The 5-Figure Commission You Could Have Earned

There is a secret in the real estate marketing world. 

It’s a secret most teachers in this field don’t address (well, that’s why it’s a secret). 

But once you discover it, it will open up a whole new world for you. 

In this new world, your real estate business nips marketing risk in the bud.

Not only that, like a well-developed vaccine, this knowledge will make you immune to jumping from one real estate lead generation fad to the next.

You know the problem is that there are too many options to generate real estate leads.

One teacher suggests Facebook ads, another one YouTube videos, the next one social media posting, TikTok, and on and on it goes with tips and tactics.

And then, inspired by these teachers (including some pretty well-known ones), what happens next?

You may jump from one method to the next, to the next one, and on and on it goes.

And you may have tried them already: 

  • The cookie-cutter strategies and tactics
  • The ad courses
  • The social media courses
  • YouTube videos
  • Writing articles
  • Phone scripts
  • Facebook ads over here, Google ads over there… You name it.

What happens when you blindly follow the teachers’ advice?

Let me explain. Say you need 100 extra real estate leads in the next two months.

And you hear you should post videos on YouTube. That’s to generate so-called “free” real estate leads… Sounds pretty amazing!

Hey, what bad could come from “free” stuff.

So, you take the leap. You invest time and energy and start creating and posting videos. 

You may even invest in a better camera, buy editing software, and learn editing skills. 

But After a Month You Suddenly Face the Ugly Truth…

Now, you may have good video production equipment.

But you didn’t get any leads from YouTube.

And damn, do these videos take time to produce—even if they’re only halfway decent.

What happened?

Well, that’s what I call a “reality-goal mismatch”!

YouTube is a long-term strategy. 

All content marketing that aims for organic traffic is.

It takes on average 15.5 months for the average YouTube channel to reach 1,000 subscribers.

That’s according to a recent study by VidIQ, a highly recognized YouTube marketing teaching channel.

In plain English, and excuse my French, it can take a sh*t ton of effort and time until you gain traction. And only when you start getting traction do you start generating leads.

So, lead generation via YouTube video marketing is nothing that can happen within two months. 

Let’s get back to the earlier scenario.

Now you are already one month into YouTube and start to get a little nervous.

You still need the same number of leads to reach your goal.

One hundred extra ones, to be exact.

The difference? 

Now you have only one month left. 

And you can already feel it in your stomach… 

With YouTube, the goal you initially set is out of reach. 

So what was the fatal time- and money-killing mistake?

It was using YouTube as a marketing channel for your goal in the first place.

And you made this decision just because you heard someone suggest YouTube.

But you likely missed something pretty crucial for your chances of success…

What is it?

This someone may be in a completely different situation than you. 

They may have a highly skilled and experienced production team that knows what works. 

This team may well be able to get a “baby channel” off the ground, generating 100 leads within two months.

But How Could You Have Done this Better and NOT Waste Your Time, Energy, and Money?

    First, after hearing about the suggested marketing channel (YouTube), you could have taken a step back.

    After this step back, you could have asked yourself one vital question:

    Is YouTube even a viable marketing channel for my goals and constraints?

    Remember, you needed 100 extra real estate leads within two months.

    That was the goal. 

    And what could be the constraints?

    Well, one is the time to reach your goal of 100 extra leads.

    But there are many more constraints to consider.

    How about, your daily time available for “free” lead generation methods like YouTube video creation?

    Or how about your skill level in a particular marketing channel? 

    You know, the less skill you have, the steeper the learning curve.

    And what does this lead to? 

    You will take longer than someone skilled could to make a marketing channel work.

    But, there are still many more constraints. They depend on the marketing channel in question… 

    And these constraints have a serious effect on your chances of success in the real estate lead generation game.

    The key is knowing your constraints and aligning them with your goals.  

    And based on that, you discover a viable marketing channel to focus on.

    What happens when you do that?

    1. You detect the “loser channels” you may have fallen for right from the beginning.
    2. You empower yourself to identify the most viable marketing channel for your real estate lead generation.

    And once you do, your chances of success multiply, and you nip risk in the bud.

    If you don’t do that, you will likely miss out on commissions. 

    Your hard-earned money, time, and energy that you bet on the wrong horse (the marketing channel) would go puff and return…nothing.


    The Five-Figure Commission You Could Have Earned!

    But how can you make better decisions in such a complex environment with so many variables?

    How can you deal with all these different factors and constraints and align them with your business situation?

    Well, I created something amazing that can help you exactly with that:

    A new and clever approach to reducing your risk of hemorrhaging thousands of marketing dollars over several months by trying to make a real estate marketing channel work that you shouldn’t have started with, to begin with.

