Creating a real estate website from scratch without having some technical skills can be tough.

For that reason, real estate website builders or real estate website service providers can be used.

The latter is Agent Image, which also offers marketing services for lead generation.

Since you found this article, you may be in the research phase to find the right service provider for your real estate website or lead generation.

Therefore, in this article, I will analyze Agent Image and discuss…

  • what it is
  • whether they have a CRM
  • what they offer in terms of IDX
  • their services
  • how they are different from Luxury Presence and Real Geeks
  • existing customer reviews
  • pricing
  • competitors
  • and their pros and cons

What Is Agent Image?

Agent Image is not a real estate website builder software where you can build your website with a drag-and-drop builder.

To be more exact, it is a real estate web marketing service company focusing on building real estate websites for brokers and agents. I would say that accounts for eighty percent of their services.

The websites they build are mainly based on the customer relationship platform WordPress.

The other twenty percent is real estate internet marketing, such as SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing.

According to what is stated on Agent Image’s website, they claim to create “the best real estate websites for REALTORS®, agents, and brokers.”

They have launched over 20,000 websites for clients so far and were founded in 1999. So it’s a pretty well-established company.

This sheer quantity of websites and clients sounds good at first glance but may also lead to some issues, as you will learn later in this article.


Does Agent Image Have CRM?

Agent Image doesn’t have a CRM.

It’s because they are not a software development company that builds CRMs or other types of web-based software.

It is rather a web marketing agency providing real estate websites.

You may have expected a CRM since many CRMs also come with website builders today and are continuously becoming an all-in-one real estate marketing suite.

This is not the case with Agent Image because of a different approach and business model.


Analyzing Agent Image Websites – What About IDX?

Regarding real estate websites, especially for agents and brokers, IDX is always an important topic. I have already written several articles about this topic hereherehere, and here.

So, when it comes to either web-based real estate website builders (self-service) or services that build them for you (done for you), it’s always an important requirement to check for to integrate your MLS property data later on.

What About IDX Regarding Agent Image?

Agent Image websites can be integrated with IDX so you can use MLS property data on your real estate websites.

They use two providers to make that happen: IDX Broker and iHomefinder.

Both software companies have developed a solution for websites that makes it easier to integrate IDX data for WordPress websites and other web projects not based on this platform.

Without these companies, you would have to program a web solution that can access different MLS property data nationwide.

Since there are many of them in the U.S., each one would need a different approach.


Because each one likely uses different data structures for their MLS.

Programming something like that individually would increase web development costs dramatically on an individual basis.

On this Agent Image website, you can find an overview of all the different MLS boards that are covered by both IDX Broker and iHomefinder.

The table below will give you an overview of how many MLS boards are covered in each state.

StateiHomefinder (MLS Boards Covered)Broker IDX (MLS Boards Covered)
New Hampshire12
New Jersey1010
New Mexico610
New York2023
North Carolina2226
North Dakota46
Rhode Island12
South Carolina1115
South Dakota36
Virgin Islands21
Washington DC11
West Virginia66

As you can see, IDX Broker covers more MLS boards than iHomefinder, with 628 vs. 483.

So before you go with Agent Image, you may want to check if your MLS is covered on the page I linked above.

The IDX real estate website Agent Image includes search features, hot sheets to showcase information about the local area and lead capture fields.


Agent Image Services – Overview

As mentioned initially, this web marketing company offers two categories of services: real estate website creation and internet marketing.

The website creation category can be subdivided into general real estate websites and real estate websites with IDX integration.

And part of internet marketing is done-for-you advertising campaigns, such as SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media, and custom solutions.

1) Real Estate Websites (and IDX Websites)

According to the company’s website, you can choose between three different real estate website creation packages: AgentPro, Semi-Custom, and Imagine Studio.

You can learn what is included in these packages in the table below.

