According to a recent survey by Demand Metric and GetResponseless than 30 percent of marketers have a clear understanding of the return on investment of their marketing funnel.

The same study revealed that only 69 percent of marketers make converting leads into customers their top priority.

Imagine how many marketing dollars get flushed down the toilet that way.

A similar situation is likely true in the real estate industry.

Many know the money is in the list or generated leads, but don’t actually do much with their collected leads and are not following up enough.

A lot of this comes from not finding the right strategy, lacking structure or lacking a system to generate leads, and not being able to measure the lead generation results.

The lack of a real estate funnel can cause you to be left behind by your competitors and losing market share.

I am quite confident in saying that there must be many real estate pros who might think that if they had an efficient lead generation system several years ago, then they could have closed more deals and thus have more money in the bank today.

I know “could have,” “should have.” So, let’s put the past behind and focus on what you can do today.

Because in today’s article, we will create several powerful and profitable real estate funnels, so you…


  • can generate and nurture better leads in an efficient way for your real estate business
  • save time and be able to scale your marketing to make more money
  • have a better chance against your competition who don’t have a systematic marketing funnel yet
  • get a bigger picture and structure for your overall marketing strategy
  • be able to measure your lead generation and therefore get better every day

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So, What’s a (Real Estate) Marketing Funnel or, Rather, Marketing Panning?

Actually, I don’t like the term “funnel” because it is misrepresenting the process of what is actually happening when you apply a so-called marketing or sales funnel to your traffic.

You might have a funnel in your kitchen, and when you put a substance in the wide opening, the same substance leaves from the narrow area to where you want it.

Nothing actually changed the substance, you just facilitated a better way to fill a bottle.

Why is this a misrepresentation and what actually happens in a real estate marketing or sales funnel?

A marketing funnel functions more like a filter and I consider it rather similar to the process of gold panning, where you look for a river that you assume has some gold particles.

Then you go to that riverbed with your gold pan and begin to swirl around the gravel from the deposit in several iterations until you are left with some potential gold particles in the center.

The river and gravel correspond to the traffic you generate for a certain website or landing page, and the gold particles correspond to the customer you get out of it.

The process of swirling in between traffic and customers are the different steps you need to apply to filter out the unusable gravel from the potential customers — your gold.

Similar to different swirling techniques, there are different techniques and tactics to filter out or convert your traffic to real customers.

The Basis from Which You Can Invent Your Own Real Estate Marketing Funnel

If you look at the function of marketing funnels with the eyes of a copywriter, you will quickly find a pattern that reminds you of one of the classic copywriting formulas.

Only in this case, the formula that is usually applied to a whole ad, sales letter or sales video is a funnel with different steps.

The formula I am talking about is called AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desires and Action), which I already mentioned in this article.

How does this apply to a (Real Estate) Marketing Funnel?

By offering something for free that represents something of value to your target group, you create attention.

Once someone is interested in your free thing, by using different communication channels (ideally email marketing or text), you tell them interesting facts or uses and partially solve their problem, but not completely.

Through the same communication channel, you also create desire for the actual product you are selling (e.g. properties, real estate services, deals, contracts etc.), so your target group is convinced to take action, which is the last step in the AIDA formula.

In your communication, whatever channel you use, you might want to alternate between content that creates interest or provides interesting things (less promotional and rather educational) and content that creates desire (more promotional and less educational).

Summarized, this would be the basis of any (real estate) funnel:

  • Attention: Offer something of value for free
  • Interest: Teach or tell them interesting facts or uses and partially solve their problem
  • Desire: Create desire for your actual product
  • Action: You are good enough in step 3 to convince them to take action on your offer

Since I am a fan of fractals, I see them everywhere, and this, again, is a fractal (a topic I already mentioned in this article.

You can also apply AIDA in variations to each of the above-mentioned funnel steps.

Well, theoretically, I could end the article here because this is already the basis from which you could create any (real estate) marketing funnel, but I will give you some templates, so the funnel basis gets clearer.

A Broad Overview Of 17 Funnel Examples, Applicable to Real Estate Marketing

real estate marketing funnel examples

1) The Sales Letter Funnel

This funnel sells your frontend product or service (usually the entry level product at a low price) with a long-form sales letter.

On the backend, you have several upsells and downsells immediately after the first sale.

Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

  • Selling a local one-day tour guide and upselling an appointment for a house showing
  • Selling Rent-To-Own Contract Templates to sellers and upselling an offer to buy their home


real estate marketing funnel examples

2) The Squeeze Page Funnel

This is a simple two-page funnel. The goal here is to get an email address from your visitor.

For that, you don’t even need a Lead Magnet such as a free eBook, or something else.

After the visitor enters her email address, you can give her access to any special content, which can be an article, a simple video or something else.

The squeeze page just has to create enough curiosity for your visitor.

Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

  • Offer a how-to video to find the right price to sell a home within 30 days
  • A very long article about any of the content ideas I already mentioned in this article


real estate marketing funnel examples

3) The Membership Funnel

The first page is usually a video sales letter, where a visitor can sign up for a trial to the membership site, and on the thank you page, they receive a link so they can create an account in the member’s area. Then the exclusive content is unlocked.

Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

A membership area for wholesalers with the most recent and hottest local deals under contract


real estate marketing funnel examples

4) The Survey Funnel

This funnel can be highly effective for cold traffic from PPC advertising because the first page is a simple survey, which makes the visitor engage.

The survey itself helps to segment the visitors and according to the visitor’s survey results, different sales messages can be suggested (e.g. a sales page, or a video sales page).

Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

Survey retail buyers, which price range, house type and location they are looking for, and the results page is a downloadable PDF of current listings

real estate marketing funnel examples

5) The Video Sales Letter Funnel

This one is basically the sales letter funnel in video format. Very often, the video will hide the “add to card” button until after the video has revealed the price.

Like in the sales letter funnel, you can have several upsells right after the initial purchase.

Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

A home staging guide for your local area, and upselling your realtor services to sell their home

real estate marketing funnel examples

6) The Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel

Here you first give value and then ask for an email. What you give is usually your best information and items before you ask for an opt-in. The conversion rate will be lower, but the lead quality will go up.

Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

A very generous long form guide of how to put a creative real estate deal together (sandwich lease option, a standard flip), and then asking for their email address to make an appointment with you to put the deal together and market it to investors or retail buyers.

7) The 2-Step Tripwire Funnel

This one is a variation of the sales letter funnel, but with a focus on breaking even on ad-spend by using a much lower priced almost irresistible frontend product.

After the initial sale, you can upsell higher priced products immediately or depending on the user behavior, downsell to lower priced products.

The higher priced products or, depending on the user decision, the lower priced products are usually offered on the thank you page after the initial purchase.

Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

As initial irresistible entry level interior design plans and then upsale rehabbing services or downselling a fixed price rehabbing consultation.

real estate marketing funnel examples

8) The Live Demo Funnel

This one is trickier for a real estate business because you demonstrate a product or service in front of your potential customers.

It could also be a live show on a regular basis where visitors can get the product you are presenting.

Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

A real estate tool you developed for marketing purposes such as a real estate tax savings calculator for your local market that is good enough to charge for and that you show in a live demo.

real estate marketing funnel examples

9) The Invisible Funnel

This funnel is like going to your favorite ice cream store and only paying if you liked your ice cream.

You sell access to an event, but charge them after it has ended, and only if they liked it. Here you give away a lot of value for free.

The visitor registers their seat after a sales letter (ideally video sales letter) and enter their credit card information, even though no money is charged.

Then, after they received the value, an on time offer (OTO) is presented with additional up and/or downsells on the thank you page.

You can structure it in a way that, if they liked the free value product, they don’t have to do anything and their credit card will be billed after X days.

Only if they didn’t like like the “free” product do they have to let you know and the credit card won’t be charged.

Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

A “free” group consultation for real estate wholesalers of unique ways to find distressed properties for $97 if they liked it, and then upsell to a one-onone coaching or a down-sale to a list of private money lenders with the best interest rates in the local market.

real estate marketing funnel examples

10) The Lead Magnet Funnel

This funnel might be the most well-known to you. You offer something of value for free (e.g. a report, eBook, a video series, etc.) in exchange for an email address.

Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

You offer a free market report for your local market in exchange for an email address.

real estate marketing funnel examples

11) The Webinar Funnel (live and automatic)

This one is ideal for products and service with a higher price tag.

Visitors first register themselves for the event with their email address on platforms such as GoToWebinar or Zoom.

Visitors have the chance to attend live but also watch a replay if they can’t make it at the right date and time.

