Ever tried having a chat with a robot about your real estate sales numbers?

No, this isn’t the start of a sci-fi movie or a joke at a tech conference. 

It is something Salesforce Einstein GPT can do.

Consider it the slightly nerdy friend who’s always acing tests but can also be surprisingly fun at parties. 

This AI working with GPT, has set out to revolutionize how businesses interact with CRM, bringing about sales forecasts brighter than your grandma’s lemonade on a summer day. 

Since I was interested in whether Salesforce Einsteing GPT would be a worthwhile option for real estate pros, I analyzed it for today’s article.

I will discuss…

  • What it is
  • Six Einsteing GPT Products, Features, and Pricing
  • Salesforce Einstein Demo and Example Videos
  • 19 Einstein GPT Use Cases for Real Estate
  • Is Salesforce Einstein GPT Worth It for Real Estate Pros


What Is Einstein GPT in Salesforce?

Before we go more into Einstein GPT, you may not know what Salesforce is in the first place.

So let’s start with this.

It’s a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. 

Its goal?

To bring companies closer to their customers. 

It’s like a Swiss Army knife for businesses, from sales and marketing to customer service and analytics. 

Instead of fumbling around with spreadsheets, post-it notes, and old-school databases, companies use Salesforce to keep track of customer details, sales, leads, and more.

However, it’s not a CRM tailored to the real estate industry.

Now, with that being said, what is Einstein GPT in Salesforce?

It’s an artificial intelligence technology that can leverage customer data for business insights, and it is built on the GPT API from OpenAI (source).

Salesforce claims that Einstein GPT is the world’s first generative AI for CRM, capable of creating content based on user input.

It offers features to enhance productivity and personalization across sales, service, marketing, commerce, data analytics, and automation.

You can tailor customer interactions using AI-generated emails, conversations, and offers based on real-time data.

In addition, it helps you gain insights across various departments like sales, service, marketing, and commerce to boost productivity.

Now, let’s dive deeper into Einstein GPT’s various feature categories.


Six Einstein GPT Products, Features, and Pricing

Einstein GPT is not just a feature in Salesforce. It’s rather AI technology used across six different products. 

These products serve six business areas: sales, service, marketing, commerce, data, and automation.

So consequently, the features spread also across these six sections.


Einstein GPT for Sales

Einstein GPT for Sales is a generative AI that’s been added to CRM. 


Sales can sometimes be like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded, and AI can make this much more manageable.

It’s like having a cheat code. 

It can automate sales taskspredict what’s gonna happen next, and even spill the beans on the best ways to bond with your customers.

Ever had an important sales call and then forgotten half of what was said? 

That’s where Einstein GPT for Sales comes in. 

This AI will draft emails and jot down call summaries. 

It’s like having a personal assistant that doesn’t ask for days off.

Then there’s Einstein Conversation Insights. 

This feature listens in on your sales calls and gives you tips and tricks. 

Next, we’ve got Customer Signals. 

Imagine if your deals could talk. 

This feature whispers all the secrets you need to make that deal a home run.

Do you know how some people have a “type”? 

Buyer Assistant is like your dating guru. 

It helps you find the best leads and bond with them. 

Below you will find the four pricing plans for Einstein GPT for Sales.

Starter ($25 per User/ Month), Billed AnnuallyProfessional ($80 per User/ Month), Billed AnnuallyEnterprise ($165 per User/ Month), Billed AnnuallyUnlimited($330 per User/ Month), Billed Annually
Simplified Setup & OnboardingCustomizable Reports & DashboardsPipeline ManagementGenerative AI & Advanced Automation
Email IntegrationForecast ManagementAdvanced PermissionsPremier Success Plan
Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunity ManagementQuoting & ContractingWorkflow and ApprovalsFull Sandbox


Einstein GPT for Service

You can consider Einstein GPT for service as an AI-powered live chatbot serving various customer service areas and support.

It can deliver personalized experiences, increases productivity, and offers hyper-personalized customer experiences.

In addition, it assists in generating personalized replies, recommendations, and knowledge articles using CRM data.

Suppose a potential buyer visits one of your property listing pages. 

This bot could answer additional buyer questions about qualifying for a loan, recommend an article you may have written about this topic and schedule a showing.

And the buyer’s contact information would be automatically added to the Salesforce CRM.

Einstein GPT for service also provides features such as “Next Best Actions,” “Case Classifications,” and “Einstein Bots” for intelligent support.

Einstein Bots allow for easy bot building and launch using a point-and-click interface.

Pricing for this product is $50 per user per month, and it’s billed annually.


Einstein GPT for Marketing

Einstein GPT for Marketing is also called “Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement.”

It offers cross-channel customer relationship building through personalized marketing and automated journeys.

Also, email campaigns, mobile messaging, and advertising can be automated and personalized for better engagement.

This product comes at higher price tags, starting at $1,250 monthly, which makes it worthwhile only for larger and more established real estate businesses.

Additional details about the various pricing plans are in the table below.

FeaturePro ($ 1,250/ Organization/ month), Billed AnnuallyPro ($ 4,200/ Organization/ month), Billed AnnuallyEnterprise (Monthly Price Undisclosed)
Email Marketing
Content Creation
Integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud
Journey Builder
Mobile Messaging
Powered by Einstein
Manage Multiple Businesses
Multiple Business Unit Support
Subscriber Profiles
Real-Time Big Data Segmentation
Drag-and-Drop Segmentation
Subscriber Preference Management
Einstein Recommendations (Email)
Content Management and Workflows
Mobile-Optimized Email Templates
Einstein Content Tagging
Triggered Communications
Automated Workflow and Campaigns
Automation Studio
Reports and Dashboards
Advanced Reporting Features
Einstein Engagement Scoring
Einstein Engagement Frequency
A/B Testing
Journey Builder
Personalization Tools
Einstein Recommendations (Web)
Custom User Roles and Permissions
Integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud
Mobile Messaging Templates
Location Based Push Messaging
App Inbox Messaging
SMS Response Messaging


Einstein GPT for Commerce

Since this product is basically irrelevant to real estate, I will only cover its features in passing.

