Today, realtors can use so many mobile apps that it could quickly get overwhelming to know which one to focus on. 

There are so many out there that it could quickly lead to “realtor death by app overload.”

So, I decided to try and answer the question of which mobile apps realtors can use and keep sane.

The fact that the right apps can be helpful shows one perhaps fictional example from a “docu-telenovela” on Netflix about a real estate agency in the luxury property market in L.A. It’s called “Selling the Sunset.” 

In this scene, one of their agents had to prepare a house for showing with a home stager

The thing was, this house stager did a poor job of decorating it the right way. 

I am not sure if this really happened, but this home stager supposedly went a bit on her own in terms of style and inspiration. 

The result was a one-week delay because the house didn’t appeal to enough potential home buyers with this interior design, so it wasn’t ready to receive them yet.

This could have been avoided with the right communication and supported by the interior design app Project Color I discuss further below in today’s article.

If you’d like to learn about 107 mobile apps that support a realtor’s different typical operational processes, keep reading.


Which Mobile Apps Are Most Suitable for Realtors?

As a realtor, you can stuff your smartphone with different apps all day long until it gets overwhelming, and the effectiveness and efficiency get thrown under the bus.

Therefore, in my list below, I selected and filtered only those apps that can assist and accompany you in the typical operational processes as a realtor, such as:


I included those apps that are not limited to desktop computers but also offer mobile versions and thus work on your smartphone.

You can find already below all the apps at one glance in the table with the different prices included.


Overview of Apps for Administrative and Management Tasks

Team Collaboration, Task Management, and Transaction ManagementPrice/ Price RangeMLS and Real Estate MarketplacesPrice/ Price RangeSchedulungPrice/ Price RangeCommunication Automatization Price/ Price Range
Trello$0-$20.83 per monthConnect from HomeSpottern.a.LocalUp Biz AppfreeZapier$0-$748.75 per month
Asana$0-$24.99 per monthHomeSnapn.a.Timify£0-£48 per monthZurplefrom $309 per month
Backagent$0-$32 per monthMLS Touchfreeapptoto$29-$239 per monthSlydial$0.10 per slydial or $2.95 per month
Clozio~$100 per monthTen-Xn.a. (broker cooperation fee)Calendly$0-$12 per monthGrasshopperfrom $29 per month
DotLoopfrom $29 per monthLoopNet$139.95-$1,200 per monthScheduleOncefrom $15 per monthLiveChat$19-$59 per month
Skyslopen.a.Truliabroker cooperation feesShowing Pro from ProAgent Solutionsfrom $30.58 per monthDrift$0-$1500 per month (billed annually)
Folio by Amitree$0-$125 per monthZillowbroker cooperation fees
Hubstaff$0-$20 per monthAuction.com5% of the winning bid or $2,500
Slack$0-$15 per monthRedx$39.99-$99.99 per month
RealScout$39-$499 per monthSmarter Agent$249-$349 per month
Xome5% commission to pay realtor and Xome service fee

Information & Document ManagementPrice/ Price RangeRealtor Delegation and AssistancePrice/ Price RangePhoto & Video EditingPrice/ Price RangeNetworking & Co-BrokeringPrice/ Price Range
Camscanner$0-$6.99 per monthKey.mefreeCanva$0-$360 per yearBiggerPockets$0-$39 per month
TinyScanner$0-$4.99 per monthUpdater$149 per yearWeVideo$59.88-$359.88 per yearBroker Assist5% connection fee
Dropbox$0-$19.99 per monthHandyfreeReferral Exchange$95 per month, or $995 one time fee
Tresorit$0-$30 per monthUberdoofreeRadius Agent$99 per month plus $29 per lead, or $79 per lead
DocuSign$10-$20 per monthn.a.
Evernote$0-$14.99 per month
Microsoft OneNote$1.99 per month

Property & Rental ManagementPrice/ Price Range
Stessafree, and optional premium service fees
MRI Real Estate Softwaren.a.
Rentec Direct$35-$200 per month
appfoliofrom $250 per month
Buildium$156-$208 per month
Yardi Breeze Property ManagementYardi Breeze Property Management
Propertywarefrom $250 per month
Hemlanefrom $36.50 per month
PayHOAfrom $40 per month
ResMan Property Managementn.a.
Property Zarfrom $25 per month

