Making a PPC campaign with Facebook or Google Ads work with a proven well-converting funnel can be challenging and requires time and money.

That’s why you may have encountered leadPops offering proven and converting real estate and mortgage lead funnels and done-for-you PPC campaigns.

This article will take a performance-based look at leadPops, focusing on the real estate industry.

You will learn what it is, its three main features for real estate, how much it costs, whether it’s legit, and if it’s worthwhile from a performance perspective.

Sounds good? Then don’t hesitate to read the rest of my article.


What Is leadPops?

leadPops is an all-in-one digital marketing solution focusing on converting existing traffic into leads.

Their primary focus is on the real estate, mortgage, and insurance industries.

Nevertheless, they tend to focus slightly more on the mortgage industry.

From 2012 to 2017, they worked with Zillow and Bankrate to increase their conversion rates, leading to the different lead funnels they developed for today’s clients.

So, with leadPops, you don’t buy leads but use their experience with funnels to increase your conversion with existing traffic.

Instead of selling leads to clients, the company motivates them to do their own lead generation.


leadPops’ 3 Main Features for Real Estate

leadPops’ three main features for the real estate industry are the following:

  • Real estate marketing funnels
  • Real estate websites
  • Real estate in-house marketing services (paid ads management with Facebook and Google Ads).

1) The Marketing Funnels

leadPops’ customizable and pre-made marketing funnels focus on increasing your website’s current traffic conversion.

They had a lot of time optimizing their different lead funnels when they did conversion optimization work for Zillow.

Therefore, I believe it to be true when the company claims its funnels are above-average engaging.

Another emphasis they put on their funnels is applying proven psychological principles.

What does this do?

It helps make the experience of website visitors more fun and interactive. The keyword here is “gamification.”

So, you could say that leadPops has a gamified lead generation process through funnels.

Some funnel types they offer are quiz-style combined with automated follow-ups, tracking, and reporting.

On a side note, the quiz-type funnel’s benefit is to better qualify leads than others available and already mentioned in this article.

The company also offers instant notifications.

Once a new lead is generated, you get notified via email, text, or both at once.

Based on their lead type, the five funnels are home search, home finder, home values, open house, and short sale funnels.

All leads generated are exclusive to the real estate professional.

To build the funnels, leadPops considered 12 common real estate scenarios.

The company provides 1:1 training, access to a 24/7 help center, no-wait support calls, webinars, and an exclusive Facebook group.

The software has several options to integrate third-party CRMs to better manage your incoming leads.

The following ones can be either integrated via Zapier or without it:

  • Active Campaign
  • Agent Legend
  • Agile
  • Argos (Momentifi)
  • Arive
  • Big Purple Dot
  • Bonzo
  • BNTouch
  • Cimmaron
  • Clickpoint
  • Contactually
  • Encompass
  • Excel/Google Sheets
  • Firepoint
  • Floify
  • Follow-Up Boss
  • Follow-Up Edge
  • GoHighLevel
  • Homebot
  • Infusionsoft
  • Insellarate
  • Jungo/Salesforce
  • kvCORE
  • Lead Conduit
  • Lead Mailbox
  • LendingPaid
  • Liondesk
  • LodaSoft CRM
  • MLO Shift
  • Mortech/Marksman
  • Motivator 2.0
  • Pipedrive
  • SalesPype
  • Shape
  • SureFire
  • Top of Mind
  • Total Expert/M3
  • Unify
  • Velocify
  • Whiteboard
  • Verse
  • Zoho

2) Real Estate Websites

The real estate websites provided by leadPops are all responsive and well-designed.

They are available with four pre-designed and customizable templates.

The template’s names are Baller, Edge LO, Hero, and Edge Company.

The Baller and Edge LO templates are likely the best choices for a broker.

Slightly larger real estate companies might want to go with Hero and Edge Company.

Should you need a higher degree of individuality for your real estate website, a team of developers can customize your website’s design even further.

leadPops claims that all their websites are built with SEO best practices in mind and optimized for lead generation.

The websites are available in the “Build a Custom Marketing Bundle” pricing plan for $297 monthly for the essential websites.

