I have yet to come across real estate websites using this seller lead magnet: the home valuation tool.

I felt positively surprised when I did. This happened with this agency website.

While doing a conversion rate optimization analysis for this website, I found a different type of seller lead magnet.

It’s a guide for home upgrades that pay off.

The thing is that when everyone is doing the same thing, these lead magnets become less and less effective.

You stop standing out from your competition.

Seller prospects may no longer see it as a unique or valuable resource.

In addition, they can also start questioning their accuracy if they provide generic estimates.

So to inspire you a bit, I will give you a list of 21 seller lead magnet ideas that you could experiment with.

The ideal experiment would be a split test between your home valuation lead magnet and one of the below ideas.


1) Home Staging Guide:

A comprehensive guide on how to stage homes for showings to attract higher offers.


2) Home Renovation ROI Calculator:

An interactive tool to calculate the potential ROI of different home renovations.


3) Property Selling Checklist:

A step-by-step checklist covering everything a seller needs to do from listing to closing.


4) Cost of Selling Calculator:

An online tool to help sellers estimate the total cost of selling their property, including agent fees, repairs, and closing costs.


5) Free Email Course on Maximizing Sale Value:

A multi-part email series providing tips and strategies on increasing a property’s sale value.


6) E-book on Avoiding Common Seller Mistakes:

A guide highlighting common pitfalls in the selling process and how to avoid them.


7) Home Inspection Preparation Guide:

Advice on how to prepare for a home inspection to ensure a smooth selling process.


8) Landscaping Tips for Curb Appeal:

A guide with tips on improving a property’s curb appeal through landscaping.


9) A Guide to Selling Luxury Properties:

Specialized advice for homeowners looking to sell high-end or luxury properties.


10) Energy Efficiency Audit Checklist:

A checklist to help sellers identify and improve energy inefficiencies in their homes before selling.


11) Real Estate Tax Implications Guide:

Information on tax implications and benefits related to selling a property.


12) Custom Property Analysis Report:

A personalized report that evaluates the property’s strengths and areas for improvement.


13) Seasonal Home Selling Guide:

Tailored advice on how to sell a home during different seasons, including staging tips and market insights for each season.


14) Interactive Property Value Growth Tool:

An interactive online tool where sellers can input their purchase price and date.

They can then see the estimated growth in their property’s value over time.


15) Sellers’ Guide to Real Estate Photography:

A comprehensive guide on how to photograph homes for sale.

It includes tips on staging, lighting, and angles to make their property more appealing in listings.


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Tobias Schnellbacher