There are many areas of real estate marketing and elements that can influence and increase your efficiency in doing real estate marketing.

There is:

  • Website development, management & optimization
  • Digital marketing analytics, reporting, and optimization
  • Direct real estate lead generation
  • Content marketing & social media management
  • Communication (sales), including customer relationship management & follow-ups
  • Offline marketing & sales activities
  • Property delivery & transaction management

What can increase your efficiency and chances of success in these areas?

Tools can, and in this article, I will provide you with the 45 best real estate marketing tools to give you an edge.


What Can Be Classified as a Real Estate Marketing Tool?

Many articles about real estate marketing tools don’t distinguish between general tools supporting a real estate business and specific tools that help support all elements of real estate marketing.

Therefore, before diving deeper into the available tools, it’s a good idea to first define what can be classified as a real estate marketing tool.

So let’s first establish the meaning of marketing:

“Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses.” – Investopedia (source)

So how about real estate marketing tools in this context?

Some tools increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the activities to promote the buying or selling of real estate (e.g., different properties).

Others help deliver those products to consumers or other businesses.

I have already discussed 107 apps that realtors can use in this article, but not with a focus on marketing activities. 

The focus of this article was rather the overall business processes of real estate agents and mobile apps. 


7 Real Estate Marketing Areas Where Tools Could Help You Out

Taking into consideration the typical business processes of a real estate business, these marketing areas could and can be supported with tools:

  • Website Development, Management, and Optimization
  • Digital Marketing Analytics, Reporting, and Optimization
  • Direct Real Estate Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing & Social Media Management
  • Communication (Sales): Customer Relationship Management & Follow Ups
  • Real Estate Offline Marketing & Sales Activities
  • Property Delivery & Transaction Management 

Website Development, Management, and Optimization

Without a real estate website, you won’t have many marketing opportunities. 

Even offline marketing methods, such as direct mailing, aren’t as effective without mentioning some form of website that potential clients could look up.

Ideally, your website is not just an online business card but also a tool to generate real estate leads.

Websites need to be managed, administered, and optimized regularly to reduce your marketing costs if used for lead generation.

Optimization means a certain A/B testing capacity to find your best-converting version of real estate landing pages or listing pages over time. 

A/B testing means you can generate two versions of the same page and display them alternating and randomly. 

The next important thing, especially for real estate agents and brokers, is the option to integrate an MLS via IDX and the possibility of integrating customer relationship management software.

So, ideally, what we are looking for are all the following features:

  • Different design templates
  • Customization possibilities
  • Lead capturing
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Easy-to-use site editor (code-free)
  • IDX integration
  • Property search
  • SEO friendliness
  • Third-party integration (e.g., CRMs)
  • Agent management
  • Office management
  • Email marketing


7 Tools Giving You an Edge in Real Estate Website Development, Management, and Optimization

In this section, I will give you an overview of the different website builder solutions available on the market that include these features. 

I only selected solutions that offer the maximum of the abovementioned requirements and are tailored to real estate businesses.

1) Placester

  • Responsive (mobile-friendly) website
  • IDX listing integration
  • Code-free site editor
  • Third-Party CRM integration
  • Email autoresponders
  • Testimonials
  • Unlimited posts and pages
  • Online support
  • Design templates
  • Landing page templates
  • Lead capture tools
  • Agent & office roster page
  • Agent profile pages
  • Simple

Pricing: $80-$200 per Month

You can check it out here.


2) Agent Image

  • Open houses
  • Compatibility for Virtual Tours
  • Printable flyers
  • Google Maps integration
  • Property logos and PDF attachments
  • Commercial properties
  • Bio page
  • Testimonials
  • School info
  • Financing
  • Loan and mortgage calculator
  • Community profiles
  • Different inquiry forms (seller, buyer, general, relocation, basic)
  • Custom forms that can include surveys and sweepstakes
  • Lead management
  • Based on WordPress
  • Autoresponder
  • Lead management (CRM)
  • SEO friendly (XML sitemaps, customizable meta tags)
  • IDX Integration
  • Support for multiple countries and currencies
  • iPhone App

Pricing: Not publicly available on the website, only after an inquiry.

