WARNING: This May Cause an Unstoppable Real Estate Business Growth Snowball Once Unleashed

Imagine for a second a miner digging for gold in the early 1900s. 

This miner has come across a secret tip and knows exactly where to go before others do before him. So he spends all his money on the right equipment to start his journey. 

He drags his pickaxe, shovel, and other heavy equipment all the way up that Colorado mountain ridge and starts digging.

For months, he digs and digs and digs. But he doesn’t strike anything. Then one day it happens. He strikes gold.

You may think that’s the end, and he’s now rich and will live happily ever after.

But no, that’s not what happens, as instead of extracting the gold, he just leaves it there in the mountain and is never to be seen again.

Sounds crazy. But this is exactly what happens when you generate seller and buyer leads with your hard-earned money. 

And these leads are now just sitting in your database being on life-support.

Maybe the first instinct is to think, “Well, I guess I just haven’t generated enough leads. I just need to generate more of them and spend even more money.”

But that’s a fallacy. It’s like keeping digging for more gold, but still not extracting and selling it.

The key is, you need a way to “extract the gold”. In other words, you need an efficient way to squeeze more seller and buyer clients out of your already existing lead database.

What happens when you find a way to do that?

It magnifies your return on your marketing spend, multiplies your lead-to-client conversion rates, and shrinks your sales costs.

And as you may well know, reduced costs will increase your profits. Profits you can reinvest to acquire increasingly more real estate seller and buyer clients than your competitors over time.

That’s the business growth snowball I am talking about.

Now, you may wonder how to extract this gold from the mine, the mine being your seller and buyer lead database.

That’s where my “Lead Mining Accelerator” Service comes in: 


  • Done-for-you: The single most important work to magnify your return on your marketing spend…Save costs so you can acquire increasingly more real estate seller and buyer clients than your competitors.
  • Does it make sense if a farmer doesn’t harvest their crops? Of course not. Don’t be that farmer with your costly generated real estate leads… “Done.for-you-harvesting” to squeeze more seller and buyer clients out of your already existing lead database.
  • Should you just spend more marketing dollars on lead generation, when you need more leads? WRONG…This new service even works without you spending one extra dime on lead generation and turns more leads into appointments.
  • WARNING: This may cause a “real estate business growth snowball” you may not be able to stop once unleashed…Because you can reinvest your higher profits again and again and again to buy more and more clients.
  • PLUS: Leverage existing seller and buyer leads to maximize closing opportunities without spending time you don’t have on subpar lead nurturing campaigns…TRANSFORM past sellers into new buyers and vice versa.
  • Is it impossible to get immediate follow-up funnel results and measure your return on your marketing dollars? WRONG: Get immediate follow-up funnel results because smart tweaks can make a huge difference. PLUS: Your return on your marketing dollars will be measured for you.
  • Stand out among your competitors and make them IRRELEVANT just by using punched-up 100% human-written persuasive sales copy in your seller and buyer nurturing funnel, which borderlines mind control.
  • Think lead nurturing is too expensive? Think again… Leveraging your existing lead database with an effective strategy is one of the most important things you can do to multiply your lead-to-client conversion rates and shrink your sales costs… This service investment breaks even in no time.

How the Unleashed Real Estate Business-Growth Snowball Really Works

According to many experts in the digital marketing field, the average ROI of email marketing is between $36 to $42 for every dollar spent.

In percentages, that’s an amazing ROI of between 3,600% and 4,200%.

This means that when you create an efficient follow-up funnel including email marketing, it will reduce your customer acquisition costs manyfold.

How so?

Let’s say you don’t have a follow-up funnel, and you have to generate 20 seller leads and do other sales-related work to sign one listing contract. And for each lead, including sales-related costs, you pay $25.

This would be a customer acquisition cost of $500.

Now you also need buyers to buy the property you have under contract, right? And you need 10 buyer leads and do other sales-related work to close one property.

When each buyer lead costs $20, including sales-related costs, you have a customer acquisition cost of $200.

To achieve one transaction, it would cost you $700.

That’s your total cost to acquire one customer (CAC). And you get it when you add together the seller and buyer costs.

So the total cost to get one transaction would be $700 without you having a follow-up funnel in place.

Now let’s see what happens with a follow-up funnel….

Would you need the same number of seller leads to sign one listing contract?

Absolutely not, provided you use an efficient strategy for your nurturing funnel and punched-up 100% human-written persuasive sales copy.


Firstly, your lead conversion rate for the same marketing spend would be higher.

Before, you got the 20 seller leads for $500, maybe with just an ad you ran to a contact form.

You contacted the seller leads by phone, text, or email once, and only one panned out to sign a contract with you.

Now you get 30 seller leads because part of your new more efficient funnel is a great lead magnet.

On top of that, the persuasive 100% human-written sales copy used in the follow-up funnel now converts not only one but three of these leads into seller clients that sign a contract with you.

What do you think is your customer acquisition cost per seller now? Not anywhere near $500. So much I can tell you. To be exact, it’s $166.

Remember, you still paid the $500.

The difference now is that you converted 30 seller leads into three seller clients with the same amount of marketing dollars spent. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

And guess what… By improving your funnel for buyer leads, especially the follow-up funnel, the same will happen.

Instead of paying $200 to convert one buyer lead into a buyer client with a basically non-existent funnel, you may now get two buyer clients and pay only $100 for each.

This would make a total cost per sale of $266 instead of $700…

So you can basically double, triple, or more the real estate transactions with the same budget, just by improving your follow-up funnel.

And Guess What You Can Do With the Surplus of Commissions You Make?

Exactly, you can reinvest it into fueling this funnel with even more leads that likely result in even more transactions.

See how the snowball is forming and getting bigger already?

And see now how my “Lead Mining Accelerator” service can help you magnify your return on your marketing spend, multiply your lead-to-client conversion rates, and shrink your sales costs?

So are you ready to start this real estate business growth snowball with my “Real Estate Lead Mining Accelerator” service?

If yes…

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