Hacking Real Estate Marketing Gets You Practical Real Estate Marketing Strategies That Give You An Edge

Hacking Real Estate Marketing focuses on practical, performance-based, and data-driven real estate marketing strategies (online and offline) that give real estate professionals an edge. 

It’s not just patched-together tips that fly around without a system, process, or strategy.

Also, factors that indirectly and directly affect marketing performance are discussed, such as different tools, technologies, and processes. 

For the blog articles, the main author and founder, Tobias Schnellbacher draws from his 14 years of experience. It comes from the digital marketing space, international real estate, web development, and the many books he read.

He combines this experience with creativity and his logical and strategic thinking strength.

The articles are always written through a business intelligence (BI) lens and with your budget in mind, so you have a higher chance of success, avoid losing money, and can make informed decisions in your real estate marketing endeavors.

The One Behind

Tobias Schnellbacher

Tobias Schnellbacher