You can check it out here.

3) Web4Realty

  • Page manager with a drag-and-drop builder
  • IDX Integration
  • Pre-made theme & content
  • Lead capturing functions
  • Integrated CRM
  • Web analytics
  • Lead tracking and segmentation
  • Follow-up management
  • Transaction management
  • SMS lead notifications

Pricing: $29-$39 per Month

You can check it out here.

4) WebsiteBox

  • Pre-made design templates
  • SEO friendliness
  • Customizable content and images
  • Drag & drop builder
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • IDX integration
  • Lead management (CRM)
  • Third-party integration (gsuite)
  • Lead capturing
  • Blog posts
  • Landing pages for lead generation
  • Website customization and branding
  • Website localization
  • Existing website content migration

Pricing: $179-$349 per Year

You can check it out here.

5) Ultra Agent

  • IDX integration
  • Responsive mobile friendly design
  • Customizable squeeze and landing pages
  • Lead management (CRM)
  • Email marketing (daily property alerts)
  • Single property websites
  • Listing syndication
  • Ad generator
  • Quick search in the header
  • Auto-populated featured properties
  • Reporting
  • Map search (interactive, draw on map)
  • Client login
  • User registration
  • Facebook apps

Pricing: $24.95 – $49.95 per Month

You can check it out here.

6) IntaAgent

  • Responsive mobile friendly design
  • Custom form generator (buyers, seller, commercial property, relocation)
  • Buyer/seller/financing articles
  • Lead management (CRM)
  • Single property pages
  • Customizable homepage design
  • Featured properties
  • Printable flyers
  • Virtual tours
  • Favicon capability

Pricing: From $29.95 per Month

You can check it out here.

Real Estate Website BuilderPricing
Placester$80-$200 per Month
Agent Image No Publicly Available Information
Web4Realty$29-$39 per Month
WebsiteBox$179-$349 per Year ($15-$29 per Month)
Ultra Agent$24.95-$49.95
IntaAgentfrom $29.95 per Month

Website Builders tailored to real estate businesses may not always be the best solution for you because of several issues they have.

For example, you are limited in customization, you don’t control the hosting (the website is not your own), and some don’t do IDX integration very well.

If you would like to read further on this topic, you may also want to visit this and this article.


Digital Marketing Analytics, Reporting, and Optimization

Digital Marketing Campaigns, such as PPC-Campaigns (pay-per-click), need constant monitoring and optimization.

The reasons to monitor, analyze and optimize them are the same.

You want the best way to get the highest quality real estate leads with the least cost.

This is a topic I‘ve already mentioned in my two larger articles about real estate marketing with Google Ads and Facebook ads here and here.

Many tools mentioned in this article already have some capacity for marketing data analytics integrated into their software.

So very often, using a separate tool for this is not imperative.

The type of tools in this category usually give you a better overview of all your campaigns, further A/B testing capacity, and additional analytical data or a better representation of it.

4 Tools Giving You an Edge in Digital Marketing Reporting and Optimization

1) Google Analytics

This tool is the most well-known and often used in digital marketing. 

You can give access to all stakeholders in your business who need to interpret the data.

The free version will be more than enough for a small to medium-sized real estate business. 

Should you be a larger real estate firm and need a premium dedicated version with support, you can get it for a steeper price tag of $150,000.

An Overview of Google Analytics Features:

  • Data-driven acknowledgment model
  • Comparison tools
  • Advanced segments
  • Real-time reporting
  • Cross-Platform and Cross-Device measurement

You can check it out here.

2) Megalytic

Megalytic is one of those marketing reporting tools that help you have all the data in one place. 

It has different templates to import data from several sources, such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook, and more.

Megalytic features a library of widgets that can be added to your reports, giving you a more detailed view. 

These are widgets, such as AdWords conversions, social referrals, and more.

Additionally, reports can be sent to specific individuals (e.g., business partners, agents, etc.).

Pricing: $39.99-$399.98 per Month

You can check it out here.

