During my journey to find more skip tracing applications, I also came across Batch Skip Tracing, another software product from the “Batch Brand.”

The weak spot of many skip tracers is often the data accuracy provided.

Therefore I analyzed the Batch Skip Tracing software by taking a closer look at this quality characteristic and cover in this article…

…What Batch Skip Tracing is and what it does
…Whether it scrubs DNC lists
…How to use it
…The former Batch Skip Tracing template
…Whether it also does texting
…The costs
…User reviews
…and whether it is worthwhile in the first place


What Is Batch Skip Tracing, and What Does It Do?

Batch Skip Tracing is a software solution from the “Batch” brand that provides clients such as real estate professionals, attorneys, call centers, bank & debt collectors, law enforcement, and private investigators with skip tracing technology.

You can upload a list of contacts (e.g., in Excel format) and then do single or bulk skip tracing with the contact information.

This process will help you increase the quality of this data that you can use for selling or marketing later on.


Does Batch Skip Tracing Scrub DNC?

The Batch Skip Tracing website doesn’t disclose whether the software scrubs DNC lists.

But with some degree of confidence, the software may do so since the Batch Dialer software from the same “Batch” brand includes that. The capacity at least is there.

On the Batch Dialer homepage, you can find the information about DNC scrubbing when scrolling down.

But there is still the possibility that this DNC scrubbing feature is only available for the dialer to motivate users to use the Batch Skip Tracing software and their dialer software.


How to Use Batch Skip Tracing

You can open a free account by entering all your contact information; then, you are ready to start skip tracing.

The account opening is free, but skip tracing is not. To skip trace, you must first add your credit card information in the account settings.

batch skip tracing

Once your contact list is uploaded to the dashboard, you can do bulk or single skip tracing.

batch skip tracing

Overall, Batch Skip Tracing doesn’t have many features since the focus is primarily on skip tracing and nothing else.

But it has some connection abilities to the application programming interface of Batch Dialer.

Therefore, you will only find three menu items on the left side of the navigation bar.

Two of them are actual features; the first is “Skip Trace,” and the second is “Reports.”

batch skip tracing


Bulk Skip Tracing

The steps involved in bulk skip tracing are file upload, data mapping, preview and approval, and order submission.

batch skip tracing

After your file (e.g., your Excel list) is uploaded, you can decide which data fields should be skip-traced and which should be ignored.

It is required that the data you upload includes information such as the property address, property city, property state, and zip code.

Their skip-tracing process can give you up to ten different phone numbers in the results.

After deciding which data to use for the import in the next step, you can review if the imported data looks good and if no errors were made.

You can also name the list you will skip trace on the same screen for a better reference later.

If everything looks good, you can approve the skip tracing, and will arrive at the order page where the cost of this specific skip tracing order is displayed.

If you haven’t yet added a payment method, you can still do it in this step by clicking on “add payment method.”

Once you click “Pay Now,” the skip tracing process starts, which can take a second or two until completion.

The ready skip-traced list you can then either download again as a CSV file or you can call them by clicking on the phone icon.

But this is a feature not native to Batch Skip Tracing, and it requires a connection with the Batch Dialer API and/or a Batch Dialer account.


Single Skip Tracing

Single skip tracing is also pretty straightforward.

When you click on the “Single Skip Trace” button, you will have to enter the address and then on “Skip Trace Now.”

batch skip tracing

You will get an overview of the estimated cost and the payment method you can use on the next screen. In both cases, for bulk skip tracing and single skip tracing, Batch Skip Tracing only charges you for matches.

Although I am not sure if this function makes much sense, you can also name the list of the single skip trace.


With the reports feature, you can access different performance indicators and metrics at a glance.

You can check on the following information about your different skip tracing activities:

  • Total skip traced
  • Total orders
  • Total spend
  • Matches (%)
  • Pending skip traces
  • Errors
  • Uploaded property addresses vs. skip-traced ones
  • Skip tracing monthly spending

If you need to check this data for different time frames, you can choose between 7, 30, and 90 days or all time.

So as you can see by the features, available Batch Skip Tracing doesn’t provide you with the actual contact information of potential leads.

It only does skip tracing.

To get the contact information, you may need to use other methods.

These can be marketing methods like digital marketing campaigns or property data providers like BatchLeads or Propstream.

When using different property data providers, you can apply various filters to the property searches and select those you target (e.g., expired listings, absentee owners, etc.).


Batch Skip Tracing Templates

To ensure that the skip tracing process works appropriately, Batch Skip Tracing provided two different types of templates in the past.

These templates referred to the Excel sheets with the contact information you would upload to the dashboard.

The first template consisted of the contact’s physical address, and the second consisted of the physical and mailing address.

Since the existence of the templates, they improved their software, and as already mentioned above, you can now upload your Excel file with the contact information and then define how the data is mapped from the dashboard.

So no Batch Skip Tracing templates are needed anymore.

You will increase the match rate when you have a physical and a mailing address in this contact information.


Because the algorithm can do more cross-checks in the background when scrubbing and scraping the data from different databases.


Batch Skip Tracing Texting

Batch Skip Tracing doesn’t include the feature of texting.

This might seem a bit confusing at first glance because the Batch brand provides a texting solution, and it’s not natively within the Batch Skip Tracing software.

To send texts to the skip-traced contact data, you need to use a different software either from the same “Batch” brand called BatchLeads or a completely different software provider.

In this article, I analyzed BatchLeads more in-depth and the texting feature.

Nevertheless, texting isn’t a native feature either for BatchLeads.

You will need to integrate Twilio or Plivo to make it work and buy a phone number for your particular market.


How Much Is Batch Skip Tracing? Batch Skip Tracing Cost

Pricing of Batch Skip Tracing is pretty simple. You pay $0.20 per result.

You can open a free account and will only be asked to add your payment information via a credit card when you need to use the software.

There is also no minimum order and no long-term contract required.


Batch Skip Tracing Reviews

In the Bigger Pockets Forum, at least anecdotally, Batch Skip Tracing was mentioned as one of the best skip tracers.

On TrustPilot, the software provider got 85% excellent (5 stars), 7% great (4 stars), and the remaining portion between average and negative reviews.

Below you will find three good ones and three bad ones.

Three Good/ Positive Reviews

“Not bad on pricing considering how accurate the data is. 5 stars and Jay is always helpful when I need him!” (source)


“I haven’t found more reliable results out there. Even as they were ramping up, back when I first started using their service, if there was ever an error on their part, they always made it right. Consistently high return rates on the skips.” (source)

“Batch has been pretty great as far as the service goes with skiptracing. Good return on investment.” (source)


Three Negative Reviews

The few negative reviews I found seemed more like temporary issues and not a deeper-rooted problem within the software.

“BatchSkip Tracing is unhelpful in correcting erroneous information.” (source)

“I think the service is too expensive and 10c per skiptracing is enough.” (source)

“I can’t login I keep trying and Invalid Request saying that multiple users and there is nobody login.” (source)


Is Batch Skip Tracing Good?

Based on 85% of excellent user reviews and anecdotal evidence, Batch Skip Tracing is good for accuracy in data results.

Also, it can be considered good in terms of pricing since you only pay for matches and not for each search carried out.

What remains a bit unclear is whether the phone numbers you can skip trace are also scrubbed against DNC lists.

You can learn more about Batch Skip Tracing here.

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Tobias Schnellbacher
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