Suppose you are a wholesale real estate investor looking for software to help you in your day-to-day business operations. 

In that case, you may have already encountered several real estate marketing suites offering this from one place.

Resimpli is such software, and you may wonder if it is right for you.

For real estate agents, I already have a spoiler, though.

It won’t be the best fit since I estimate only about fifty percent of the features would be worthwhile using for an agent’s business operation. 

However, with a bit more customization options, this could look different.

So, in today’s article, I will analyze Resimpli covering… 

  • What is Resimpli, and who is it for?
  • 10 Resimpli Features
  • My impression of its dashboard
  • 22 competitors and alternatives
  • Resimpli’s pricing
  • Integration options of other (real estate) applications
  • The good and the bad
  • Takeaways


What is Resimpli and Who Is It For?

Resimpli can be put into the real estate marketing suites category with a customer relationship system at its core.

Around this core functionality, additional features tailored particularly to real estate investors are available.

As it happened with many similar software products, they may have started as just customer relationship management software but later extended their functionality to complementing areas to make the life of their users easier.

In the case of Resimpli, this user group is mainly real estate investors.

As you will later see in the dashboard and from the different features, the traditional realtor may only benefit from a fraction of the software’s features.

A good first sign is that an active real estate investor founded the software company. 

His name: Sharad Mehta.

According to Resimpli’s About page, the founder has done over 600 deals in the last 10 years and developed various systems to automate parts of his real estate investing business.

We will see later if and how this benefits the different features provided and the overall usability of the software.


10 Resimpli Features – An Overview

Generally, Resimpli’s features resemble the typical workflow or business processes of a real estate investing business (wholesaling).

Below you will find an overview of these features.

A Built-in Phone System (Resimpli Dialer)

With the built-in phone system, you can assign phone numbers to lead sources and contact sellers and buyers. 

Here, you can also customize call flows and alerts.

But to make this work, you must first define your call flow and buy a phone number afterward.

The video below explains this feature pretty well.

Also, to make the built-in phone system work for text messaging, you will first need to apply for a digital long code (DLC), as you can see in the screenshot below.

This is necessary for application-to-person (A2P) text messaging.

You will be charged a one-time registration fee of $54 and a $10 monthly fee for every 49 phone numbers.

Cash Buyer Management

As a real estate investor (especially a wholesaler), having a cash buyers list is essential, as discussed in this article.

So this feature helps you manage the cash buyers you may have. 

This feature allows you to assign tasks, communicate, share files, and market to this buyer list.

Additionally, you can import existing buyer lists you may have, use various filters to find buyers you may be focusing on, and also send bulk SMS and emails.

Email Drip Campaigns

In this article, I already covered the importance of follow-up or drip campaigns to the real estate leads you generate.

Resimpli’s email drip campaign feature helps you with that.

You can customize the messages and determine different automation triggers and campaign durations.

Additionally, you can schedule text alerts, RVMs (ringless voicemails), and emails.

Digital Signature

This is one of the features where you can see that the founder is a real estate investor.

As a real estate professional, you know how vital the proper contracts are and how cumbersome paperwork can be if you don’t have a system or process defined.

So, the digital signature feature has a built-in e-sign feature that allows you to create, save, and file legally binding contracts.

You can upload or revise existing templates and create customized contract sequences.

List Stacking

The list-stacking feature allows you to upload, organize and stack your lead lists in one place.

It helps you find leads with different motivations that you can also organize and then send direct mail, for example.

Part of this feature is also a skip-tracing functionality to find incomplete phone numbers.

Direct Mail

I mentioned it already in some of the paragraphs above. Direct mail is another prospecting feature you can use in Resimpli’s dashboard.

This feature provides you with 90+ built-in templates you can use for your direct mailing campaigns, but you can also upload your own ones.

The design for your own templates would be done at no additional cost.

It also includes free NCOA list cleaning.

Driving for Dollars

If you use Resimpli’s app, you will have access to its driving-for-dollars features.

The same app also enables you to pull property details directly, add properties, take property photos, and send direct mail from the app.

The video below covers this feature pretty well but also gives you a general overview of all the different features.

KPI Monitoring

This feature is particularly important since I always look at real estate marketing and lead generation with performance-based and data-driven lenses.

Since you can’t improve what you don’t measure, Resimpli’s KPI monitoring feature comes in handy.

It helps you identify profitable marketing channels and, of course, remove low-performing ones.

Additionally, you can link your bank account and track real estate transactions using the app.

User Activity Management

The user activity management feature helps you with all things related to team collaboration and communication.

You can assign leads, markets, and tasks to different users here.

