Most articles on the subject don’t focus on the ‘best’ methods but rather on the various tactics available.

They offer many methods and ideas for advertising but don’t identify the best way.

To find the best way, we must first define the criteria for “best.”

My definition of “best” is:

Generating the highest number of high-quality leads in the least amount of time.

Also, generating them at the lowest cost possible to reach your income goals within the time you aim for. 

This is a mouthful and implies you get many things right.

Which ones?

To answer this question, we can always return to the principles outlined in my article about general real estate lead generation.

It also builds the basis for my  “Ultimate Real Estate LeadGen Strategy and Performance Suite.”

To summarize, you would need to find the ideal overlap among…

  • Your income goals after costs, taxes, and splits (e.g., commission after taxes and splits) (goal)
  • The net income you earn per sold or rented apartment (constraint)
  • The time to reach your net income goal (e.g., 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, etc.) (goal)
  • Your monthly budget for lead generation (apartment advertising) (constraint)
  • Your daily available time for lead generation methods that only consume time but no money (constraint)
  • The marketing channels available (constraint)
  • Your experience and skill level for the different marketing channels (e.g., experience with campaigns, copywriting skills, etc.) (constraint)
  • The average lead time of each marketing channel (e.g., how fast you can iterate a campaign until you get reliable results) (constraint)
  • The product and service awareness level of prospects in these marketing channels (constraint)
  • The average cost per lead per marketing channel (constraint)
  • Knowledge of your ideal clients’ wants and needs, which informs the fit of your marketing message through your sales copy. (constraint)

To visually demonstrate the interplay of these critical factors, I’ve created a Venn diagram.

apartment advertising strategy

So all these “variables” influence how “best” apartment advertising could be achieved.

From the above, you may realize one important aspect.

It’s not the best idea to jump right into the different apartment advertising ideas and tactics others offer without doing some preparation work.

What entails this preparation work?

  • Identifying your target audience and ideal clients
  • Creating your unique selling proposition
  • Knowing your goals and resources (constraints).

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Tobias Schnellbacher