AgentProSemi-CustomImagine Studio
Real estatate website with built-in features and custom optionsReal estatate website with built-in features and custom optionsReal estatate website with built-in features and custom options
Custom HomepageCustom Homepage
Custom inner pages
Custom real estate tools
Custom add-ons*

Since you can’t make much of what is meant by “build-in features,” I will include these in a separate table below.

All packages come with more than 30 built-in features.

Since the websites are based on WordPress, you can safely bet that the features are relevant plugins added to the websites.

What also drew my attention was that on their homepage (included in the table), “custom add-on” is marked with a star without explaining what it means.

So we can assume that a custom add-on will mean additional costs.

Build-In FeaturesAdditional Features (additional costs)
Open house infoIDX integration
Compatibility for virtual toursCustom forms
Updatable featured propertiesEdit homepage photos
Printable flyersMultiple featured properties
Commercial propertiesFavicon
Google mapsSupport for multiple countries and currencies
Bio pageVideo tours
Property logos and PDF attachmentsiPhone app
Community profiles
Client testimonials
School info
Buyer & seller resource pages
General inquiry form
Additional content pages
Buyer form
Seller form
Create basic forms
Relocation form
Customizable autoresponder
Loan and amortization calculators
XML sitemap
Manage/customize meta tags & SEO tools, Walkscore & Yelp Compatibility
Lead management
Categorized leads
URL redirects
Custom robots file
Support for one additional subdomain

The service subcategory of IDX real estate websites builds on top of the basic real estate website service category.

This will also likely be realized with WordPress plugins.

In that case, they come from the companies I already mentioned in the article section where I discussed the IDX integration Agent Image provides.

It will likely be WordPress plugins from the companies IDX Broker and iHomefinder.

By the way, I already discussed the topic of integrating your MLS into WordPress in this article.

2) Real Estate Internet Marketing

This service category is subdivided into search engine optimization, PPC advertising, content marketing, social media, and custom solutions. Let’s see what they offer.

2.1) SEO

Agent Image’s search engine optimization service includes the following:

  • An on-page search optimization package called “SEO-foundation.”
  • A local search engine optimization package called “SEO-local.”
  • A service that combines on-page search engine optimization with content marketing called “SEO-total.”

The first two packages take one month each, and the SEO-total package one-month of setup and then six months of optimization.

Below is a table overview with more details about the three packages.

"SEO Foundation
(1 month duration)"
SEO Local (1 month duration)SEO total (1 + 6 month duration)
5 keywords10 keywords10 keywords
5 pages10 pages10 pages
Competitor AnalysisCompetitor AnalysisCompetitor Analysis
Website AuditWebsite AuditWebsite Audit
On-Page OptimizationOn-Page OptimizationOn-Page Optimization
Keyword Research and MappingKeyword Research and MappingKeyword Research and Mapping
Site Indexing and ImprovementsSite Indexing and ImprovementsSite Indexing and Improvements
On-Page OptimizationOn-Page OptimizationOn-Page Optimization
Benchmark ReportBenchmark ReportBenchmark Report
Local Search Setup (Google My Business, Yelp, Yext, Bing Places)Local Search Setup (Google My Business, Yelp, Yext, Bing Places)
Monthly Long-Form Content (2,500 words)
Monthly Performance Reports


2.2) PPC LeadGen Package

It is not obvious at first glance which marketing channel Agent Image to use when it comes to PPC advertising campaigns.

But when you dig deeper on the sales page, you will find that it’s Google Ads.

This package includes the following:

  • Search ads campaign structure
  • Campaign structure audit
  • Keyword analysis and research
  • Ad copy creation
  • Google Ads Campaign Setup
  • Landing page content creation
  • Landing page development
  • Ad targeting review
  • Ad extension audit
  • Ad content analysis
  • Landing page audit
  • Performance tracking setup
  • Performance and lead report
  • Post-launch QA and adjustments
  • Campaign performance review

2.3.) Content Marketing

Content marketing can be found on Agent Image’s website under two different names – “Blogging Packages” and “Content Development.”

I condensed them into one because you will find that almost the same is offered when you read the two offers.