    A near-instant way to make a high-odds decision on what viable real estate marketing channel to focus on based on your individual goals, budget, constraints, and more… Instead of weeks of ruminating, it takes under an hour.


    NOW, multiply your chances of cashing in additional commission checksJust because you now know how to discover more effective marketing channels earlier.

    A simple way to UPGRADE your decision-making and immediately see why certain marketing channels are more viable for you than others…WARNING: It may reveal that you’ve been on the wrong track for too long.

    shiny object

    Should you follow the advice “this marketing channel works for my lead generation, therefore it works for you”? WRONG: This simple system kills the hype and the shiny object syndrome in its tracks and like a decent marketing consultant, considers your individual business situation.

    PLUS: It’s based on data and numbers, not emotions…Now discover how it empowers you with confidence about what viable marketing channel to focus on to reach your income goals.

    So let me introduce you to…

    “The only tool in the real estate marketing space that can help you get more quality leads faster without you having to blindly throw thousands of dollars at Facebook, Google, direct mail, door hangers, etc.”


    The Ultimate Real Estate Lead Gen Strategy and Performance Suite

    As you can see in the demonstration video, “The Ultimate Real Estate Lead Gen Strategy and Performance Suite” helps you make a quick data-driven decision.

    It’s about what viable marketing channel to focus on that aligns with your income goals, constraints, preferences, and more. 

    It also comes with an easy, step-by-step guidance system

    Just follow the instructions, and you are good to go.

    A lot of time and research went into developing this tool to make the complex selection of real estate marketing channels easy.

    It’s a Google Sheet-based application that does the heavy lifting for you, with a complex algorithm running in the background.

    It can prevent you from falling for the wrong marketing channel for your real estate lead generation. Also, it boosts your chances of generating more high-quality leads earlier.

    This can save you weeks, if not months, of going in the wrong direction and losing thousands of dollars in testing.

    So, What Is Cashing-In Extra Commission Checks Worth to You?

    Remember, with “The Ultimate Real Estate Lead Gen Strategy and Performance Suite,” you will make higher-odds decisions.

    So you may do one or two more transactions annually than without it.

    This can mean between $23,661 and $47,323 more in gross commissions.

    To help you increase your odds of making $47,323 more and prevent you from sinking thousands of marketing dollars, the value of this application could easily be $240.

    And even a price of $170 would already be a steal.

    But I decided to go as far as offering it for a limited time at a no-brainer, no-risk special price of only $37.

    That’s a family meal at one of your favorite fast-food restaurants.

    But, I can’t guarantee that this price will stay at this level for too long. 

    So, take advantage of it today.

    Just press the button “YES, UPGRADE MY DECISION-MAKING” below.


    After clicking the button, you will arrive at an order page.

    There, you just enter your payment information and finalize the order. 

    After the checkout, you will receive access to “The Ultimate Real Estate Lead Gen Strategy and Performance Suite.”

    This happens via the confirmation email.

    This same confirmation email includes a PDF with detailed instructions.

    Also, it includes an instruction video, so you know how to start. 

    But before you click the button, let me tell you about something that makes “The Ultimate Real Estate Lead Gen Strategy and Performance Suite” a no-brainer.

    BONUS 1 – A Printable Action Worksheet

    As a bonus, “The Ultimate Real Estate Lead Gen Strategy and Performance Suite” also features a printable action worksheet.

    Once you’ve found your high-odds viable marketing channel, just press a button. It then translates the findings automatically into a printable action worksheet.

    So you will know what to do on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to reach your goals.

    BONUS 2 – A Quick Way to Find Your Ideal Real Estate Niche

    Focusing your business efforts on a real estate niche comes with many advantages.

    One of the many advantages is getting a competitive edge.

    But it also creates a ripple effect that makes every other piece fall into place.

    This includes your lead gen success.

    More and better real estate leads start with your niche. 

    And as a second bonus, “The Ultimate Real Estate Lead Gen Strategy and Performance Suite” also provides a quick way to find your ideal real estate niche.

    Usually, this process can take weeks of research, and you may get lost in decision fatigue.

    Instead, this niche finder decision grid makes finding your real estate niche a walk in the park.


    BONUS 3 – FREE Regular Updates

    Real estate lead costs change over time. 

    That’s why I update “The Ultimate Real Estate Lead Gen Strategy and Performance Suite” every three to six months.

    As a customer and user free updates are included in the price for life.

    So, the application stays current with market trends and data.

    You will get an email with a new version each time a new update is available.