Especially in a sellers’ market, it is tougher than ever to generate new seller leads.

This problem is also something several software companies with founders of real estate backgrounds, some without, have used as inspiration to create various solutions.

One of these solutions is BatchLeads, founded by real estate professionals for real estate professionals.

Since there are numerous solutions on the market, I took the time to analyze BatchLeads in-depth and will discuss the following in this article…

…what it is
…who owns it
…the benefits of using it
…how to use it
…whether it has a dialer
…third-party integration options with Zapier
…whether it can skip trace entities, such as LLCs
…whether it features an app
…its pricing and costs
…whether it is also a CRM
…the differences between Propstream
…the differences between Lead Sherpa
…the differences between BatchDriven
…and 9 alternatives

What is BatchLeads, and Who Owns it?

BatchLeads is a software solution with the main goal to find different types of seller leads for real estate professionals such as real estate agents, investors, and wholesalers and to be able to market to them.

The company itself claims to be an all-in-one platform for residential lead generation with the “world’s most accurate property, financial, and owner contact data.”

The BatchLeads’ website has a database for more than 3,100 counties, 99.8% of the U.S. property owners, more than 155 million U.S.-profiled properties, 7 billion recorded documents, and 1.8 million active listings.

The platform includes different prospecting and marketing tools to help real estate professionals to contact the identified sellers or homeowners.

The owner and CEO of BatchLeads is currently Jesse Burrel, who went from waiting tables into real estate and then created BatchLeads.

BatchLeads is not the only business the CEO runs. Part of the Batch brand is also BatchDriven, BatchDialer, BatchSkipTracing, and BatchData.

What is the Benefit of Using BatchLeads?

The primary benefit of using BatchLeads is saving time researching, identifying, and verifying seller lead information and then marketing to them.

The software can simplify this process that you otherwise have to do manually.

A secondary benefit is also time-saving.

BatchLeads also offers skip tracing, which helps filter out correct seller contact information from bad ones.

As a secondary benefit, using this software will help you scale the seller lead generation process and, by so doing, identify and contact more potential sellers in the same amount of time than you would have needed doing all this manually.

How to Use BatchLeads

You can use BatchLeads to search and identify true property owners and seller prospects, manage saved property searches, and add respective property owners to outreach campaigns, such as text messages and direct mailing campaigns.


Seller & Property Owner Lead Generation

The seller and property owner lead generation feature of BatchLeads is, strictly speaking, not lead generation.


Because lead generation usually involves a marketing campaign that results in generated leads.

Via different application programming interfaces, BatchLeads has access to a wide array of databases that can run individual searches according to your needs and filter relevant owner contact information.

At this stage, you can apply different filters, such as delinquent taxes, homeowners with multiple properties, vacant properties, and pre-foreclosures, to name a few.

Then you can run an additional outreach or marketing campaign on the collected contact information.

Here is where the actual real lead generation will happen (you convert cold contact data into potential clients and deals).

You have different approaches for the searches available. You can just enter a location in the search field or search via the map should you prefer a geographical area view.

In both cases, you can apply a multitude of different filters afterward to create a list of specific seller contacts that meet your investing or whatever property requirements you might have.

To name just a few, you can filter by owner type, purchase date, estimated value, opening bid, MLS status, home features, vacant status, and many more.

You can find a complete list of all available filters here. 


Lead Lists

You can save the different seller contact information and addresses you find via the search options available in various custom lists.

This enables you to find the various sellers faster and easier afterward and add them to marketing campaigns that you can carry out from the platform.

How to Run Comps in BatchLeads?

When you find the home sellers through BatchLeads’ search options, you can access further property detail information such as comparable home sales.

This can help you determine the deal potential a particular property has and further filter sellers for marketing campaigns.

The comparable home sales features are also somewhat included in the different search filters since you can also filter homes in a certain geographical area listed below the market price.

But also, the comp feature itself has several filters available.

You can apply them to the following scenarios:

  • Sold in the last 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 months
  • Built within 10 years
  • Ignoring or not ignoring bathrooms
  • Ignoring or not ignoring bedrooms
  • The range of the building size
  • The location radius
  • Ignoring or not ignoring the lot size

Lead & Contact Management (List Management)

BatchLeads list manager could be confused with being a full-fledged customer relationship management software. But this is not the case.

You may want to consider it a single place where you can upload and append your own lists and organize and manage your saved property searches.


BatchLeads Skip Tracing

In this article, I already discussed real estate skip tracing in more detail.

BatchLeads skip tracing feature allows you to increase the contact quality by finding out the valid contact information.

You can skip trace from two different areas in the platform: the property section and the skip tracing tab. Uploading contact information is also possible.

You can select a property list you saved earlier and then determine how many of them you would like to skip trace.