The first half of the event gives some free value and success stories and the second half sells the product or service and, for a limited amount of time, the participant can buy the service or product you promote at a special price.

Most webinars are about an hour long and give you the chance to handle objections or false beliefs about the product or the service.

The best approach is to start with live events and improve or change your webinars until you find the one that converts best. You can convert the winning webinar into an auto-webinar and use it to sell around the clock, since it’s no longer a live event.

Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

A webinar about wholesale lease options, giving away a snippet of the online training that you are actually selling in the webinar

12) The Main Website Funnel

This one is a rather complex one, since it can involve several points where visitors can opt-in to the funnel.

It’s a traditional website that from several points pushes visitors in your core sales funnel.

It can use tools as different opt-in pop-ups on your main page, the blog, the about page, etc. and/or use additional opt-in forms on these same sub-pages.

This can involve several combinations of the funnels that have already been mentioned.

Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

As a realtor, you have a website with the usual pages such as the main page, the about page, a blog page and the contact page.

On the main page, you have a pop-up that is triggered after the visitor scrolls a certain percentage down where you offer a lead magnet, such as a report.

On the blog, you have an opt-in form under each blog article where you offer the same report or different lead magnets depending on the topic of the article.

But all collected emails from different pages get funneled in the same email marketing autoresponder campaign.

13) The Ask Funnel

This one is a tricky one, since you don’t have any product or anything to give for free yet.

An example would be an exit survey that is triggered once the visitor wants to leave your site.

In this short survey, you ask him, for example: “What’s your most important question about XYZ?” and he can optionally enter his email address to receive a solution or answer to his problem.

Once you have collected enough answers and interpreted them in the right way, you can create products, services and/or free products of value.

Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

On a realtor website, the survey could ask: “What’s your most important question about selling duplex homes in New Jersey?”

After 100 replies, you might find out that 80 percent point towards problems of the right tax strategy in this state.

So, you could produce an eBook or online training specifically to offer different strategies to reduce the tax burden in New Jersey for duplex home sellers.

real estate marketing funnel examples

14) The Application Funnel

The application funnel uses some of the many psychological triggers humans have, which can used to your advantage in copywriting. It’s scarcity or exclusivity.

It presents your offer in a way that not everybody can buy it. This one is most suitable for high end products or services, or in the luxury segments.

A visitor needs to enter his contact information on an application page and by doing so, gets added to your funnel.


Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

  • Luxury home sellers can apply to get listed with you, since you are the fastest luxury real estate broker in your area, usually selling luxury homes within three weeks or less.
real estate marketing funnel examples

15) The Launch Funnel

The launch funnel is not an evergreen funnel, since it is usually used temporarily for a specific launch of a product or service.

It helps you build anticipation before customers can buy the product or service.

During the pre-launch phase, you send “previews” of the product until you open the card on launch day where the product or service can still be bought at a discount.

After several days of the launch, you close that special shopping card.


Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

A real estate developer could use the launch funnel to pre-sell a new building project.

16) Daily or Regular Deal Funnel

By applying this funnel, you have to create special deals on a regular basis, ideally daily. You may know this funnel from websites such as Groupon.

People subscribe to this funnel to get informed regularly about special offers and bargains.

Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

For a real estate pro, this funnel requires you to have a certain size, since it’s not candy or smaller e-commerce products that are sold.

As a local wholesaler, you could have a special deal opt-in page that informs investor partners about really good deals that are under contract for more than the average below market price on a regular basis.

real estate marketing funnel examples

17) The Summit Funnel

This summit funnel brings the typical industry conference to the online world.

It’s a great way to provide value and appear more like an an authority figure in your industry. It is organized similarly to the traditional conference. You organize several speakers that you interview.

Your visitors can register for the summit for free and you upsell them on the recordings.

Example for A Real Estate Marketing Funnel:

You organize an online summit about the topic of how technology will change the real estate market in the future and interview well known real estate tech leaders (start-up entrepreneurs), real estate agents, developers, investors, etc.

This was a mouth full and since this is such an important conversion topic, it won’t be the last article about it. I hope you got some inspiration for your business. Let me know if I have missed a funnel you have in mind.

By the way, I made the different funnel graphics you saw above with a nice tool called funnelytics. They have nice pre-made templates and you can create your own customized sales funnels there.

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