They come with additional marketing tools that can further help your lead generation process, such as:

  • Today’s mortgage rates
  • Pre-approval letter
  • Mortgage calculator
  • Refinance analysis
  • Home insurance quote
  • Home values finder
  • Refinance analysis
  • Credit repair wizard

Additional features tailored to real estate professional’s use cases are:

  • Customizable “Recruiting” section
  • Customizable Video section
  • Customizable “Blog” section
  • Customizable “Reviews” section
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Customizable exit intent triggers
  • CRM integration with and/or without Zapier
  • Customizable “Team” section
  • Facebook Pixel integration
  • Integrations with Live chat, chatbots, and other third-party applications

leadPops makes a difference in the different website features available to you.

It depends if you choose the “Build a Custom Marketing Bundle” Plan for $297 monthly or want even more website features and are willing to pay an additional $50.

The plan without the additional $50 includes the “Essential” website package, and the other includes the “Premium” one.

I will include a table below showing you the difference in features for the two website packages.

Essentials PlanPremium Plan
15-Minute MLS updatesEverything from the Essentials plan
Lead capture & routingLead activity real-time CRM integrations
WalkscoreLead data real-time CRM integrations
Collaborative search groups for leadsFeature agent listings at top of results
Responsive designsFeature office listings at top of results
Bikescore3-minute integration setup
Lead: comments for listingsAdvanced Round Robin lead routing
Lead: reactions to listings via emojisPopulation by age group (listing page demographics)
Search multiple MLSs in one searchPopulation insight (listing page demographics)
Customizable colors, fonts & designHousehold insight (listing page demographics)
Automatic deduplication of listings (overlapping MLS)Education level (listing page demographics)
Normalized MLS fieldsHomes with children (listing page demographics)
RESO data dictionary compliantMarital status (listing page demographics)
Tools for SEO optimizationEmployment insight (listing page demographics)
HTTPS & SSL compliantRegistration locks (listing page demographics)
Google XML sitemapsCommute insight (listing page demographics)
Fast page load speedsRegistraion locks are excluded from search results
Search engine indexable embeddable search results8 additional map styles
Search engine indexable listing pages
Integrated CRM tools
Google cloud platform hosting
Facebook & Google lead sign up
Versatile sign up/sign in widgets
Indexable scrolling listing galleries
Responsive custom search form
Search button widgets
Responsive search map widgets
Search result count widget
IDX navigation links for topbars
Home valuation request form
Advanced polygon map search
My current location mobile search
Touch mobile polygon map search
Automated listing squeeze landing pages
Facebook Pixel lead conversion tracking
Agent recommended search email subscriptions
Google Analytics lead events conversion tracking
Full Google analytics listing page tracking


3) Real Estate In-House Marketing Services

Should you choose to go with the “Build a Custom Marketing Bundle” pricing plan, you will also get access to leadPops’ in-house marketing services.

This focuses on Facebook and Google Ads.

They also mention Pinterest ads on their main page, but I couldn’t find that on their main in-house marketing services page anymore.

So, it’s Facebook and Google Ads, covering basically the whole Internet.
Let’s see what they offer in terms of Facebook Ads services.


Facebook Ads

With proven and tested Facebook ads campaigns, leadPops claims to get leads between $3.30 and $12.43 each.

If this is true, it’s an outstanding performance. Why?

Because according to this sourceyou pay, on average, $57.27 per Facebook lead in the real estate industry.

I don’t know their secret sauce for apparent reasons.

But I assume the ads run by leadPops get a high enough engagement, e.g., through quizzes that reduce costs per click overtime costs per lead.

The higher quality of leads is likely achieved by avoiding Facebook lead ads. The latter is known for not having the best quality.

leadPop’s Facebook Ads service also creates ad creatives for you.

This is usually content tailored to real estate that draws attention and makes people stop scrolling their Facebook feeds.

Additionally, they do specific audience targeting for you, including optimized local targeting.

You can also buy their so-called “Follow-Up Add-On” service as an add-on to this service which nurtures and qualifies the incoming leads on autopilot with the help of appointment-setting assistants.

This includes 31 touches over six months via phone, text, and email.


Google Ads

leadPops claims to generate real estate leads with GoogleAds for between $50 and $132 per lead.

Provided this is true, they are somewhat in the average cost per lead range according to the source I’ve already mentioned above.