Why is it irrelevant?

It’s an AI product for e-commerce. So as long as you don’t sell properties like an online shop does clothes, it doesn’t make much sense to consider.

So most important product features are the following:

  • Live chat with product recommendations
  • AI-generated product descriptions

No pricing information is disclosed for Einstein GPT for commerce on the Salesforce website at the time of this writing.


Einstein for Data

Einstein GPT for Data alias “Tableau” is an end-to-end analytics platform applying generative AI to your business data.

In other words, this product helps you use AI for all things business intelligence in your business, which usually means interpreting key performance indicators.

It provides automated analysis of all data, visualizes insights, and offers AI-driven predictions.

Using this product for a smaller real estate business or a real estate agent flying solo would be overkill.


For you to benefit from this product, you will first need a vast amount of business data so that the benefits it can provide can kick in.

To analyze real estate leads you already have in your (Salesforce) CRM and get some predictive data, the Einstein GPT for Sales would already be sufficient.

Here also, no pricing information is publicly disclosed.


Einstein for Automation

Einstein GPT for Automation, or “Salesforce Flow,” provides workflow automation features for “Salesforce Customer 360”.

You can set up complex task automation with low-code tools. This includes multi-step workflows.

You can build these workflows from scratch or use a workflow library with pre-built industry-specific workflows.

I did some digging on the page where you can find all industries covered, and unfortunately, real estate wasn’t one they covered at the time of this writing.

So the workflow library feature wouldn’t add the same value to real estate pros as wealth and asset managers (they are covered in that).

Again, for this feature, no public pricing information is available.


Salesforce Einstein Demo and Example Videos

I found two videos about Salesforce Einstein during my research that also help you understand how the different products work.

While non was specifically about real estate use cases, you get a decent overview.

The following one is ultra short and could also pass as a commercial. Nevertheless, it does a decent job showing the core features of the above products.

And the following one you can watch from minute 10:00 (it should automatically start at that timestamp), where EInstein GPT for Sales and Service is further explained:



19 Einstein GPT Use Cases for Real Estate

I identified several use cases relevant for real estate pros from all the different Einstein GPT products above, save the one for e-commerce (irrelevant for real estate).

Let’s dive in.

Einstein GPT for Sales

  • Automating sales tasks such as reaching out to potential buyers or sellers.
  • Predicting potential outcomes like which properties are most likely to sell.
  • Helping you as a realtor remember and analyze sales calls through “Einstein Conversation Insights.” You’ll get a summary of your conversations, so no critical detail goes amiss.
  • Identifying potential deals and how to approach them best using “Customer Signals.”
  • Finding the best potential clients using “Buyer Assistant,” ensuring you don’t waste time on dead-end real estate leads.


Einstein GPT for Service

  • Utilizing AI-powered chatbots to provide instant answers to potential buyers visiting property listing pages.
  • Answering questions about loans and linking to articles or other resources.
  • Scheduling property showings automatically.
  • Automatically adding buyer’s contact info to the Salesforce CRM for follow-ups.
  • Getting recommendations for handling specific cases with features like “Next Best Actions” and “Case Classifications.”
  • Building and deploying bots quickly with “Einstein Bots.”


Einstein GPT for Marketing

  • Engaging potential clients across different channels via email campaigns, mobile messages, or even advertising.
  • Personalizing and automating marketing journeys to ensure potential buyers or sellers get content that resonates with them.


Einstein GPT for Data (Tableau)

  • Although this tool might be overkill for individual realtors or smaller businesses, larger real estate firms might benefit from in-depth business data analysis.
  • Interpreting key performance indicators related to sales, listings, and client interactions.
  • Visualizing insights, such as trends in the real estate market or the efficiency of different marketing campaigns.
  • Getting AI-driven predictions on sales or market trends.


Einstein GPT for Automation

  • Creating automated workflows related to client management, property listings, or sales processes.
  • Even if there aren’t pre-built workflows for real estate, the capability to create custom workflows might still be beneficial for automating repetitive tasks or complex multi-step processes.


Is Salesforce Einstein GPT Worth It for Real Estate Pros?

There is no doubt that Salesforce offers some powerful AI products to enhance its CRM system with Einstein GPT.

Since Salesforce is rather a Software company for a wide spectrum of industries, and real estate is not one of them, you may wonder whether Einstein GPT is viable for real estate.

From the six Einsteing GPT products, I conclude that five can be relevant for real estate if you tailor them to your business use cases.

However, from the abovementioned real estate use cases, only three are likely worth it for real estate pros.

Which ones?

It’s GPT Einsteing for sales that starts at $25 and goes up to $330 monthly, GPT Einsteing for Service at $50 monthly, and Einstein GPT for Data (Tableau).


For these three Einsteing GPT products, I could identify most real estate use cases.

Except for GPT Einstein for Data (no public pricing information available), GPT Einstein for Sales and GPT Einstein for Service are offered at a price range a higher number of real estate pros could afford.

Einstein GPT for Data(Tableau) hasn’t any publicly available pricing information, and you have to call a sales rep to get more information.

Therefore it’s likely that it’s firstly a custom solution that needs to be tailored to your individual business needs. 

Secondly, the price tag is likely in the higher ranges similar to Einsteing GPT for marketing (e.g., four figures and up).

This article has been reviewed by our editorial team. It has been approved for publication in accordance with our editorial policy.

Tobias Schnellbacher