Because when you include more house symbols in your real estate logo, you will have one that no one else has.

It can easily be distinguished from your competition, and you are good to go.

So, adding house symbols or graphics to your real estate logo is a good thing, isn’t it? Well, no, and I will stop my sarcasm right here and now.

I have yet to meet a potential real estate buyer or seller that wakes up one morning, opens their wallet, takes out ten realtor business cards, and says:

“Wow, look at them, how nice they are and how distinguishable they are.

Hey, this one even has three house symbols in the logo. I will call them right away. With so many house symbols, you can’t go wrong…”

You may have noticed that I am a bit on a rant about this topic, but I promise I won’t keep being that way for the rest of the article. Well, maybe a bit for fun, but without losing objectivity.

So, in this article, you will learn about…

…the job a [real estate] logo actually has to do
…real estate logo examples
…how to make a real estate logo
…the best real estate logo colors
…what to consider when making a luxury real estate logo
…a list of 17 AI-powered real estate logo generators


What Is the Job of a [Real Estate] Logo in General?

A [Real Estate] logo aims to help customers recognize your brand.

In this context, the ideal situation is that when a customer sees your logo, a particular hopefully positive emotion or several positive emotions associated with your brand are triggered.

You could consider a logo like a bell in Pavlov’s experiment with the dog that always heard a bell while getting food and, after some time, associated the bell with food.

And the food didn’t necessarily have to be there anymore to get him salivating.

Real estate customers obviously aren’t dogs, but humans can be similarly programmed in many ways.

So, when done right, a logo can do the job of the “bell” of Pavlov’s experiment. But who or what is the food part?

As I already discussed in my critical article about real estate branding here, that’s the job of branding.

To trigger a positive emotion (“dog food”) with your real estate company through your logo (“the bell”), you first need to manage to create the dog food; I mean, offer something of value that can be associated with a positive feeling.

Once you know how you provide value, you want to know your customer’s feelings when considering your product or service.

Based on this information, you can create a [real estate] logo with particular colors, symbols, typography, and a tagline that aligns with these feelings.

When you don’t have this information, you rely too much on assumptions. You may create a mismatch between what your logo and tagline communicate and what customers think and feel about your real estate company’s products and services.

This is easier said than done because, in the beginning, you won’t have customers and thus can’t find out more about them.

So, if you really want and need a logo, you don’t have another option but base it on assumptions.

However, please don’t use more house symbols in your logo.

The following section will tell you why.



Real Estate Logo Examples

Before writing this article, I researched and checked different real estate logos and examples.

You can do it now or later, and believe me, now.

But when you enter “real estate logo examples” in Google, you will find the expected results.

I did this for you, and the below list will show you a collection of different real estate logo examples.

Now, I have a single question for you.

Would you say you saw a house symbol in the real estate logos in a majority or a minority of the cases?

Exactly, the majority.

I estimate that you find a house symbol in between eighty and ninety percent of the real estate logo examples.

Sometimes more blatantly obvious and sometimes more abstractly or strongly reduced.

Let’s do another experiment and check some of the leading real estate brokerage companies.

When you visit the websites of RemaxCentury 21Keller Williams, and Coldwell Banker, can you find a house illustration in their logos?

To be fair, Remax did reduce the house symbol to such a degree that you can find it only with a lot of fantasy.

But overall, none of the others have a house symbol in their logos.

Since these are already well-known brands, chances are that they already know their target group, what value they bring to the table, and what their typical customers feel when thinking of their companies.

So, they adapted their logos accordingly.

This reminds me of a situation I experienced in college.

One of the disciplines when I was in college, was design, and there were also MBA students in the same building.

For some projects, we always had to develop a logo, and during and after the brainstorming phase, we always had to toss out the logo ideas that were too obvious.

We also interacted with the MBA students and could sometimes see what kind of projects they were doing.

This also often included the design of a logo.

From what we saw, most of the logos were quite obvious.