Overview of Apps for Meetings and Tours

Virtual Staging, Floor Plan and Interior DesignPrice/ Price RangeProperty MeasurementPrice/ Price RangeNavigationPrice/ Price RangeConstruction and Renovation CalculatorsPrice/ Price Range
MagicPlan$9.99-$19.99 per monthBubble Level AppfreeWazefree10bll Calc HD$5.99 (one time fee)
Project ColorfreeRoomscan Pro$0-$8.49 (one time fee)CoPilot€14.99-€29.99 per yearAll-in-One Calculatorfree
Matterport$0 -$689 per monthGoogleMapsfreeDEWALT Mobile Pro$0-$24.99 (one time fee)
GasBuddyfreeProperty Fixer$0-$39.99 (one time fee)
PlanGrid$0-$139.99 (one time fee)
Construction Estimator App$0-$49.99 per year

Live VideoPrice/ Price Range
Livestream from Vimeofrom $900 per year
StreamNow$499 one time fee per user
Instagram Live Storiesfree
Facebook Livefree

Overview of Apps for Lead Generation, Nurturing (Following Up), and Working with Clients

Social Media ManagementPrice/ Price RangeEvents (Open Houses)Price/ Price RangeVideo MessagingPrice/ Price RangeCRMs, Lead Qualification and NurturingPrice/ Price Range
Buffer$15-$99 per$25-$145 per monthBombBomb$468-$2,000 per yearPropertybase$828-$1068 per year
Hootsuite$228-$1188 per yearOpenHome PRO$0-$25 per monthLoom$0-$45 per monthCINCn.a.
Sprout Social$99-$249 per monthVidyardfrom $225 per yearZillow Premier Agent n.a.
Sendible$19-$299 per monthCloudApp$0-$10 per monthContactually$69-$119 per month
Cloze$19.99-$49.99 per month
Close$25-$95 per month
Podio$0-$24 per month
Spotio$39-$129 per user per month

Market Reports and Property InventoryPrice/ Price Range
AreaPulse$49-$499 per month
RPR Mobilen.a.
IHomefinder$59.95-$199.95 per month


107 Apps Realtors Use to Make Their Live Easier

Apps for Administrative and Management Tasks

1) Team Collaboration, Task Management, and Transaction Management

  • Trello
  • Asana
  • Clozio
  • Backagent
  • DotLoop
  • Skyslope
  • Folio by Amitree
  • Hubstaff
  • Slack
  • RealScout

Trello helps you organize and prioritize different projects flexibly using different cards, boards, and lists.

You can create team tasks and add comments, attachments, and due dates.
Additionally, it provides you with workflow automation.

For realtors, this app would need to be more customized for the typical workflows, but this is possible due to its flexibility.

Another task and project management app is Asana.

It’s not directly made for realtors but is also highly customizable. It helps you work on different projects and tasks in a team.

One of the many features is importing certain emails as tasks or commenting on tasks of other team members.

Clozio is much more streamlined to the operational processes and workflows of realtors. 

It is rather focused on transactional processes from pre-listing to closing. It provides custom checklists that keep realtor teams on track.

Backagent is another transaction management app from the same developers that created Propertybase.

The next transaction management app is DotLoop which enables realtors, brokers, and teams to edit forms, eSign, collaborate, and automate compliance.

Another app is Skyslope which claims to be the leader in transaction management.

Some features are auditing files, real-time compliance tracking, e-signature, brokerage analytics, and different integrations with customer relationship management software (CRM).

The last transaction management app to mention, rather with a focus on Email (Gmail), is Folio by Amitree.

It helps realtors to automatically organize emails by clients and transactions.

The Hubstaff app focuses more on the time-tracking side of things.
With it, you can track time and GPS, monitor productivity, and more.

Some additional features outside the tracking context are team scheduling, geofencing, and simple payroll.

Slack focuses on team collaboration, not limited to realtors. It’s basically team chat, so you don’t have to email back and forth anymore.

You can organize and follow different conversations, choose the most important ones, and easily search the conversation archive.

RealScout enables realtors to search for a house together with homebuyers. It has direct integration with ZillowTrulia, and


2) MLS and Real Estate Marketplace Apps

  • Connect from HomeSpotter
  • HomeSnap
  • MLS Touch
  • Ten-X
  • Loop.Net
  • Trulia
  • Zillow
  • Redx
  • Smarter Agent
  • Xome

Connect from HomeSpotter is integrated with third-party vendors to access their MLS.