Nevertheless, this is still good since you need to consider that this article mentioned winning campaigns.

First, you must get to that point through rigorous testing and spending money without results.

Additionally, when you use Google Ads in real estate, you need to consider that you will compete against “giants” such as Zillow bidding for specific keywords.

With their Google Ads service, they determine and analyze the right and most profitable keywords for you and do specific and local targeting for a particular area.


Other features of this service are:

  • Ad creatives and content that is specific to real estate and differentiates you from the competition
  • Conversion-optimized landing pages
  • Conversion-tracking to determine which ad works and which one doesn’t
  • 24/7/365 lead follow-up service (the same add-on as with their Facebook Ads service)


How Much Is leadPops? A Pricing Overview

I prepared an overview table to get you some more information about leadPop’s pricing at a glance.

You can find it below and compare things for yourself.

Before you start checking the overview table, I wanted to mention one thing.

You can assume that you will pay additionally for their ads campaign set-up and the ads costs from the relevant ads platform (e.g., Facebook or Google Ads).

Why do I think that?

No further costs are mentioned without making a “marketing assessment” appointment with them.

You can also see this when you read the price for the “Build a Custom Marketing Bundle” plan which states, “Starting at $297/month”.

Costs will likely be tailored to your individual lead generation goals.

Starter - $97/monthStarter - $197/monthBuild a Custom Marketing Bundle - from $297/month
12 Real estate funnelsUnlimited real estate, mortgage, and credit repair funnelsSpecialized marketing services
7 Mortgage funnelsNo ContractAI & human-powered lead follow up
No ContractUnlimited traffic & leads (your traffic)You can combine & match any of these options:
Unlimited traffic & leads (your traffic)First 30 days are FREELead generation funnels
First 30 days are FREELeads are 100% exclusiveConversionPro IDX websites (agent, team, branch, & enterprise solutions available)
Leads are 100% exclusiveUnlimited home search funnelsRESPA-Compliant LO co-marketing
4 Home search funnelsUnlimited home finder funnelsFacebook Ads management
4 Home finder funnelsUnlimited home values funnelsInstagram Ads management
2 Home values funnelsUnlimited open house funnelGoogle Ads management
1 Open house funnelUnlimited short sale funnelLocal SEO services
1 Short sale funnelUnlimited conventional loan funnelRetargeting campaigns
1 Conventional loan funnelUnlimited mortgage rates funnelAnimated HTML5 banners
1 Mortgage rates funnelUnlimited FHA loan buyer funnelVideo email marketing
1 FHA loan buyer funnelUnlimited VA loan buyer funnelReputation management
1 VA loan buyer funnelUnlimited jumbo loan buyer funnelRecruiting packages
1 Jumbo loan buyer funnelUnlimited 203K loan buyer funnelCustom landing pages
1 203K Loan buyer funnelUnlimited USDA loan buyer funnelLead management solutions
1 USDA loan buyer funnelUnlimited debt consolidation funnelsAutomated 2-Way texting
Customizable logos, colors, images, thank you pages, SEO, footers, autoresponders, and compliance contentUnlimited HARP loan funnelsVideo email marketing
Free hosting on secure, custom sub-domains, or the use of your ownUnlimited reverse mortgage funnels24/7 “Do-It-For-Me” lead follow up (texts, calls, emails, live transfers, & appointment setting)
Get instant lead alerts via email & text messageClone feature: to create unlimited additional funnels
Connect the funnels into websites, landing pages, blogs, email blasts, e-newsletters, social posts, social ads, Google Ads, direct mail, radio ads, and videosCustomizable logos, colors, images, thank you pages, SEO, footers, autoresponders, and compliance content
20+ Popular CRM integrations + ZapierFree hosting on secure, custom sub-domains, or the use of your own
leadPops sticky barGet instant lead alerts via email & text message
Built-in performance reportingConnect the funnels into websites, landing pages, blogs, email blasts, e-newsletters, social posts, social ads, Google Ads, direct mail, radio ads, and videos
Conversion rate tracking20+ Popular CRM integrations + Zapier
Google Analytics integrationleadPops sticky bar
Google Tag Manager integrationBuilt-in performance reporting
Facebook Pixel integrationConversion rate tracking
Google Remarketing Pixel integrationGoogle Analytics integration
Google Tag Manager integration
Facebook Pixel integration
Google Remarketing Pixel integration


Is leadPops Legit?

