Real estate AI companies can be a way to improve your real estate business. 

Every day more real estate use cases can get powered by AI and improve your efficiency, saving you time and costs.

So in this article, I provide an overview of 29 companies for different real estate niches and use cases.

I will also cover how to choose the right real estate AI company and the five factors you want to consider.

But I will also discuss other topics, such as…

  • Seven benefits of using real estate ai companies
  • AI for real estate agents (six companies to consider)
  • 9 AI companies for commercial real estate


7 Benefits of Using Real Estate AI Companies

My last article already discussed more in-depth both benefits of using AI in real estate.

The following eight benefits of using real estate AI companies you can consider as a complementary information and a short reminder of what I already covered.

  • Real estate AI companies can help you automate and streamline real estate business processes and save you time and money.
  • Via AI companies, you can offer potential clients a more personalized experience.
  • Some AI companies offer solutions to enhance your prospects’ property search by analyzing their preferences. More suitable properties matching their criteria can be suggested based on their preferences.
  • They can help to use data and analytics to value properties accurately.
  •  Increased accuracy regarding real estate transactions: Some solutions in transaction management can mitigate the risk of human error, often leading to high costs.
  • Other AI companies can provide you with improved risk management so you can identify potential risks by identifying market trends and mitigate them before they become a problem.
  • Using solutions offered by real estate AI companies can give you a competitive advantage in different areas of your real estate niche.


Overview of 29 Real Estate AI Companies

Below is an overview of 29 real estate AI companies for different real estate niches.

Real Estate AI CompanyScope of Application
OjoPersonal assistant for buying, selling and homeowning
ZillowProperty market place and market analysis
MatterportImmersive virtual tours
ReonomyDetailed property data and analytics for real estate pros
HomebotPersonalized home valuations, market insights, and smart listing alerts for homeowners
CherreData management and analytics for real estate professionals (commercial niche)
RedfinReal estate brokerage with AI-powered tools
RoofstockMarketplace for buying and selling single-family rental homes
Bowery ValuationCommercial real estate appraisal platform
CasafariProperty and market data analysis
TheAnalyst PROCommercial real estate analysis & marketing platform
Silverwork SolutionsMortgage data analysis
HyroCustomer service chatbot
EnteraReal estate investment platform
RexAI-powered real estate brokerage
CoreLogicInsights into market trends, property values, and other key factors for real estate professionals
LocalizeLead follow-up
DivvyRent-to-own platform that analyzes data from multiple sources, including credit scores and income levels, to help renters qualify for a mortgage and buy a home.
Mainstreet RenewalSingle family rental property platform using AI for property management
GeoPhyReal estate data analytics and market trends
QuantariumProperty valuations for real estate professionals
deepblocksZoning and feasibility analysis for developers
SkylineCommercial property analysis for investors
CitybldrLocal zoning analysis
EnodoUnderwriting platform for multifamily
HqOTenant experience enhancement
VTSLeasing and asset management platform for commercial real estate professionals
CompstakCommercial real estate market data analysis
HouseCanaryProperty valuations

As you can see, you may have already used some of them for years. You may not have noticed that AI is used since it is implemented in the background to support the particular software or tool. 

Only now, with “hype” regarding Chat GPT and a wider-spread use of AI, it gets more noticeable. 


How to Choose the Right Real Estate AI Company (5 Factors to Consider)

Each day more and more AI-powered solutions are popping up. 


Because more and more AI models can be accessed via different application programming interfaces and tailored to particular use cases that haven’t been served in the market.

Various companies offer a large selection of different real estate AI tools. That’s nice, but it can get overwhelming pretty soon.

So choosing the right real estate AI company can be a daunting task. With the right approach, you can make an informed decision benefiting you and your business long-term.

The following five steps will help you choose a suitable real estate AI company.


1) Your Needs

You don’t want to use a real estate AI company just to use AI. 

So first, you want to identify the needs and pain points within your real estate business that you hope to be able to solve with AI technology.  

It could be property valuation, lead generation, customer service, etc.

Once you identify these needs, you can narrow down a potential provider that can cater to your needs. 

However, you may also learn that your needs and pain points are not solvable with AI. In that case, you may tackle it differently. 

The important thing is that you identified a potential issue in the first place.


2) The Real Estate AI Company’s Track Record

Don’t touch a running system. You may know this saying. 

This can be especially true when you want to change some of your real estate business processes. 

Trying something new and dealing with a learning curve and adaptation phase is not necessarily fun.  

Therefore, once you have identified your needs, you want to research real estate AI companies’ track records, reviews, ratings, case studies, and testimonials. 

You don’t want to change something in your business processes that turn out to be unreliable or not working.


3) The Company’s Technology

You want to look for AI companies using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques. 


So they can provide you with accurate and reliable insights. Additionally, you want to check the company’s data sources and how data is analyzed.


4) Pricing and ROI

Of course, you must also consider what it will cost you monthly to use the providers’ offering. 

I can understand when a company is hiding behind the bushes with their pricing on very few occasions (if it’s a highly customized solution). 

So you want to look for real estate AI companies offering transparent pricing models and flexible plans that suit your budget.

You also want to put the monthly costs of using real estate AI into relation to what you will get from it in terms of return. Hence, consider estimating your ROI before you start using the technology. 


5) Customer Support

Let’s say you start using an AI solution to score new real estate leads, and it messes things up, qualifying poor-quality leads as good ones and vice versa.

In occasions like that, especially in the beginning, when implementing these tools into your business and still in the learning phase, you want to be able to contact customer support of the particular real estate AI company. 

So you want to look for companies that offer responsive and helpful customer support.


AI for Real Estate Agents (6 Companies)

From the above table of 30 real estate ai companies, I identified seven companies that could help agents in their daily business operations.

One company I was reluctant to share since it’s so well known.

However, for the sake of completion, I include it. It’s Zillow.

And here is the list:


9 AI Companies for Commercial Real Estate

From the collection I included in the above table, I also identified nine AI companies for commercial real estate you may want to consider if you work in this niche.

So here they are:

  • Reonomy (Detailed property data and analytics for real estate pros)
  • Cherre (Data management and analytics for real estate professionals (commercial niche))
  • Bowery Valuation: Commercial real estate appraisal platform
  • The Analyst Pro: Commercial real estate analysis & marketing platform
  • Skyline: Commercial property analysis for investors
  • Enodo: Underwriting platform for multifamily
  • HqO: Tenant experience enhancement
  • VTS: Leasing and asset management platform for commercial real estate professionals
  • Compstak: Commercial real estate market data analysis

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Tobias Schnellbacher