You can also edit listings and upload photos, access MLS contacts, and schedule showings.

With HomeSnap, you can do much more than just add and edit listings to the MLS.

It also enables realtors to do lead generation, schedule showings, branding, advertising, market analysis, see property lines on-site, lead nurturing, and more.

The MLS Touch app is a basic app that allows you to search the MLS, track client activities, and do your own branding and sharing.

Ten-X Commercial, as the name already indicates, is rather focused on promoting commercial properties. 

It claims to power 90% of all online commercial real estate transactions. 

LoopNet is the alternative to Ten-X, where you can promote commercial properties via their mobile app.

Trulia and Zillow are possibly the most well-known marketplace apps for all properties, mostly retail providing map-based searches and property value estimation features.

I covered the differences between the two already in this article.

Trulia now seems to focus more on rental properties.

With, you can find mainly discounted residential bank-owned and foreclosure home deals. 

So, this app isn’t necessarily the best for realtors in the retail property market. 

The properties can be purchased via a bidding system.

Redx is not the typical real estate marketplace app per se. 

Its focus is client prospecting, and thus provides a prospecting platform, leads, a dialer, and several tools to help you do the prospecting work by phone. 

Their team helps you also train yourself in giving phone by doing role plays.

The Smarter Agent app lets you link homebuyers looking for properties via mobile phones.

It can integrate MLS via IDX, be personalized, and feature team collaboration functionality.

Xome is similar to the Smarter Agent app in terms of functionality, with the only difference being that they seem to support also realtors’ endeavors to generate leads.

Potential buyers using this app can search for homes in certain areas and find your listings should you be part of the Xome agent network.

3) Scheduling Apps

There are only slight differences between the six scheduling apps above. 

All of them facilitate realtors to schedule showings and organize their calendars efficiently.

Hence, you avoid much back and forth with calls and Email communication.

The one standing out is Showing Pro from ProAgent Solutions because it is tailored to realtors.

One special feature is that after the showing, it assists you with getting valuable feedback from potential buyers.

4) Communication Automatization

  • Zapier
  • Zurple
  • Slydial
  • Grasshopper
  • Chatbots such as LiveChat, Drift, Freshchat, ManyChat, Bold 360, and many more

Zapier is one of the most popular software automatization tools that generate a bridge between many well-known apps, so you have to do less manual work. 

For example, you can connect a Facebook Ads Campaign using a chatbot like Manychat with a customer relationship management program

Once a lead is generated, Zapier draws the lead contact information and adds it automatically into your customer relationship software. 

But that’s one of many use cases – almost only the sky is the limit.

Zurple is more limited than Zapier when it comes to use cases. 

It focuses more on converting real estate website visitors into leads and nurturing them automatically.

Slydial can partially automate your cold-calling campaigns (should you use this).
You can send out multiple voicemails to a list of different phone numbers.

Grasshopper makes it possible to switch from taking calls at the office to answering calls from anywhere.

If you have a phone system, you can also take it to the cloud.

You can also do business text messaging from the Grasshopper business number, video and audio conferencing, and screen sharing.

Many chatbots can already automatize what formerly was done by an automatic phone central.

They can do the first lead interaction and direct them to the right content or connect them directly with a human being. I have covered many chatbots already in this article.

A few more noteworthy are LiveChatDriftFreshchatManyChat, and Bold 360.


5) Information & Document Management

  • Camscanner
  • TinyScanner
  • Dropbox
  • Tresorit
  • DocuSign
  • Evernote
  • Microsoft OneNote

The TinyScanner and Camscanner apps allow you to scan documents on the fly with your smartphone and convert the files into PDF format.

Dropbox and Tresorit (better than Dropbox in terms of security) are both cloud-based file management apps. They sync with your local devices once files are updated locally. 

The difference is that Tresorit is much more secure and has your data protection in mind.

Also, Evernote and Microsoft OneNote are note-taking apps where you can “recycle” your thoughts for more peace of mind.

My favorite is Evernote, but I am biased because I am not a huge Microsoft fan.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that I like the drawing features of OneNote a bit better.

They are both cloud-based and synchronize the notes automatically.