After reading my rather positive-leaning review about leadPops so far, you might wonder whether this company or website is legit.

This is an understandable question, and after cross-checking several third-party and user-based review sites, I can confidently say that leadPops is legit.

According to the website “ScamAdviser,” leadPops’ homepage gets a trust score of 100/100.

I also cross-checked several user-based review sites, and leadPops gets positive reviews for the most part.

This is also true for the reviews published on their own site, which allegedly come from a third party. There are 647 third-party reviews.


My Marketing Performance-Based Take on leadPops

The same is true for leadPops as for StreetText.

To not benefit from leadPops’ funnels and marketing services, you will need the following requirements:

  • You are already well-versed in PPC advertising with Facebook Ads or with Google Ads
  • You have already proven and well-converting real estate funnels that get you reliable lead-generation results

Suppose you can’t count yourself into one of the two above requirements.

Suppose you pay the ad costs for Google and/or Facebook on top of the monthly expenses of leadPops.

You will likely still save money and have a positive return on your ad spend.

How so?

Until you have developed a winning campaign, it can take 3 to 6 months of constantly optimizing, tweaking, and testing.

According to this source, the average monthly ad spend for Google Ads for real estate agents was $1,212 in 2021.

In that case, we can assume that you may have to invest between $3,636 (3 months x $1,212) and $7,272 (6 months x $1,212) until you make it to a winning campaign.

Remember, the $1,212 comes from already lead-generating campaigns.

From the above-discussed, leadPops doesn’t necessarily perform better in lead costs for Google Ads.

Still, you may already use the budget you would have needed to test and develop a new campaign to get a lead-generating campaign earlier.

The advantage becomes a bit clearer when we consider Facebook Ads.

Provided leadPops claims are correct here, you get not only a shortcut to a lead-generating campaign but also lower costs per lead on average.

The same applies to Facebook Ads regarding real estate agents’ average monthly ad spend. According to the mentioned source form above, it’s $750.

So, you would spend between $2,250 (3 months x $750) and $4,500 (6 months x $750) until you get to a lead-generating campaign.

Again, this money could have been invested already in a lead-generating campaign.

Let’s do some final number crunching and see if you can expect a positive return on your ad spend.

I put it in an overview table for you below.

Google Ads with leadPops (per month)Facebook Ads with leadPops (per month)
leadPops plan: Build a Custom Marketing Bundle$297,00$297,00
Additional Google Ad costs$1.212,00$750,00
Average cost per lead$91,00$7,87
Estimated number of leads generated (Google Ad costs divided by cost per lead)1395
Estimated lead to appointment ratio20,00%20,00%
Number of appointments2,719,1
Average closing rate 27,00%27,00%
Number of closed deals0,75,1
Cost per sale (total monthly costs divided by number of closed deals)$2.098,14$203,32
Average real estate commission 20215,43%5,43%
Average new home sales price 2021$408.800,00$408.800,00
Real estate commission amount per sale$22.197,84$22.197,84
Total commission from closed deals$15.964,88$114.305,47
Return on ad spend (ROAS), monthly costs for leadPops plan included1057,98%10917,43%

As you can see from the calculation in the table, you can expect a positive return on ad spend for both Google and Facebook Ads.

But you can also see that Facebook Ads perform much better because of the lower cost per lead.

A lot will depend on how good leadPops appointment setting service is regarding the lead-to-appointment ratio.

I couldn’t find any performance-based data during my research.

Since you will not be locked into a long-term contract with them, you may give it a try for 1-3 months, and to improve your odds, let them focus on Facebook Ads.

However, I wouldn’t recommend leadPops if you fall under the categories I mentioned initially and if you plan to make your website.

Once you don’t use their services anymore, you won’t have access to your real estate website anymore.

But there is one thing you could do to use both.

Suppose you also want to do content marketing to improve your rankings.

You could use a second separate real estate website focusing on your content that links to your leadPops website.

You can learn more about leadPops here.

This article has been reviewed by our editorial team. It has been approved for publication in accordance with our editorial policy.

Tobias Schnellbacher