There are several real estate mailer companies for realtors with different pricing options.

So, in the below table, you will find ten companies you may want to keep in mind.

Real Estate Mailer ProviderMain Mailer TypePrinting Cost per Piece (Low Volume)Printing Cost per Piece (High Volume)Cost per Piece Including Printing and Mailing (Low Volume)Cost per Piece Including Printing and Mailing (High Volume)
scribeHandwritten Letters--$1.99$1.29
handwryttenHandwritten Postcards$3.25
handwriteHandwritten Postcards$2.99
thanksHandwritten postcards, notecards, letters & gift cards $1.08
LettrLabsHandwritten Postcards$2.75$1.70

Some include postage in their pricing, and others only show the pricing for their printing services.

Most of them also offer mailer templates you can use to customize the postcards with the design and copy of your choice.

As of 2024, the number of companies offering automated handwritten postcards has significantly increased.

Two years ago, there were only a few on the market.

These companies use robots that handwrite the text you provide.

Do you want to increase the level of automation?

You may also want to read my article about automated real estate postcards here.

These providers can automate your direct mail drip campaigns.

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Tobias Schnellbacher