Get More Quality Leads With Real Estate Content Marketing

The Problem

Unfortunately, by not doing real estate content marketing, you miss out on more high-quality real estate leads from organic rankings, building trust with potential clients, and having an inflow of constant content, you can repurpose to nurture existing leads.

The thing is, it’s no longer enough to just pump out cheap and short 500-word low-quality blog posts or articles.


Because Google’s search algorithm is getting smarter by the day.

If you have been following the SEO industry a bit, then you should probably know by now that Google increases the number of core updates each year.

These core updates weed out low-quality content websites from their rankings.

So, again those days when you could just have a bunch of cheap 500-word low-quality articles written and build some crappy links in the back and then get ranked in days on the first page of Google are over.

It’s 2022 and not the 90’s anymore, and today it’s all about quality content and the backlinks you get naturally. 

And you don’t get them because you do proactive link building. 

Instead, you get them because you create high-quality content.

People like to link to your real estate articles or blog posts because they provide value.

So even pro-active link building isn’t working to your advantage anymore. And using the guest-posting method has become a bit riskier now.


Suppose you google for “Google’s 200 Ranking Factors”.

What will you find?

You will find that besides many other factors, the algorithm also looks for the length of an article and how relevant an article’s content is in terms of a particular search phrase, and search intent.

Why does Google look at the length of an article?

Because the length of an article often correlates with the content quality. 

In other words, Google “thinks”: “Oh, this article has more than 1000 words, well I guess we can assume that thus the quality is better. Let’s give it a chance to rank higher.”

It is unlikely that a 500-word article covers a topic deep enough to provide value. 

You won’t get ranked easily on the first page with just 500 words.

But only highly authoritative sites such as CNN, Washington Post, or other well-known news outlets or magazines manage to get away with it.

I bet you, too, have certainly come across these relatively thin and crappy articles telling you nothing about what you were looking for.

Nevertheless, they are ranked in top positions because it’s from a major news outlet.

I have my own experience with the new ways Google works on this website with more than 145 articles.

About 80% of them rank now on Google’s result page 1 with the keyword or key phrase I targeted them for. 

I also have more than 2000 backlinks to my site, and I didn’t build any of them proactively. They all came by themselves.

You might wonder, yes, I know content marketing is essential, and I should do it, but where do I get the time to create content?

And isn’t it expensive getting someone to do it for me? 

I want to make you feel comfortable, but the truth is that in both cases, I have to reply with a “yes. 

Some claim that you can produce articles by rewriting or repurposing existing ones or writing a short one yourself.

But instead of doing that, you better don’t do it at all. 


Because you likely won’t get far with it, and waste your time, because of the above reasons.

You won’t add more value or something different to the conversation, leading to Google not ranking you high enough.

And yes, it also costs some money, actually more money than PPC advertising – in the beginning.

Long-term, it will be cheaper and beat PPC in terms of costs and ROI. 

It’s a bit like comparing cultivating strawberries with a teak wood plantation.

With strawberries, you will have lower costs to plant, maintain, and harvest early.

But you will have more overhead during the year (e.g., several planting and harvesting periods). But you will likely not sell them at top dollar.

A teak wood plantation is most expensive initially.

Still, maintenance costs go way down after a few years, and you can then sell the precious wood for top dollar.

Of course, in the context of content marketing, you will see results much earlier than with a teak-wood plantation (roughly between 8-12 months from publishing the respective first articles). 

The latter needs 20 years for you to get the first harvest.

Also, look at the following statistics about content marketing.

You can see the long-term benefits compared to traditional marketing channels.

  • It costs 62% less than traditional marketing but generates 3 times as many leads.
  • The conversion rates are 6 times higher than with other marketing methods.
  • Traditional outbound methods have a conversion rate of 1.7%, but SEO(Content Marketing) can get you a 14.6% conversion rate.


I know how time-consuming it is to produce high-quality content.

My Offer

That’s why I am offering you different real estate content marketing service packages tailored to your individual situation. 

And this is what you can expect when working with me:

  • Preparation of a customer journey of your target customers
  • A searching analysis to determine the right high-odds keywords for you
  • Competition analysis to further increase your odds to beat your competition to get on page one.
  • A content plan
  • A standard word-count per real estate article > 1000
  • 100% plagiarism-free content
  • 100% manual writing
  • No cheap outsourcing
  • All articles 2x Grammarly checked, and 100% proof-read by a native English-speaker
  • 100% Google YMYL friendly with high-quality topic research 
  • Complete copyrights for each piece of real estate content
  • No keyword stuffing (the 90s are over)
  • Written to beat your competition on the first page
  • Catchy SEO-friendly titles with a high emotional marketing value (EMV)
  • Content publishing
  • Website migration to WordPress

Since I have your results in mind, I don’t even bother offering 500-word articles. The articles I produce are always above 1000 words.

Due to my limited time resources, I can also only take on a limited number of clients to safeguard the quality of content produced.

Imagine how it could be to wake up in the morning and realize when checking your daily emails that many high-quality real estate leads just entered your database from content you produced 8-12 months back, without having to pay for clicks.

Because of higher quality, these real estate leads will more likely offer you more business clients than those you prospected before by cold-calling or via Facebook Ads.

Sounds good?

Then, just book a no-strings-attached 15-minute discovery call with me by clicking the button below.