But you can also track user activity, follow up, and control user access and privacy.

Inventory Management

With the inventory management feature, you can… 

  • Set tasks on the level of property stages
  • Calculate offers
  • Track the property progress
  • Track net in and out inventory


My Impression from Resimpli’s Dashboard

To get to know Resimpli better, I registered for the free trial and played around a bit in the dashboard.

You can find my silent click-through in the video below.

Generally, it is well-designed and structured. 

It has a total of nine main categories that you can all reach from the navigation on the left side, which are…

  • The dashboard with a bird’s eye view of all categories, such as pending tasks, open messages, the internal inbox, abandoned leads, conversion trend over the last 7 days, lead source, lead status, and different call statistics.
  • Data with KPIs and the leaderboard
  • Marketing with the subcategories of list stacking and direct mail
  • Leads with views on active, warm, and dead leads and leads referred to an agent.
  • Properties, including subcategories of the inventory sold properties and rentals
  • Activity including call logs, scheduled SMS, tasks, and global tasks
  • Contacts with a view on buyers and contractors
  • General including drip campaigns, web forms, e-sign, and general files
  • Financials with subcategories of banking, vendors, properties, account tags, and reports

As you may already realize, the software is best suited for wholesale real estate investors.

Realtors may get something out of about fifty percent of the features, but in their case, why buy a whole software where almost half of the features wouldn’t fit their individual use case?

So, wholesale investors will definitely benefit the most.

While it is well structured overall, I found three things confusing.

First, when you click on the main navigation items on the left side, such as “Data,” nothing happens. 

You have to click on one of the sub-menu items that will bring you to the right area.

I expected that you would get an overview of “Data” when clicking on the main menu item “Data.”

Second, I wouldn’t have put drip campaigns and web forms into the “General” category of the menu but in the marketing one.

And third, it may be a negative surprise for some to find out that you will have to order a digital long code at an additional cost from the monthly fee so that the texting campaigns can work.

This could be better disclosed and may lead to buyer’s remorse.

A positive surprise was that you also get access to live chat once you are logged in. 

Here you can ask questions should you get lost in the beginning. 

And as you will later see, the customer support seems to be pretty good.


22 Competitors & Alternatives

You can consider software products in the category of real estate marketing suites more or less as competitors and alternatives to Resimpli.

I collected them in this long list.

They are…

Sure, some are more directly competing with Resimpli, such as, for example, Reipro, since they are also tailored to real estate investors. 

In contrast, others cover more the use case for real estate agents.


Resimpli Pricing

Resimpli has three different monthly pricing plans. 

The monthly fees are $99 for the Basic plan, $199 for the Pro plan, and $499 for the Enterprise plan.

All plans include a free 14-day trial.

Below is an overview table of what you get for the different plans, including additional usage pricing.

BASIC $99 /MoPRO $199 /MoEnterprise $499 /MoAdditional UsageCostDriving FeaturesCost
1 User5 Users25 Local Phone NumbersAdditional User$25/Mo1 DriverIncluded Free
5 Local Phone Numbers10 Local Phone Numbers2,500 Calling Minutes/MoPhone Number$1/MoAdditional Upto 3 Drivers$49/Mo
500 Calling Minutes/Mo1,000 Calling Minutes/Mo2,500 SMS/MoSMS Credit1 CentAdditional Upto 100 Drivers$249/Mo
500 SMS/Mo1,000 SMS/Mo500 GB File StorageMMS Credit2 CentsPostcard$0.50/Postcard
50 GB File Storage200 GB File StorageDriving for Dollars - 1 DriverCalling Minutes2.5 CentsVacancy CheckIncluded Free
Driving for Dollars - 1 DriverDriving for Dollars - 1 DriverList Stacking (Unlimited records)RVM5 CentsSkip Tracing15 Cents/Match
List Stacking (20,000 records)List Stacking (50,000 records)Drip AutomationSkip Tracking15 Cents/MatchList Stacking & CRM IntegrationIncluded Free
Drip AutomationBulk Email & SMS to BuyersDoc e-Sign$0.95/DocGoogle Street View$20/Mo
Bulk Email & SMS to Buyers2-Way Google Calendar IntegrationAdditional 50 GB Storage$5/Mo
2-Way Google Calendar IntegrationAdvanced Dialer for Leads (All Users)Advanced Leads Dialer$29/Mo
Unlimited MarketsUpto 500,000 List Stacking Rec.$99/Mo
In-App Answering (Web, iOS & Android)Unlimited List Stacking Rec.$199/Mo

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Tobias Schnellbacher