By the way, document scanning can also be done with Evernote, so you don’t necessarily need an extra app for this functionality.

6) Realtor Delegation and Assistance

  • Updater
  • Handy
  • Uberdoo is an app that provides you with a locksmith close by or helps you copy a key.

With Updater, you get a full assistant for organizing a move.

It reserves a mover online, requests moving estimates, rents a truck, hires moving labor, ships your car, and removes clutter and junk.

You can use it to help potential home buyers or recommend it to them and earn some “brownie points.”

The Handy, and Uberdoo are all apps that bring concierge services online and help you find a handyman close to your location, providing you with a quote.


7) Photo & Video Editing

Canva is a photo editing app that allows you to edit pictures in a user-friendly way online.

You can apply texture, effects, filters, trim, add different design elements, texts, icons, design grids, and much more.

Another video editing app is WeVideo, with slightly more features.

You can string segments of selected clips together but also add a green screen.

It also offers unlimited use of 1 million stock media pieces.

8) Networking & Co-Brokering

All four networking & co-brokering apps above help you connect with other realtors or real estate professionals, but they differ in functionality and features.

With the BiggerPockets app, you can access the forum, ask questions, and find potential partners.

However, connecting potential real estate referrals is not done systematically, as with other apps such as Broker Assist, Referral Exchange, and Radius Agent.

9) Property & Rental Management

  • Stessa
  • MRI Real Estate Software
  • Rentec Direct
  • appfolio
  • Buildium
  • Yardi Breeze Property Management
  • Propertyware
  • Hemlane
  • PayHOA
  • ResMan Property Management
  • Property Zar

Stessa helps you track rental properties from one place. You can generate reports, organize finances, and track real estate portfolios.

MRI Real Estate Software has many software solutions, and property management is just one of them.
With their property management app, you can manage residential and commercial properties, do accounting, and report and analyze.

With Rentec Direct, you have similar features to the two apps mentioned above.

A slight difference is their feature, where you can get a free website to promote your company and listings and accept electronic signatures.

Other apps with similar features are appfolioBuildiumYardi Breeze Property ManagementHemlanePayHOAResMan Property Management, and Property Zar.


Apps for Meetings and Tours

1) Virtual Staging, Floor Plan, and Interior Design

  • MagicPlan
  • Project Color
  • Matterport

MagicPlan is a nice app when you want or need to create floor plans with your phone. 

According to the company, you can scan a room in 30 seconds. 

The floor plan app can also be used to estimate materials and costs and to create virtual tours.

Project Color is an app created by HomeDepot (a good marketing strategy to sell HomeDepot products, by the way). 

This app focuses on interior design and lets you browse different paint colors, get inspired by various examples, and save favorites. 

What stands out to me is the visualization feature, where you can see how the potential changes would look with the help of augmented reality in an instant and on-site.

I already covered the Matterport company in my article about Virtual Tours.

With their mobile app, you can transform 2D images captured from your phone into an immersive digital 3D copy.

2) Property Measurement

  • Bubble Level App
  • Roomscan Pro

The Bubble Level App is a simple app that can help you on-site to determine if a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb).

Another measurement app is Roomscan Pro, which allows you to measure the spaces of different property rooms and generate floor plans.

3) Navigation

  • Waze
  • CoPilot
  • GoogleMaps
  • GasBuddy

WazeCoPilot, and Google Maps are all three navigation apps that can prevent you from getting lost when, for example, pre-viewing a new property.

The unique feature of Waze is the accident, traffic, and hazard warning, and CoPilot’s unique feature is offline map navigation

Google Maps is pretty basic but also gives you good information about traffic situations.

Gas Buddy is also a navigation app focusing on nearby gas stations. You can also use it to find the cheapest gas prices.

4) Construction and Renovation Calculators

  • 10bll Calc HD
  • All-in-One Calculator
  • Property Fixer
  • PlanGrid
  • Construction Estimator App

The cryptically called 10bll Cal HD app does what the name says.

It’s a business calculator app with over 100 business, finance, statistics, and mathematics functions.

With it, you can easily calculate loan payments, amortizations, or interest rates.

The All-in-One Calculator is the less technical version of the 10bll Cal HD app.

It is more user-friendly, less intimidating (should you get nervous when you see too many math symbols), and helps you solve everyday math problems.