3) Tapanalytics

This one is similar to Metric. 

It works with over 100 service providers and can pull data pretty fast. 

You also do this with customizable widgets, so you can dig deeper into specific metrics.

Among other marketing data, you can monitor the following:

  • AdSpend on Facebook
  • AdSpend on GoogleAds
  • Facebook CTR
  • Google Ads CTR
  • Channels that contribute most to site visitors
  • Conversion rates

You can define different user roles so that partners or employees can only see what you want them to see.

Pricing: No publicly available information (indicating a higher price point)

You can check it out here.

4) DataBox

DataBox pulls marketing data from well-known marketing software and services, such as Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter, HubSpot Marketing, HubSpot CRM, Instagram, and Linkedin Company Pages.

Once you connect with the services of your choice, you will have all the different marketing data in one place.

Different pre-configured reports are available, but you can also create your own custom report.

Reports can be viewed across several devices, such as desktop, TV, Slack, and mobile phone.

Pricing: $0 to $248 per Month

You can check it out here.

Many of the tools are also used by some marketing agencies.

So, they might also be helpful for non-marketing real estate businesses with a certain size and amount of multiple digital campaigns.

If you just focus on one or two paid traffic campaigns via Google or Facebook, you are likely good with just using Google Analytics.

It is quite powerful and primarily free.

Google Analytics$0 - $150,000
Megalytic$39.99-$399.98 per Month
TapanalyticsNo publicly available information (indicating a higher price point)
Databox$0 to $248 per Month


Direct Real Estate Lead Generation

Tools in this category can be divided into tools or services that generate and/or sell you leads directly (priced on a per-lead or monthly fee basis) and tools that support you with allegedly higher converting pre-made or easier-to-build landing pages.

Offline or physical real estate lead generation tools help you streamline and increase the efficiency of marketing activities, such as open houses or individual showings.

Leads for the latter are closer to being serious customers and a commitment.

10 Tools & Services for Direct Real Estate Lead Generation

1) Redx

In contrast to some other service and tool providers, Redx’s focus is completely on lead generation. 

With the help of their Vortex platform, they can generate leads from different sources.

How do they generate their leads?

They pull data (e.g., phone number) from expired listings, neighborhoods with a high likelihood of owners moving, FSBOs (for sale by owner listings), FRBOs (for rent by owner listings) with vacant rentals and Pre-Foreclosure Owners.

Pricing: $39.99-$99.99 per month plus a flat $149.99 setup fee.

You can check it out here.

2) Bold Leads

Bold Leads doesn’t have the same focus on lead generation as Redx, but it doesn’t mean they don’t generate leads. 

It’s just that they offer further additional features and services, so lead generation might not stand out in the same way.

So, here are all their features at one glance:

  • Done-for-you seller and buyer lead generation
  • Marketing tools and CRM
  • 40 landing page templates
  • Email and text automation
  • Stealth voice mails
  • Pre-made follow-up funnels
  • Third Party-Integration with Propertybase, HubSpot, Contactually, Insightly, bntouch, Zapier, and more

Pricing: from $399 per month plus an additional $250 minimum ad spend

You can check it out here.


3) is usually more well-known as a property search engine or property listing platform, as already discussed in this article.

The platform can generate leads based on already having data on active buyers in the market. 

Leads are generated indirectly, such as organic and promoted listings. 

Suppose you promote a property as an agent. In that case, your name will be attached to any property, and buyers can contact you directly. 

Buyers can search for agents and filter by company, team, or agent.

Seller leads are generated by a home value calculator and market trend updates.

Additionally, offers something called “Market Reach.” 

This feature creates automated real estate ads to show your listings on Facebook and Instagram.

Available leads might not always be exclusive since other realtors might have already contacted them.

Pricing (not much public information available): Depends on zip code and ranges between $200 and $1000 per month with a likely commitment of 6-12 months.

You can check it out here.

5) Zillow Premier Agent

I am getting a bit tired of mentioning Zillow again.

However, this platform can’t be ignored regarding real estate lead generation tools because of its reach alone.