The only differences between the two are in the word count per article produced, the quantity of content, and more performance tracking for “Content Development.”

The Blogging Packages provide you with either three, six, or twelve articles/posts per month with a maximum of 500 words.

Should you be interested in content marketing, I wouldn’t go with these packages since your chances of getting ranked for this low amount of words is close to zero unless you are already a major brand that can get away with low word counts.

The Content Development service provides you with one article/post of 2500 words per month and the following additional services:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Inclusion of 5 relevant keywords per piece of content
  • Structuring the content
  • Content writing
  • Image sourcing
  • Implementing SEO meta-tags
  • On-page optimization
  • Implementing schema markup
  • Indexing
  • Content ranking and performance report

2.4) Social Media Packages

Within the social media packages, you can choose two separate approaches for your campaign. Agent Image calls them “Social Media Presence” and “Social Media Reach.”

The table below will show you the differences between the two.

But generally, the first one is regularly posting your content on Facebook and Twitter.

The second one does something similar but adds some social media PPC advertising to the mix.

Social Media Presence (Facebook and Twitter only)Social Media Reach (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
If you want to share content online across social mediaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn Account Setup
Custom & optimized Facebook & Twitter Business Page designSocial media playbook
2x Commercial listing videosCompetitor analysis report
5x Branded posts per week on facebook & twitterAd strategy and management
1x custom Boost design assetCustom & optimized cover and profile photos
2x Individual hashtags per post4 Boost posts per month
1x Article image per postOptimized bio content
Branded article blogs & landing page with lead capture2x commercial listing videos
Educational premium article sharingCross-posting of 8x branded posts per week across all 4 platforms
7x hashtags per post
1x Article image per post
1x Custom boost design asset
Branded article blogs & landing page with lead capture
Educational premium article sharing
Monthly performance and ad reports
Auto response setup

2.5) Custom Solutions

The services offered in the “Custom Solutions” category are a mix of other packages that didn’t fit the former categories.

Depending on your requirements and goals, Agent Image can make you a custom offer for the following marketing services:

  • Press release creation and distribution
  • Video SEO for WordPress
  • Video creation for 30, 60, or 90-second videos
  • Infographics production
  • Email marketing
  • Web directory submission
  • Dedicated virtual assistance
  • Downloadable PDF creation
  • Facebook ads management



I would have loved to look at the different marketing services from a performance perspective.

But since either likely already outdated ballpark prices from other sources or no prices directly on their website are available, this wasn’t possible this time.

Understandably for some service packages, it doesn’t make sense to have fixed prices publicly available since it will highly depend on the individual business goals of the customer.

However, this is only the case for PPC packages and offered custom solutions.


Because they are not clearly defined in terms of what is included and depend on the customer’s needs (e.g., the strategy developed).

But the others already have limited service items in them. So at least from this standpoint, it could have been possible.


Agent Image vs. Luxury Presence

When you compare Luxury Presence with Agent Image, you will find that the company is a bit younger (creating real estate websites since 2016) and has fewer customers (over 300).

Another difference is their positioning which you can see in the kind of real estate websites they create.

They target more high-end real estate agents or brokers, and the website’s look and feel is a bit more minimalistic and exclusive.

The next difference is the use of a proprietary IDX compared to the providers IDX Broker, and iHomefinder Agent Image uses on their WordPress websites.

Another distinction I found was in the context of marketing services. Luxury Presence also offers lead nurture funnels.


Agent Image vs. Real Geeks

When we look at Real Geeks and compare it to Agent Image, the differences are even more clear than with Luxury Presence.

While Agent Image can be considered a web marketing service company for real estate Real Geeks (done for you service), Real Geeks has many more self-serving aspects and is more a software company than a service company.

But they, of course, also have some service products to offer. But that’s not their core offering.

Instead of building the whole real estate website for you, they provide you with a website builder supporting IDX.

The next difference is a CRM, SMS autoresponders, an automated email drip system, and a property valuation tool available to customers.

So here, the business model is much more different from Agent Image than the case between Agent Image and Luxury Presence.