Because of that, from time to time, we would make a bit of fun of them and call these obvious logos “MBA-Logos.”

This is the situation with most real estate logo examples you currently find.

This is also the type of logo you will get when you order them on Fiverr or use an artificial intelligence-based logo maker and stay with the obvious.


How to Make a Realtor Logo?

real estate logo

You can start making a realtor logo if you have more in-depth information about your customer’s feelings regarding your real estate business.

You have three options: making it yourself, using an AI-powered logo maker, an affordable service (e.g., Fiverr), or an expensive service (e.g., a graphic design agency).

As I already discussed in this article, at least in the beginning, if you don’t have much information about your clients or ideal clients, I wouldn’t bother making a realtor or real estate logo too much.

This article also mentions that you can create a brand even with bad branding (no logos, etc.) and still have reasonable conversion rates, provided your customers have a great experience with your products or services.

In that case, you may go just with your name.

After some time, when you know your USP (unique selling point) and interact more with clients, you can confidently make your company logo.


The Real Estate Logo Creation Process

No matter which options you select to make a realtor logo, almost always all or some of the steps of the following process are involved.

These are the steps:

  1. Brand evaluation: who are your clients, how do they experience your products and services, what’s your USP, what’s your brand’s voice, etc.?
  2. Industry research: what are the typical or ideal colors for the real estate industry and your clients (e.g., using neuromarketing)? What logotypes are overused (more houses, anyone?)?
  3. Determine the places where the logo will be used
  4. Logo concept brainstorming (sketching several first ideas)
  5. Digitalize the sketched concepts
  6. Get feedback on different designs.
  7. Create the final logo

If you do it yourself, you can follow these steps, but they are also followed when you go with a more expensive real estate logo design service offered by graphic design agencies.

With the more expensive services, you also have better chances that the result won’t be one of the more obvious real estate logos.

Since the cheaper services or AI-powered logo tools usually don’t involve at least steps one to four, you will likely end up with the usual (more house symbols in the real estate logos).

You could compensate for this by doing steps one to four yourself and then outsourcing the final three steps even to someone on Fiverr.

This may be more difficult when working with AI-powered logo makers since you will have to look for combinations the AI will produce that approach the logo concept you have in mind or already on paper.

This may also happen with affordable freelancers that just use those AI logo tools to provide the designs and don’t do actual customized design work.


What Are the Best Real Estate Logo Colors?

In my article about the best colors for real estate signs, I mentioned a field called color psychology.

The knowledge about the effect of colors on the human psyche can be used to influence human behavior, perceptions, and emotions.

That’s precisely what we want to do with a [real estate] logo: trigger a certain feeling your customer has when experiencing your brand’s products or services.

As you may already know, no straightforward answer tells you “yellow” is the best color for real estate logos. But there is an answer range, at least.

If your real estate client thinks about your brand as a real estate agency or service known for finding properties for spontaneous buyer types, then red is likely the best bet.

Why? Because it attracts spontaneous buyer types. (source)

Below is a small list of different colors and their effects.

BluePeace, tranquility, reliability
RedAggression, passion, and a sense of urgency
GreenHealth, tranquility, power, harmony, stability, eco-friendliness, nature
YellowOptimism, creativity, happiness, can also attract impulsive buyers
Orange (combination of yellow and red)Attracts impulsive buyers and the ones looking for more affordable products
PurpleRoyalty, luxury, respect, wisdom, uniqueness
WhiteProfessionalism, safety, simplicity, intelligence, and cleanliness
BrownDurability, quality, elegance, comfort, reliability and security
GreyWisdom, intelligence, stability, dignity, and experience
BlackElegance, power, sophistication and tradition

If you need to target men, you may want to use blue, black, and/or gray colors. You can target women better using red, pink, and purple. I know this all sounds cliché, but it seems to work.

You may want to use black, royal blue, red, and orange to attract impulsive buyers.