The whole system is pay per hit, which means you only pay when BatchLeads finds a match.

Duplicates are not skip traced, by the way, and you get multiple phone numbers and the owner’s preferred mailing address.

Once you get the results back, BatchLeads will also give the data a confidence score and the hit rate.

Their skip tracing software doesn’t pull data from “easy” places where cheaper skip tracers usually pull their data (e.g., Target shopping cards).

Instead, they aggregate their data from many different databases which they have contracts with (e.g., USPS servers).


BatchLeads Direct Mail

The whole direct mail feature from BatchLeads is an automated one.

Since it is a built-in feature, you won’t have to export all the addresses first and then import them to a direct mailing provider.

You can create and customize different postcard templates, personalize them and add your signature.

But you can also send letters from there, which are slightly more expensive per piece.

By the way, setting up your signature, including uploading a logo, is the one thing you should do before setting up the templates and then running a direct mailing campaign.

A nice benefit is that you can schedule several dates to send out the mailers.


BatchLeads Text Messaging – How to Start an SMS Campaign?

BatchLeads also provides a texting platform to engage with your potential customers and run follow-up campaigns.

According to the company, this feature is fully SMS compliant.

But you will need to keep in mind that this is not a native feature but a feature that requires a third-party integration with the software called Twilio or Plivo.

From the properties section, you can push skip tracing results into a text messaging campaign and then run it from there.

But to run text messaging campaigns, it is required that you purchase a phone number for your particular market, which is also possible within the platform.

A helpful feature is also the message spinner. It helps you use different versions of the same text message to increase the variety and, more importantly, deliverability.

This requires creating a minimum of 10 slightly different versions within the text message templates.

You can also create tags for campaigns. Later you can use these tags to filter out tagged ones to exclude or include in further campaigns.

So you can avoid texting some contacts too often.

If you have a V.A. managing your campaigns, you can assign them by adding specific users.

In the reports section, you can find key performance indicators such as how many opted out or opened, bounces, responses, etc., of the SMS campaigns.

For a better delivery rate, it is recommended that you don’t send more than 3 texts per minute.

A >80% delivery rate and a 20-30% response rate are considered good.

The next helpful feature is when importing contacts. The system will automatically recognize what numbers are landlines, litigators, and mobile numbers, whether they are on a do not contact list.

A whole walkthrough of the BatchLeads text messaging feature you find in the video below.

BatchLeads Dialer – Does It Have One?

There is no dialer available within the same BatchLeads platform, but you can integrate “Batch Dialer” with it.

Batch Dialer comes from the same “Batch” brand and is a cloud-based dialer platform that can allegedly increase the productivity for calls by 500% and includes a lead scoring system.

It also features AI-driven call routing to connect callers and agents.
Since it is entirely web-based, you can use the dialer with Google Chrome.

The pricing plan offers a single-line or multiline dialer.

BatchLeads Zapier and the One Native Integration

During my research for different third-party software integrations in BatchLeads, I found that there is one native integration, that is to say with Podio (check out my article).

It allows you to push emails and other contact information from BatchLeads into the Podio CRM.

The lion’s part of integrations is done via the integration software called Zapier.

According to Zapier’s information, you can integrate more than 4000 apps into BatchLeads with Zapier (source).

To name a few:


  • Gmail
  • Slack
  • Salesforce
  • Mojo
  • Pipedrive
  • Freedomsoft
  • FollowUp Boss
  • kvCore
  • Close
  • Liondesk
  • RealGeeks
  • Zoho CRM
  • Brivity

Does BatchLeads Skip Trace LLC?

According to BatchLeads support, the software does also skip trace LLC data.

But from the answer, you will learn that it might not be as effective as skip tracing an individual because of a lower hit rate.

The same applies for skip traced entities, where the cost for individuals only occurs when there is a successful hit. (source)

Does BatchLeads Have an App?

Based on recent information from BatchLeads, there is an app available you can download either from Google’s Playstore or Apple’s App Store.

For Android devices, you can find the app here, and for Apple devices, you can find it here.

Most of the user reviews on both platforms are positive.

Still, the negative ones partially criticize high text message bounce rates, notifications not sent right away, login problems, and problems with list pulls.

BatchLeads Cost and Pricing – How Much Are Phone Numbers and Texting

This section will discuss BatchLeads Costs and Pricing when it comes to phone numbers, texting, direct mail, lists, and overall monthly plans.

You will find a complete overview below?