Agent Image Reviews

Let’s also look at three positive and three negative customer reviews.

You will see that the difference between positive and negative ones is pretty large.

Three Positive Customer Reviews

“I did not expect my web design process to be so thorough! I felt taken care of as I had my own project manager each step of the way who was able to make rapid updates to my feedback; I had a lot more say in the process than I expected. Highly recommend to anyone looking to boost their webpage presence!” (source)

“I want to commend Agent Image for the fantastic website they created for me. I have had three other service providers and Agent Image is without a doubt the sharpest. Their association with ImFORZA and the SEO work they did, has been a tremendous addition to my online marketing presence.” (source)

“We are very pleased with our new agent image website! The team was very professional and working with Randy was superb. He was very patient, communicative, professional and helped us keep moving the project forward. He was also very thorough and cared about us getting the look and feel we were going for. We would highly recommend Randy and his team – including Jeudi with SEO for their real estate website!” (source)

Three Negative Customer Reviews

“In a nutshell beginning of December last year I hired this company to build a website, do the SEO and a landing page for PPC advertising and the job is not complete at all. I have tried several attempts to get this project finished, have been told some PPC management fees will be waived, have several email exchanges with some staff but this work is simply not done at all.” (source)

“They use theme websites that you can get for $100 and charge high prices with no customer service. Very disappointed. The salespeople bug you only for a simple site that is not worth it. You can go on Fiverr and get better design.” (source)

“I paid top ****** for a Professional Real Estate Website on ******* with an additional ****** for an SEO component. I was originally told the site would take ***** weeks by the sales agent. It’s now week 32 and the site is not complete and they are telling me it will be another 3 weeks. Which means another 9 weeks in their time. They keep telling me the site is up and running, but it’s full of numerous errors which they won’t fix.” (source)

The review below was also pretty interesting to watch.

Although a bit outdated from 2017, it came from someone who claimed to be an ex-employee of Agent Image.

As it seems, he advises against using their marketing services but not necessarily against their real estate website creation services.

He also mentions that some real estate website creation services couldn’t be carried out optimally because of taking on a very high number of customers. But see for yourself.


How Much Does Agent Image Cost? – Pricing Overview

As mentioned above, I would have loved full access to all pricing and costs of Agent Image.

But that’s not the case because pricing is not disclosed on the company website, and you only get the pricing information when you send an inquiry.

I found some pricing information from a third-party source, at least for their real estate website creation services.

But remember that this information is likely outdated or incorrect and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Below you will find the short overview table.

AgentProSemi-CustomImagine StudioIDX Websites
Real estatate website with built-in features and custom optionsReal estatate website with built-in features and custom optionsReal estatate website with built-in features and custom options$90/mo maintenance cost to pay for the IDX from iHomeFinder, hosting, and customer support
$2,000 setup feeCustom homepageCustom homepage
$4,000 setup feeCustom inner pages
Custom real estate tools
Custom add-ons*
Starting at $7,500 and up


Agent Image Competitors and Alternatives

Agent Image competitors and alternatives can be considered all real estate website service providers and providers that offer real estate website builders (self-service).

I summed them up in the following table.

Real Estate Website Service ProvidersReal Estate Website Builders
Luxury PresencePlacester
colorwhistleIDX Broker
Real Geeks

In this article, I also analyzed four real estate website builders.


Agent Image Pros & Cons

Ending this article, I would like to leave you with a pros and cons overview so you can better make up your own opinion and decide whether you should use Agent Image’s services or not use.

WordPress-based real estate websitesNo free trial
Loan and amortization calculatorPotentially high price tags
Free consultationLow price transparency (no pricing info on website)
Video tour feature for websitesAccording to negative customer reviews a suboptimal customer support and long waiting times for websites to be finished
IDX with IDX Broker and iHomefinder
A wide array of internet marketing services

This article has been reviewed by our editorial team. It has been approved for publication in accordance with our editorial policy.

Tobias Schnellbacher