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Magnify Your Chances of Lead Gen Success with…

The Ultimate Real Estate Lead Gen Strategy & Performance Suite

 A near-instant way to make a high-odds decision on what viable real estate marketing channel to focus on…PLUS: It’s based on your individual goals, budget, constraints, and more… Instead of weeks of ruminating, it takes under an hour.

✅ A clever approach to shrink your risk of hemorrhaging thousands of dollars over several months by using the wrong marketing channels.

✅ NOW, magnify your chances of cashing in additional commission checks… Discover more effective marketing channels faster… More effective marketing channels, more and better leads.

blue knot funnel consulting

The Lead Flow Program

Get a reliable flow of quality buyer or seller leads WITHOUT pouring thousands of dollars into marketing without results… Short-circuit the drawn-out and nerve-wracking process of generating leads yourself.

✅ Snag leads who are actively looking for properties to buy or sell… NOT the social media kind of leads… (People who accidentally enter data into a Facebook lead form and might consider starting to think more seriously about probably looking into buying or selling a property at some point in the future.).

✅ After the setup, you only pay per lead. Period. No hidden fees, costs, contract locks, or monthly retainers. Cancel anytime. 100% transparency guaranteed.

blue knot funnel consulting

The Real Estate Funnel Leak Solution

The Gordian Knot is perhaps the most famous knot in history.

This comes from a legend associated with Alexander the Great.

This knot, intricately tied, was found in the ancient city of Gordium and was made by Gordius, a peasant who would become king.

The prophecy of an oracle was that whoever could untie the knot would become the ruler of all Asia.

Unable to untie the knot, Alexander the Great sliced it in half with his sword.

This solution came to symbolize innovative thinking and decisive action.

Similarly, you may be dealing with a comparable knot in your digital marketing strategies for your real estate business.

The Real Estate Lead Mining Accelerator

Imagine for a second a miner digging for gold in the early 1900s.

This miner has come across a secret tip and knows exactly where to go before others do before him. So he spends all his money on the right equipment to start his journey.

He drags his pickaxe, shovel, and other heavy equipment all the way up that Colorado mountain ridge and starts digging.

For months, he digs and digs and digs. But he doesn’t strike anything. Then one day it happens. He strikes gold.

You may think that’s the end, and he’s now rich and will live happily ever after.


The Digital Marketing Buffet for Real Estate

✅ Request unlimited digital marketing services per month without a contract… Think Netflix or a monthly subscription to an all-you-can-eat buffet, just without the calories…. Cancel, pause, or resume anytime.

✅ Choose from a menu of more than 40 different digital marketing services to leave your competitors in the dust to reach your real estate marketing goals and increase your ROI… Only available to a limited number of clients… No, it’s not artificial scarcity.

✅ NOW, have your digital marketing in-house WITHOUT first needing a large real estate business and the hassle of employing staff… No recruitment costs, onboarding expenses, payroll and other overhead costs, benefits and perks, healthcare, taxes, equipment costs, etc.

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