It does simple or complex calculations, unit and currency conversions, areas, volumes, and more.

With the Property Fixer app, you have a real estate investment calculator that addresses the needs of property flippers.

After entering the essential information about a specific property, it can calculate the potential profit and return on investment for a particular flip.

This might be interesting if you are a realtor and also in the real estate investment business or serving this type of real estate niche.

The PlanGrid app is something for realtors who manage construction projects.

With it, you can build and collaborate from anywhere with real-time access to plans, daily reports, documents, and plans.

Another construction-focused calculator app is the Construction Estimator App which can estimate all types of construction materials, such as sand, steel, concrete, and more.

5) Live Video

  • Livestream from Vimeo
  • Periscope
  • Instagram Live Stories
  • Facebook Live

Livestream from Vimeo provides you with the basic function of video live streaming, streaming analytics, cloud transcoding, live overlay graphics, live Q&A, polls, chat functions, lead generation tools, and more. 

It is the app with the most additional features so far.

With Periscope, you can stream live video and feature real-time interaction.

As a viewer, you can “heart” the streams you like and comment through the chat function.

Instagram Live Stories and Facebook Live are rather basic live streaming apps with fewer features than Livestream.

You can stream videos to your followers and engage with them in real time.

When a live video stream is available, it gets highlighted with a ring around the respective profile picture.


Lead Generation, Nurturing (Following Up), and Working with Clients

1) Social Media Management

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout Social
  • Sendible

With Buffer, you can schedule your content posting on different social media platforms, such as Facebook (Groups and Pages), Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can also add Links to profile bios that don’t accept links that easily (e.g., on Instagram).

You can also organize different hashtags and access reports and analytics features.

Hootsuite has features similar to Buffer but provides you with more social media platforms to post to (35). 

Another difference is the access to advertising tools.

Although you can also do cross-platform publishing with Sprout Social, it focuses on doing it smartly and with team collaboration. 

Therefore, it offers optimal send times, an asset library, content suggestions, and message approval workflows.

The core features of Sendible are also cross-platform posting and post scheduling. 

The above differences include brand and reputation monitoring and lead generation, including measuring the ROI.

2) Events (Open Houses)

  • OpenHome PRO is an open house lead generation app that makes it easier for realtors to capture high-quality leads. 

It features automatic follow-ups, integrates with CRMs, and provides real-time reporting and social insights on verified contacts.

OpenHome PRO has the same features as in terms of collecting leads.

Still, instead of a CRM integration, it provides you with its own CRM and shows you leads that don’t have a real estate agent yet.

3) Video Messaging

As I covered in this article, video can increase your conversion rates.

All four apps above allow you to communicate with clients and potential clients through video messages.

You can capture your webcam or screen and send your video message by email.

Of these apps, Vidyard and BombBomb also give you the additional feature of getting tracking and video performance insights.

Hence, you know who has been watching your videos and for how long.

4) CRMs, Lead Qualification, and Nurturing

All the above are customer relationship management apps that help you in your work to qualify, manage, and nurture leads.

I covered this topic in this article, where I look closely at 28 CRMs that real estate professionals can use.

5) Market Reports and Property Inventory

  • AreaPulse
  • RPR Mobile
  • IHomefinder
  • Compass

The AreaPulse App helps you generate very local market reports in a nicely designed way.

It has personal branding, a 6-months price trend, and price and DOM averages.

It can display active, sold, and pending properties.

RPR Mobile is a member benefit of the National Association of Realtors.

It connects you to partnering MLS to generate market data, branded property reports, and view local market statistics.

You can view nearby listings and sales activity based on your location and search both on and off-the-market properties.

Moreover, you can look up tax, mortgage, historical and distressed data, flood zones, school info, and more.

With iHomefinder, you can create monthly market reports, weekly open home reports, and daily listing alerts for new and sold listings and price changes.

Besides being an app to generate market reports, it can also help you generate new leads. 

When new site visitors sign up to get reports, they subscribe with their email.

As a side note, this app also includes a WordPress IDX plugin to integrate your MLS into your WordPress website (should you have one). 

I covered in this article how to do this integration.

Compass is a rather basic app for market reports.

With its help, you can access residential real estate market data, the most recent transaction data, and historical sales trends.

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Tobias Schnellbacher