The platform offers a user-friendly and easily searchable database, including almost every property for sale in North America.

Inthis article, I’ve already mentioned that they have the largest monthly traffic amount compared to other listing platforms. 

And when you use Zillow Premier Agent, you can market to potential buyers searching for listings in a certain geographic area. 

These agents are also displayed with the property information, and potential buyers can thus select and contact an agent for more information or already schedule an appointment.

Real estate professionals have had some mixed feelings about the quality of Zillow leads for some time.

Because of that, Zillow Premier Agent started “Live Connections” in 2018 to improve lead quality. 

In other words, they now pre-screen the leads, so Premier Agents are contacted only by qualified leads.

Pricing: Minimum $250 per month, but depends on the median sale price, ZIP code, and quantity of competing agents.

You can check it out here.

6) Real Geeks

Strictly speaking, I wouldn’t consider Real Geeks as a tool but a combination of a digital marketing agency with tools supporting real estate lead generation.

Therefore, they offer lead generation websites, a CRM, lead follow-up, and digital marketing.

Real Geeks considers itself an all-in-one real estate sales marketing solution.

An overview of their features/services:

  • IDX real estate websites
  • Property valuation tool
  • Managed Google ads & Facebook ads campaigns
  • Personalized mobile app
  • CRM
  • SMS autoresponder
  • Market reports
  • Facebook marketing tool
  • Automated email drip system

Pricing: From $199 per month

You can check it out here.

7) Ylopo

Ylopo has a similar approach to Real Geeks. 

The difference is their focus on generating buyer and seller leads that just have started their search for solutions on the market.

According to Ylopo, among other methods, they use special techniques such as time-tested lead targeting in combination with specific demographics and integrating MLS feeds with Facebook ads.

Since they also offer IDX websites, the company combines a digital advertising agency’s services with its lead generation tools. 

An overview of their features/services:

  • A user-friendly and simplified digital marketing dashboard for paid campaigns can be run on co-pilot or auto-pilot.
  • Ad spend control and control over the ads run for you.
  • Location targeting
  • Automatic filter for poor-quality leads
  • Reports on top-performing ads and overall marketing performance
  • Team Accountability Dashboard
  • Brand awareness and social engagement monitoring
  • Mobile-optimized search sites with IDX integration and 100+ advanced search features
  • Websites with 5+ Editable and Customizable Website Design Templates, Integrated video banners, integrated Zillow reviews, and blog.
  • Single property websites
  • Microsites for team members
  • Done for your blog articles
  • Custom landing pages and seller landing pages
  • Video library and management
  • Facebook Lead Ad Integration
  • Digital billboard ads
  • Ad creation for each lifecycle stage of property listing
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Listing alerts
  • Assistance in texting high-priority leads
  • Full third-party CRM integration with Follow Up Boss, Sierra Interactive, Firepoint, Chime, and Liondesk
  • Partial CRM integration with BoomTown, CINC, salesforce, Contactually

Pricing only for technology features: $295 per month

Pricing for technology features and ad agency services: $295 per month plus a minimum of $450 per month (depending on your median house price and geographic area)

You can check it out here.

8) Market Leader

Market Leader generates leads with paid traffic campaigns (search and social).

It converts traffic into leads on and your personally branded IDX website with a specific geographic target (ZIP code).

An overview of their features/services:

  • A guaranteed number of exclusive monthly leads according to your zip code focus
  • Seller lead insights, including property details and listing timeframe
  • Customizable agent websites
  • CRM for lead management
  • Automated follow-up campaigns
  • Lead routing for team members

Pricing: $99 per month for the CRM and Follow up features, $20-$30 per Lead

You can check it out here.


9) SmartZip

SmartZip aims to identify potential sellers in a market before they even start to look for real estate professionals or are ready to sell.

So their focus is rather on the data collection side for your potential marketing or prospecting campaigns.

Using predictive data algorithms, they pull data from different internet sources and local MLS data to determine which sellers are most likely to sell.

SmartZip provides two options in this context. 

You can do the marketing campaigns using the pulled data or their marketing tools, such as direct mail campaigns.