If your real estate business is more known to make transactions in the lower price ranges (maybe your real estate niche), you may want to go with a teal and navy blue logo.

If you are perceived as a more traditional real estate business, you may want to choose sky blue, rose, and pink (source).

And if your specialty is greenhouses and you are perceived as an eco-friendly real estate agency, you may want to go with green.

I think you’re starting to get the point.

It again comes back to how your customers perceive your products and services and what their experiences are with them.

Until you don’t know that you will fly blind and can only get lucky in choosing the right color for your real estate logo.


What to Consider When Making a Luxury Real Estate Logo

Suppose the experience of your real estate clients with your products or services could be summarized as being unique, exclusive, and safe or secure.

Now, when we look at the above table, we can already find the right real estate colors for the logo, which would be purple, brown, and/or black.

It could be just one or a combination of two or all three.

That’s for the luxury real estate logo color.

But there is more to consider.

One of design’s main principles is consistency so one message doesn’t contradict another.

This applies to indirect messages and to direct messages. Everything is communication.

A logo communicates something. Also, a color does typography, website layout, partners, etc.

It overlaps all parts of a business, from print material to websites, employees, etc.

So, when you are perceived as elegant and unique, you must communicate this via the color, the name itself, the typography you will use, and even how you or your team dresses.

A contradiction would be being perceived as safe and reliant but not using HTTPS for your website.

This is not design per se, but it’s also something you communicate indirectly.

Another example would be that you are perceived as providing elegant homes to your exclusive clients.

Still, you are using an overloaded real estate logo with 2-3 house symbols and the color orange somewhere.

Want to know about another contradiction?

That’s writing about logos and having a rather obvious logo myself. That’s interesting. Right?

The difference is that I was aware that any or even no logo would be okay when starting with this website.

Since I get to know my audience and potential clients better by the day, my logo is approaching a rebranding moment.

And the result of that will better align with my audience’s experience.


17 Real Estate Logo Makers and Generators [Free and Paid]

If you keep all the above in mind, you may also be safer when using [real estate] logo makers and generators.

Overall, I would recommend using them when you already have a plan and/or a concept for your logo, but not before that.

The danger of using them before you have a plan and concept for your real estate logo is that you will be guided by the many different logo variations these tools can produce and may get lost in the “logo world.”

When you have a concept and the requirements for your logo beforehand, you can better filter out the good from the bad.

On a side note, when dealing with AI-powered logo generators at some point in the process, it will ask you to select some logo examples for inspiration.

At least the better ones do that.

This is the opportunity to select logo examples that align with your overall logo concept.

When your real estate logo should be more elegant, only select elegant logos.

Some will also ask you about preferred colors.

This is another chance to push AI toward your logo design requirements and concept.

The machine learning algorithm will base the various combinations afterward on this selection.

Now, without further ado, you find below the free and paid [real estate] logo generators.

Logo GeneratorPricingNotes
LookaFrom $20 one-time purchaseGood selection options to align with initial design concept
Smashing LogoFrom $79 one-time purchase
PlaceitFrom $39.95 one-time purchase
DesignfreelogoonlineFrom $29 one-time purchase
DesignEvoFrom $24.99 one-time purchase
LogoGenieFree generation (with sign-up), potential download and royaltee fees undisclosed
BrandmarkFrom $25 one-time purchase
LogoaiFrom $29 one-time purchaseMy favorite one: selection options to align with initial design concept and a higher degree of freedom
DesignsFrom $29 per month
LogomasterFrom $25 one-time purchase
ZyroFree generation (with sign-up), potential download and royaltee fees undisclosed
NamecheapFree generation (with sign-up), potential download and royaltee fees undisclosed
BrandCrowdFree generation (with sign-up), potential download and royaltee fees undisclosed
DesignManticFree generation (with sign-up), potential download and royaltee fees undisclosed
LogoponyFrom $20 one-time purchase
FreeLogoDesignFree generation (fees for high-resolution package)

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Tobias Schnellbacher