This editorial policy explains how Hacking Real Estate Marketing’s content is processed before publication.

The Audience

Hacking Real Estate Marketing’s content is mainly written for real estate professionals such as agents, brokers, and investors who need real estate marketing strategies and methods that can give them an edge.

Content Research

Each written article needs to be backed by trustworthy sources and have a performance-based, data-driven, and logical approach. It also needs to answer a core question.

Trustworthy sources are those that don’t just make claims but can back them with some sort of data (e.g., statistics, reliable quotes, etc.). However, it is understood that not all sources can provide statistically representative data and sometimes only approach the latter.

“Performance-based” means further calculations need to be made where possible. This is the case when performance marketing indicators need to be calculated, such as costs per lead, conversion rates, costs per acquisition, and/or cost per sales, to name a few.

And “data-driven” means that both previously mentioned requirements need to be combined. 

When possible, own statistics can be produced based on research about a particular topic.

So the content includes secondary and or primary sources that provide reliable data with which further calculations can be made, or logical conclusions can be drawn that result in performance-based information.

Content Production Review & Edition

The articles must be written in a casual, informal, and friendly tone. Humor can also be used.

 Before being published, each article gets reviewed and edited with a “sandwich-principle.” It gets checked by Grammarly (e.g., errors, grammar, wordiness, plagiarism). 

After that, it gets proofread and edited by one of our proofreaders. And after that, it is checked a second time by Grammarly. 

Formatting & Styling 

Headings, subheadings, easily readable paragraphs, and a featured image must be included in all articles. Tables, bullet points, and infographics should be included wherever possible and where suitable for the particular content. 

Relevant and related articles of the specific article topic and sources must be included.