Pricing: Data plus Marketing Tools $1000 per month, and Only Data $500 per month

You can check it out here.

10) Hunter

Hunter is a valuable tool for real estate marketers, thanks to its advanced email discovery features and extensive database.

This tool aids agents in identifying and communicating with potential leads in an efficient manner.

From the initial prospecting stage to the final closure of deals, Hunter provides the necessary resources for real estate professionals to navigate the market effectively.

Here’s a list of their features/services:

  • Email Finder
  • Email Verification
  • Automated Email Outreach
  • Email Tracking

Pricing ranges from free to $499 per month.

You can check it out here

Tool/Service for Direct Real Estate Lead GenerationPricing
Redx$39.99-$99.99 per Month Plus a Flat $149.99 Setup Fee
Bold LeadsFrom $399 per Month Plus an Additional $250 Minimum Ad Spend
Realtor.comDepends On Zip Code and Ranges Between $200 and $1000 per Month with a Likely Commitment of 6-12 Months
Zillow Premier AgentMinimum $250 per Month, But Depends on Median Sale Price, ZIP Code, and Quantity of Competing Agents
Real GeeksFrom $199 per Month
YlopoFrom $295 per Month
Market Leader$99 per Month for the CRM and Follow Up Features, $20-$30 per Lead
SmartZipData plus Marketing Tools $1000 per Month, and Only Data $500 per Month
HunterFree to $499 per month


Content Marketing & Social Media Management

Content marketing is the basis of social media marketing (which doesn’t fully apply to paid social media campaigns). 

Social media post ideas usually come from your overall real estate ontent marketing strategy, not vice versa.

To have an overview of your content and social media marketing tasks and strategies, you can use many tools and services to save you a lot of time.

4 Tools Giving You an Edge in Real Estate Content Marketing & Social Media Management

1) HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Software

This software provides many more features than just content marketing and social media management.

But see for yourself:

  • Drag and drop landing pages and email templates
  • Real-time SEO suggestions for your content marketing strategy
  • Drip campaigns
  • Hub Spot CRM integration
  • Team organization
  • Web traffic analytics
  • Social media brand mention monitoring
  • A/B testing
  • Video hosting & management

Pricing: $800 per month

You can check it out here.


2) Überflip

Überflip focuses more on the content marketing side of things and offers the following features:

  • Creation of content paths aligned with your customer journey
  • Managing different content assets in one location
  • Third-party integration, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, Disqus, Optimizely, and more
  • Strategically placed CTAs (calls to action)
  • “Flipbooks” that convert PDFs into interactive pieces of content.
  • Analytics and insights into content marketing efforts to see what works and doesn‘t.

Pricing: Not publicly available

You can check it out here.


3) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most well-known social media management tools and was founded in 2008.

These are its features:

  • Insights (trend spotting and analyzing)
  • Monitoring of multiple social channels at the same time
  • A single collaborative calendar for all social content
  • Management of social and search ad campaigns
  • Single library of branded content for your entire team or organization 

Pricing: $19-$99 per month

You can check it out here.


4) ContentCal

This is another social media management tool, which is especially great for smaller businesses. 

Its core feature is a planning calendar.

These are the main features:

  • Content drafting
  • Editable post templates
  • Interesting and inspiring articles can be sent to the content hub library via the Web Clipper.
  • Post-scheduling and reporting
  • Team workflows
  • Custom social profiles
  • Analytics with PDF export
  • Advanced video uploader
  • Send posts to Facebook drafts
  • Google My Business Publishing

Pricing: For a limited amount of social profiles and features, $59 per Month, and for all features, pricing is custom and not fixed.

You can check it out here.

Content Marketing & Social Media Management ToolPricing
HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Software$800 per Month
ÜberflipNot Publicly Available
Hootsuite$19-$99 per Month
ContentCalFrom $59 per Month


Communication (Sales): Customer Relationship Management & Follow Ups

Once you generate leads, you want to be able to nurture them and follow up with them so they hopefully become your customers.

Because of text message marketing (e.g., chatbots), the line between lead generation and follow-up is buried in this area. 

