Welcome to my resource page which will provide you with one of my top picks and recommended products and services that I use and/or I know they likely have a potential value to you.

This will help you find great products and services in just one place.

Some will have a direct relation to real estate marketing and some rather an indirect one. But you will soon see what I mean.

Real Estate Deals

Deal Machine

If you as a real estate professional use driving for dollars as a method of getting seller leads, then you might want to take a look at Deal Machine.

It is a software that has its main use case with wholesale real estate investors that are looking for distressed properties, but realtors can also benefit from it.

With this software, you can find potential deals, do direct mailing campaigns, manage the seller leads, and track driving routes.

Again, while it targets foremost wholesalers, this doesn’t mean that realtors couldn’t use it to get the contact information of a seller that might be willing to sign a listing contract.

You can learn more about this software here and get a discount!

BirdDog Bot

BirdDog Bot helps you find and identify deals on autopilot within the well-known online real estate market Zillow.

It is a cloud-based software that can find fixer-upper properties by taking into consideration your investment criteria.

Additionally, it can run your investment criteria numbers through any property listed on Zillow.

This search filter will let through only the property or properties that comply with your investment criteria.

Here you can learn more about BirdDog Bot.

It’s the official website where you can also watch videos that show you how this software already works for many real estate investors.



Spencer Haws founded Long Tail Pro in 2011 and grew it until he sold it in 2016.
Now, he maintains himself as an advisor for the new owner.

Because in 2011 he was in the business of creating little fast ranking niche websites to earn some income from Google AdSense, he needed a tool to find keywords fast that could rank decently quickly in organic search results.

And this is actually what Long Tail Pro does. With this tool, you can find low competition keywords for your website fast.

For example, if you enter a short tail keyword or seed keyword, it will generate hundreds of related keywords based on monthly search volume, and will also return how competitive they are.

It also provides you with information about the advertiser bid and the rank value, and can be a great helper to know where to focus your content marketing efforts.

You can check it out here.



Notifia is all about website visitor retention and to better convert website visitors.

It features over 30 different growth widgets such as an email collect bar, exit intent surveys, and automated messages, to name just a few.

It can be set up in minutes and also supports behavior-driven marketing.

The latter means that you can, for example, deliver different campaigns to specific audiences based on their activity and actions on your website.

You can check out Notifia here.


GetResponse is a software that helps you deliver email campaigns, create pages, and overall automate your marketing activities.

It offers features in the categories of email marketing, conversion funnels, landing pages, marketing automation, web push notifications, webinars, sign up forms and paid ads.

GetResponse can also integrate 150 third-party providers.

Here is a short overview of the features:

  • Automation: automated email sequences, action-based email sequences, post sharing on social media via email, time-based emails with the timing tool, custom workflows, and email broadcasts
  • Drag and drop email creator
  • Goal-oriented pre-made email templates including real estate and also custom ones
  • Built-in photo editor
  • 5000 free stock-photos
  • List segmentation and personalization with custom segments, dynamic content, and contact tagging
  • Third-Party Integrations from 126 providers including CRMs, e-commerce, social, analytics, and CMS
  • Email deliverability with automatic list hygiene, spam checker
  • Analytics: open rates and click rates, user behavior, bounce rates, unsubscribes, engagement rates, desktop vs. mobile performance, and conversions
  • A/B testing capabilities for subject lines
  • Webforms, list builder apps, and surveys
  • Webinar creator
  • Conversion funnels: webinar funnel, lead funnels, and sales funnels
  • Landing page builder

You can learn more about GetResponse here.


In my article about real estate marketing funnels, I already mentioned the software Funnelytics with which I created the different real estate funnel graphics by the way.

With this tool, you can map out different funnel strategies, use it to measure the performance, and also have an overview of which element to optimize.

You can check it out here.

Thumbnail Blaster

If you are into real estate videos and publishing them on YouTube, you might want to consider also Thumbnail Blaster.

One of the important attention-grabbing elements of a YouTube video is the thumbnail.

With the right one, you can increase the views for a particular video. But creating one that works is sometimes a bit of guesswork.

With Thumbnail Blaster, you can create thumbnails in 3 clicks.

This is possible because the software is powered by A.I. It also features a split testing module so you can find out which of two thumbnails will perform best without having to upload them first to YouTube.

It not only supports YouTube but also other video platforms such as Facebook and others.

You can check out Thumbnail Blaster here.



As the name implies, Power Ad Spy is focused on helping you spy on different ads your competition may be running, and its focus is on the Facebook Ads Platform.

Especially when you start a new campaign and haven’t done much testing before, this software can shorten the testing period until you get to a winning ad and increase your chances of getting to a successful campaign from the get-go.

Why? Because you will find out quicker what type of ads are already working.

The ads you find with it can be segmented based on side location and news feed.
When you find ads, you can also visit them live and check the engagement and opinions about them.

PowerAdSpy has a database with several millions of ads from more than 15 countries.

Different ads can be search based on keywords, advertisers and your real estate competitor’s domain name. The same can be done with Facebook video ads.

Another way is to look for the top performing competitor and check all the ads they are running. You can also check on the performance of different call to actions your competitors use in well-performing campaigns.

Once you find an inspiring ad (I don’t recommend to just copy them) whose idea or concept you want to use in your campaign, you can bookmark them.

You can check out PowerAdSpy here.

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