple recording options to record your face, screen, and/or both. 

The combination of recording options is helpful should you need to explain complex concepts, which can be true when you want to explain a certain real estate deal structure.

The videos you record you can not only send via email but also social media, text message, Slack, LinkedIn, and many other email apps or CRMs.

Since BombBomb is also accessible via your mobile phone, you can do the same on the go, which is necessary if you are a realtor. 

In this context, one use case could be sending a video email via BombBomb right after a showing (or between showings) for a short follow-up with a potential buyer.

Another feature is the Gmail integration, which lets you record, send, and track directly from your inbox.

The “Essentials” plan also includes unlimited hosting and instant video encoding.

The latter is a technology BombBomb developed to reduce video load time basically to zero.

Additionally, you also get a branded video page, where you can add your logo and a link to your website at the top of every video.

One of the most important copy elements is the clickable call-to-action at the end. You can also include this in the video you send with BombBomb. 

The leads (potential buyers or sellers) that receive your video emails don’t need to send you a separate reply email because they can reply directly from the video landing page where your video is embedded.

In addition to each video you record, an animated video thumbnail is generated.

Pre-written blocks of video and text are also available, so writing from scratch is unnecessary each time.

The BombBomb video recording is also available with a Chrome browser extension.

 You can upload up to 2GB per video.


2) BombBomb Plus

The BombBomb Plus plan has monthly costs of $69 and includes all the Essential plan features.

As you will see by the additional features, this version resembles an email marketing software that can be used as a team and allows for a higher volume of sent emails.

If you want to avoid using the background you have in the room where you record, you can also use virtual backgrounds.

There is a team analytics feature in place that allows you to measure your team’s video message performance. 

You can review performance indicators such as video views, hours of FaceTime, emails opened, and percentage watched.

You get real-time alerts once a metric of the mentioned performance indicators is triggered. 

All team members can access this analytics feature also from their mobile devices.

You can also share videos and emails with team members and/or send them on their behalf.

As already mentioned, due to the mass sending capacity in this plan, you can send unlimited video emails to your contact database.

The “Plus Plan” also features many more integration options for third-party software, so you can sync the contact data between BombBomb and your CRM.

Regarding the CRM you can use, I will check later which real estate CRMs can be integrated.

A drag-and-drop email composer is included, making it easier to create branded video emails according to your branding. 

Additionally, this product comes with email templates, so you can craft ready-to-use video emails faster.

But you could also create your own branded templates and make them available to your real estate team.

Similar to the nowadays standard feature of email marketing software, you can also segment your contact list. 

This means you can send video emails to your entire database, a particular list segment, or an individual contact.

Since the Plus plan allows for more teamwork capacity, you can get different administrative access levels. 

So you can distribute different responsibilities across your team members.

In the same context, you can send content on behalf of other team members as a team leader.

The last feature to mention for the plus plan is captions that can be added to the video, so your contacts can also read what is said in the video. 

3) Enterprise Plan

The third plan is the “Enterprise Plan, “basically the custom product version of BombBomb.

It comes with all the “Essentials Plan” and the “Pro Plan” features.

Additionally, you get team management tools, team onboarding, education, a personal video success coach, and quarterly business reviews.

If you have a real estate brokerage with potentially more than five users, this would be the plan you need to choose.

Pricing starts at $53 monthly per seat.


BombBomb Products & Features Overview

FeaturesBombBomb EssentialsBombBomb ProEnterprise
Record live videos
Screen recording
Instant video encoding
Virtual backgrounds
Record from the Google Chrome extension
Gmail inbox recording
iOS or Android App recording
BombBomb Web App recording
Notes while recording
Video trimming-
Generate short URLs
Unlimited video texting on mobile
Canned responses
Mass emails-
Unlimited video storage
Access to video library
Branded video landing pages
Closed captions-
Calls-to-Actions (CTAs)
Video replies
Drag-and-Drop email builder-
Mobile friendly email editor-
Email templates library-
Unlimited image hosting-
Unlimited video email campaigns-
Real-Time tracking
Alerts and notifications
% of video watched metric
Detailed email tracking reports (opens, clicks, plays)-
Consolidated billing--
Control of member permission levels--
Member activity and compliance monitoring--
Manage separate teams in one place--
Advanced video and email reporting--
Leaderboard reporting (member view) --
Send campaigns on behalf of members --
Detailed analytics on member mass sending--
Content sharing ( videos, canned responses, campaign emails, compliance-friendly email templates)--
Up to 3500 contacts-
Schedule emails-
Contact relationship scoring-
Email support
Knowledgebase access
Phone support--
Live chat support-
Custom team onboarding--
Assigned customer success manager--Teams of 20+


BombBomb Third-Party Integrations Relevant for Realtors

bombbomb real estate

As mentioned in the prior section, it is also important to look at third-party integrations and how many are relevant for realtors.