For instance, chatbots can generate leads and follow up with them.

I have already covered customer relationship management tools in-depth in this article, where I give an overview of 28 real estate CRMs.

Therefore, I won’t go too deeply into them in this section.

They can often also do different follow-up campaigns via email or chat.

Separately from customer relationship management software, email marketing tools, such as chatbots, can be similarly used to follow up with your leads and messaging tools.

Most of them also can do marketing data analysis. 

So you can see, for example, how many of the sent emails are opened (e.g., email open rates).


Tools Giving You an Edge in Communication (Sales): Customer Relationship Management & Follow Ups

Again, in this section, I will spare you a list of customer relationship management software providers because I already wrote a longer article about it here.

The same is true for chatbots, which I covered in this article.

Nevertheless, there are four email marketing providers worth mentioning.

1) HubSpot

HubSpot not only provides features for content marketing and social media management but also for email marketing.

These are the features:

  • Email creation with the help of multiple responsive design templates, so you won’t need design or IT knowledge.
  •  Email personalization
  • A/B testing (e.g., call to action) and analytics (who engages with your emails)

Pricing: Free for up to 2000 email subscribers; for more than that, it starts at $50 per month

You can check it out here.


2) GetResponse

Similar to HubSpot, GetResponse offers more than just email marketing. It’s kind of an all-in-one tool with a strong focus on automation.

Besides email marketing campaigns, the tool enables you to create high-converting landing pages for lead generation.

For example, a nice feature helps you create funnels for sales, webinars, leads, and more. It is called “Autofunnel.”

An Overview of all Features:

  • One-time email broadcasts
  • Automated follow-up emails
  • Automated emails after sales, website visits, or abandoned cards (this one is usually not that relevant for real estate)
  • Segment-specific sends
  • Timed and scheduled emails
  • Post-sharing via email and social media

Pricing: $15-$1,199 per month

You can check it out here.


Real Estate Offline Marketing & Sales Activities

This marketing field consists of physical marketing activities, such as pre-visits, showings, home inspections, and/or appraisals.

Here, the lead being a buyer or seller, is usually closer to already being a committed customer. 


Tools Giving You an Edge in Offline Marketing & Sales Activities

I have already covered some of the tools worth mentioning here in this article.

Navigation to Properties You Want to Show or Pre-Visit

Three navigation apps can help you find properties you want to show or pre-visit.

They are CoPilotGoogle MapsGas Buddy, and Waze.

Waze has a special feature that can warn you about accidents, hazards, and traffic.

Waze CoPilot has a feature that allows you to navigate even offline.

You may already know Google Maps, and it‘s pretty basic, but it also gives you information about traffic situations.

The last navigation app to mention is Gas Buddy, which is focused on nearby gas stations and helps you find the cheapest gas prices.

Live Video Before, During or After Showings and Pre-Visits

Suppose you not only need basic functions of video live streaming and would also like to use cloud transcoding.

In that case, streaming analytics, live Q&A, polls, live overlay graphics, chat functions, and lead generation tools, then Livestream from Vimeo may be worth a try.

Periscope and StreamNow are more basic streaming apps that allow some real-time interaction.

Two further basic apps worth mentioning are Instagram Live Stories and Facebook Live.

Events (Open Houses)

If you want to use an app that helps you capture high-quality leads during events such as open houses, then you might want to look at

It includes CRMs, follow-up automation, real-time reporting, and social insights on verified contacts.

Then there is OpenHome Pro with the same features as

The difference is that it uses its own CRM and identifies leads that aren’t working with a real estate agent yet.


Property Delivery & Transaction Management

The property (product) delivery part is when a property is transferred from one person to another. 

The context is thus more transactional.

A typical example is when you have reached an agreement and are ready to close a deal; there are tool-powered services that guide and assist you during the whole process.

Many service providers offer these services in conjunction with their software.

I have already mentioned some of these tools in my article about automating your real estate business.

An Overview of Tools and Providers:

Priority Title and Escrow
Corporate Settlement Solutions
Dropbox Sign


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