Base ($39/month)Performance ($129/month)Performance + ($299/month)
100,000 Contacts500,000 Contacts2,000,000 Contacts
$ 0.14 Skip Trace per Match$ 0.12 Skip Trace per Match$ 0.10 Skip Trace per Match
0-500 postcards: $0.46 per piece0-500 postcards: $0.46 per piece0-500 postcards: $0.46 per piece
501 - 2000 postcards: $0.44 per piece501 - 2000 postcards: $0.44 per piece501 - 2000 postcards: $0.44 per piece
2001+ postcards: $0.42 per piece2001+ postcards: $0.42 per piece2001+ postcards: $0.42 per piece
0-500 letters: $0.75 per piece0-500 letters: $0.75 per piece0-500 letters: $0.75 per piece
501-2000 letters: $0.70 per piece501-2000 letters: $0.70 per piece501-2000 letters: $0.70 per piece
2001+ letters: $0.65 per piece2001+ letters: $0.65 per piece2001+ letters: $0.65 per piece
5 Custom Fields 10 Custom Fields 15 Custom Fields
1 User2-4 UsersUnlimited users
Monthly vacancy checks and verificationMonthly vacancy checks and verificationMonthly vacancy checks and verification
Vacant property identification and filteringVacant property identification and filteringVacant property identification and filtering
Address correction, validation, and standardization (CASS)Address correction, validation, and standardization (CASS)Address correction, validation, and standardization (CASS)
Unlimited list stacking and filteringUnlimited list stacking and filteringUnlimited list stacking and filtering
Absentee owner filteringAbsentee owner filteringAbsentee owner filtering
Facebook support groupFacebook support groupFacebook support group
Live chat and email supportLive chat and email supportLive chat and email support
Monthly training callsMonthly training callsMonthly training calls
Zapier support (for third-party integrations)Zapier support (for third-party integrations)Zapier support (for third-party integrations)


Text Messaging (SMS) Add-On ($69 per month)Lists ($59 per month)Lists ($119 per month)Lists ($149 per month)Phone Numbers
Twilio/Plivo integration required$0.05 per extra lead$0.03 per extra lead$0.02 per extra lead$1 per month per phone number
1,000 SMS limit/day10,000 leads /month25,000 leads/month50 000 leads/month

Is BatchLeads a CRM?

In its core functionality, BatchLeads is not a CRM but rather a seller data aggregation software with marketing capacities via direct mail and text messaging.

It has some limited CRM capacity for lead management and follow-up campaigns.

But you should consider it a tool mainly used in the phase before potential sellers become leads.

Once you convert seller contacts into leads, you can integrate various CRM solutions via the integration software Zapier.

But also, the free CRM Podio (check out my article) can be directly integrated without the need to use Zapier.

BatchLeads vs. Propstream

At first glance, Propstream is very similar to BatchLeads. I discussed Propstream already in-depth in this article.

The differences are in the details.

Propstream offers, for example, a rehab estimator, and you can send automated emails and voicemails, which you could theoretically also do with BatchLeads, but not with a native feature.

This would need to be done via a third-party integration via Zapier.

In contrast to BatchLeads, it also features a property deal analyzer to calculate mortgage amounts, projected rental income, the total purchase price, property expenses, cash flow, tax information, and deductions.

One major downside of Propstream compared to BatchLeads is that they do not scrub contact data against DNC/litigation lists. (source)

This likely brings down the hit rate.

In my article about skip tracing real estate, I analyzed the different hit rates of several providers, and Propstream’s hit rate appears to be in the 20 to 30% range. In contrast, BatchLeads can go as high as 97%.

BatchLeads vs. Batch Driven

Batch Driven comes from the same “Batch” brand and could somewhat be considered an add-on to BatchLeads because it focuses more on the use case of driving for dollars.

In its functionality, it’s very similar to Dealmachine.

It features the same functionality as BatchLeads, just with the difference that you can operate this from the street when you drive for dollars (my article) or do door-knocking (check out my article).

You can track your driving routes, manage teams, lookup owner details, search off-market properties, skip tracing, manage leads via lists and run direct mail and text messaging campaigns.

You can learn more about BatchLeads here.

BatchLeads vs. Lead Sherpa

One of the critical differences between Lead Sherpa and BatchLeads is that they don’t include direct mail campaigns in their plans.

Also, skip tracing is slightly more expensive, with costs of $0.15 per hit.
But at least it is also match based on pricing, and the hit rate seems to be on par with BatchLeads at 97%.

Another difference is their higher minimum pricing for text messaging campaigns.

With BatchLeads, you can start with $69 per month and get a limit of 1,000 SMS per day. In Lead Sherpa, you start at $400 per month and can text 15,000 prospects.

7 BatchLeads Alternatives

To end this article, I would like to leave you with nine BatchLeads alternatives you may also want to consider.

First, they are the ones I already mentioned above. They include Propstream, Lead Sherpa, and BatchDriven (not really an alternative, though).

And then there are additional alternatives I already mentioned in this article about skip tracing:


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