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The Menu of More than 40 Different Digital Marketing Services for Your Real Estate Business


Digital Marketing Analysis and Strategy Development (Achieving Marketing Effectiveness and Driving Business Growth)

✅ Complete Real Estate Funnel Audit

✅ Competitive Research

✅ SWOT Analysis

✅ Market Research and Analysis

✅ Sales Funnel Mapping and Strategy

✅ Content Strategy Development

✅ Customer Persona Development

Real Estate Funnel Building/ Technology Setup (Getting Ready for Conversions)

WordPress Real Estate Websites

✅ Webflow Real Estate Websites

✅ Real Estate Marketing Automation Setup (email sequences, drip campaigns)

✅ Video Sales Letter (including sales copywriting)

✅ Long-Form Sales Page (including sales copywriting)

✅ Landing Page Creation (including sales copywriting)

✅ Multi-Page Funnel creation

✅ Multi-Email Series

✅ Exit Popup Creation

✅ Lead Magnet Creation

✅ Google Ads Campaign Setup

✅ Meta Ads Campaign Setup

✅ Custom Analytics Setup (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Meta Pixel)

Real Estate Funnel and Website Optimization (Maximizing Your Conversion Rates and Return on Investment (ROI)

Real Estate Website Speed Optimization

✅ Real Estate Website Sales Copywriting

✅ Real Estate Website Sales Copy Optimization

✅ A/B Testing

✅ Real Estate Website Search Engine Optimization

✅ Real Estate Website Redesign or Overhaul

Email Marketing (Reducing Your Customer Acquisition Cost)

Email Broadcasts (includes sales copywriting)

✅ Email Marketing Campaign Management (creation and distribution)

✅ Monthly Analytics Reporting and Insights

✅ Email List Growth Strategies (lead magnets, opt-in forms, etc.)

Paid Advertising Management (Driving Targeted Traffic and Generating Leads at Scale)

Social Media Advertising Campaign Management (ongoing optimization)

✅ PPC Campaign Management (Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc.)

✅ Remarketing Campaign Management (ongoing optimization)

✅ Native Ad Campaign Management

Customer Engagement and Interaction (Increasing Conversion Rates and Customer Lifetime Value)

Chatbot Development and Management

✅ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Management

✅ Customer Journey Mapping and Optimization

SEO and Website Management (Keeping the Lead Gen Machine Oiled)

Website Maintenance and Updates

✅ Local SEO Management (ongoing optimization for local search)

✅ Monthly SEO Performance Monitoring and Adjustments

Content Creation and Management (Driving More Brand Authority and Credibility)

Content Creation (regular blog posts, articles, or videos)

✅ Content Curation and Syndication

✅ Canva Image Creation

✅ Custom Graphic Design