Future-Proof Your Real Estate Marketing…

Hacking Real Estate Marketing is about staying ahead of the curve and finding effective and efficient ways to reach and engage potential buyers and sellers.  

This is to future-proof your real estate marketing so you can thrive in uncertainty.

Like all “hacks,” what works best depends on your specific market, audience, goals, constraints, etc.

So, you won’t find here just patched-together cookie-cutter tips that fly around without a system, process, or strategy.

What Makes “Hacking Real Estate Marketing” Different?

✅ It’s designed for “marketing nerds” that also happen to be all types of real estate pros: agents, investors, developers…even the DYI-sellers.

✅ It provides tools and insights to turn market unpredictability into opportunities.
✅ It uses data-backed strategies so your marketing decisions today can resonate with tomorrow’s market trends.

✅ It offers tech-driven hacks, from AI to VR, to ensure you leverage tech for your marketing.
✅ It busts marketing myths with a data-driven approach.

✅ It uses insights from fields outside real estate so you get a fresh, interdisciplinary approach to future-proofing your real estate marketing.

✅It often uses humor to make a sometimes dry topic more entertaining.

Who Is Behind Hacking Real Estate Marketing?

Tobias Schnellbacher

Tobias Schnellbacher



My name is Tobias Schnellbacher, and I co-own and manage four commercial properties.

Also, for nine years, I ran an international online referral real estate agency serving U.S., Canadian, and German seller and buyer clients with a focus on the Costa Rican housing market.

The market had various participants with different real estate backgrounds, approaches, and expectations.

The U.S. clients were used to how things are done in the U.S., the Germans to how things are done in Germany, and Costa Rican sellers…well, I think you get the picture.

So, I had to be knowledgeable about the various real estate markets these clients and partners came from and usually operate in.

In my marketing and sales approach, I had to bridge the gap between industrialized countries and a place where close to no regulation of the real estate market existed (Costa Rica).

This country was and still is a “real estate jungle.”

For starters, everyone and their mom can call themselves a realtor, and good luck finding market comps data Zillow-style.

Just previewing properties can already be pretty tedious.

I once half-sank a rental car during a river crossing to get to a remote beach home for a preview.

Many more funny and shocking field stories like that are noted in my mindmap.

On top of that, you deal with a constant buyer’s market.

So, regarding the real estate marketing approach, it’s as if you had to deal with a perpetual “housing crash” in the U.S.

During this time, I’ve seen several U.S. licensed realtors working as agents in Costa Rica returning to the U.S.

It was often just too hard in this “jungle.”

Before and after running the international real estate referral agency, I was already a “digital marketing nerd.”

In this field, I have 17 years of experience.

How so?

Different business situations require different marketing strategies.

Therefore, I had to develop an increasingly broad set of skills in the digital marketing field over the years.

These skills include:

✅ Funnel analysis, building, and scaling

✅ Content marketing


✅ PPC advertising on social media (FB, IG, etc.) and search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)

✅ Social media marketing

✅ Email marketing

✅ Analytics and data analysis

✅ Web design and development (UX, CRO, coding)

✅ Mobile marketing

✅ Copywriting

In other words, I was a “digital marketing nerd” getting into real estate, not the other way around (a real estate agent or broker getting into marketing).

For the aforementioned referral business, I built and scaled a digital marketing funnel using SEO and Google Ads.

I pre-qualified the leads before referring them to local partners. This strategy resulted in multiple seven-figure property sales over nine years.

For the articles and video content of Hacking Real Estate Marketing, I combine this experience with creativity, my passion for tech, and logical and strategic thinking, and mix in some humor.

Oh, and yes, I also have a college degree focusing on marketing, design, and computer science (an interdisciplinary course of study, as you may call it).

Besides that, I am a fitness and health enthusiast. I like cats, chess, and Age of Empires.

What would I do on a different planet, where the day had 96 hours?

I would write about additional topics of interest: fitness, health, lifestyle, relationships, psychology, and philosophy.

Cheers, Tobias