Why? Because the more real estate-specific third-party software can be integrated, the more relevant and valuable BombBomb can be for realtors.

Overall, the software can integrate more than 50 different third-party software types from different categories, such as automation, browser, CRM, customer service, email, lead generation, marketing, recruitment, sales, social, and video.

And I could identify 20 relevant CRMs for realtors that can be integrated with BombBomb:


34 CRMs can be integrated, out of which 21 are tailored to the real estate industry.

That’s roughly 62%. So this is a good sign in terms of usability for realtors.


Pros and Cons of BombBomb

To inject a bit of objectivity into this review, I would like to mention the pros and cons of this video email software so you get a better picture of the whole. 



  • You can also do drip campaigns and email marketing to a larger group of contacts.
  • It is straightforward to record and send videos to your list (overall, easy to use).
  • Multiple options to integrate third-party software, especially CRMs, for realtors.


  • There might be the risk that when your team uses it that similar or the same content is sent to your list of prospects.
  • Some users report having trouble setting up email and video, and video editing features are a bit limited.
  • Customizing can be time-consuming.


A Second Look at BombBomb from a Performance-Based Perspective

As always, here, on my site, I am pretty much interested in the performance aspect of BombBomb and the video email approach in general.

So, I took a closer look at what you may expect by using BombBomb or any other video integration for your email marketing campaigns.

In my article about video marketing and if it does help sell real estate, I already mentioned the overall promising performance data of video.

But what I found regarding video in emails confirms what I already covered in the article mentioned.

The statistics I found were quite promising.

  • Attaching a video to an email can lead to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates (CTR) (source).
  • You can get a CTR increase of 96% when using video in an initial email (source).
  • Marketers (78%) using video in email say that it increased their ROI (source).
  • If you use the term “video” in the subject line, you can increase open rates by 19%, CTR by 65%, and you will reduce the number of unsubscribers by 26% (source).
  • The ideal length of a video in an email should be around two minutes (source).

Let’s crunch some numbers taking into consideration the email marketing performance indicators.

The average conversion rate to get one email signup to your list is between 1.95% and 4.77%, which makes it an average of 3.36%.

This means you would need, on average, 30 website visitors (1 divided by 3.36%) to get one subscriber.

Let’s assume you use Google search ads to drive traffic to your real estate website and pay $1.81 per click.

In this case, you would pay $54.3 per email subscriber (30 x $1.81).

According to this sourcethe average email subscriber conversion rate can be calculated at 15.22%

This means you would need 6.57 email subscribers to get one transaction out of them. 

These would be costs of $356.70 (6.57 subscribers x $54.30) per transaction (costs per sale).

Let’s see how a video would change these costs by applying the abovementioned statistics.

In an ideal world, an increase in CTR (click-through rates) would translate 1:1 into the same amount of CVR. But this is not the reality. 

That’s why I won’t translate the 200-300% increase in CTR when you attach a video in an email to a 200-300% increase in conversion rates. 

Let’s assume that it would affect the CVR only by 10% of the 200-300% increase in click-through rate, and let’s make it a 250% increase on average.

The 10% effect of the 250% increase would mean 25% that we can translate to a CVR increase. 

This would mean an increase in conversion rates from 15.22% to 19.05%. Doesn’t look like much, you might say.

So let’s do the same calculation again, this time with the increased conversion rate of 19.05%.

You would need roughly five email subscribers (1 divided by 19.05%) to get one transaction out of them. 

These would be costs of $271.50 per transaction, which would be a difference of roughly $85.20. 

So, it’s not shabby at all what you could save there, and remember, I only calculated with a conservative 10%. 

In general, it’s definitely not a bad idea to incorporate video in your email campaigns, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be with BombBomb as a tool. 

This leads me to the shorter last section of my article – the alternatives.


BombBomb Alternatives for Real Estate

Several alternatives to BombBomb are also worth considering.
Many have similar price points, and few are a bit more affordable.

  • Vidyard (from $0 to $1250 per month)
  • HippoVideo (from $15 to $79 per month)
  • Loom (from $0 to $8 per month)
  • Dubb (from $0 to $80 per month)
  • covideo (from $49 to $69 per month)
  • Bonjorno (from $0 to $79 per month)
  • Vadoo (from $0 to $39 per month)

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Tobias Schnellbacher
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