You might have been looking for a home search application with additional features and came across Homespotter.

There are many different reviews scattered around the web.

To change that and save you some valuable time, I will provide a nice and thorough overview in my article from today.

What is Homespotter?

Homespotter is a home search application with a strong focus on mobile, and it works with 300+ MLSs across North America.

Among others, this is a selection of the MLSs it is working with:

  • MLSs like California Regional MLS (CRMLS)
  • NorthwestMLS (NWMLS)
  • NorthstarMLS
  • Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches (RAPB / BeachesMLS)
  • Triangle MLS
  • RealtyMobi, Heartland MLS
  • Garden State MLS (GSMLS) and many others
  • Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV)
  • Fraser Valley Real Estate Board (FVREB)
  • East Bay Regional Data (EBRDI)
  • HiCentral / Honolulu Board of Realtors
  • Spokane Association of Realtors
  • MetroList Services
  • Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors
  • Association of Regina Realtors
  • Greater El Paso Association of Realtors
  • RMLS
  • Bay East Association of Realtors
  • Contra Costa Association of Realtors
  • MLS of Hilton Head Island
  • Southern Oregon MLS

The home search functionality is just one of many other features Homespotter has. 

So, let’s get to know all the other features it offers in the next section. 

An Overview of all 3 Main Homespotter Features

1) Boost by Homespotter

Boost by Homespotter lets you target prospects on Instagram, Facebook, Waze, and thousands of different websites.

The application helps you create nicely designed ads, including good copy, and suggests the optimal targeting to display them to the right audiences.

And for each step of a listing’s lifecycle, you can have it automatically create new ads.

In addition to the ads, each listing is provided with a branded landing page optimized for social media and mobile devices.

Homespotter divides the listing lifecycle into new, open house, price reduced, and sold.

Once you have created a new listing on your MLS, it automatically pulls data and media such as the address, property stats, photos, and agent information to create a new campaign for each new listing.


2) Spacio by Homespotter

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might have already heard about Spacio in my article about 45 real estate marketing tools that can give you an edge.

It’s an open house app that helps you with lead generation by converting open house guests into potential customers and generating reports you can show seller clients.

With Spacio, you can create a digital form with specific check-in questions that guests can use to sign in during an open house event.

Once they have signed in, the form can be used to carry out an automated follow-up campaign.

It also integrates with 13 different CRMs, so you will have everything in one place to further do follow-ups.

These are the 13 CRMs it integrates:

It also collects social profiles for verified contacts to give you further insights about the leads.

Using the reporting and analytics feature, you get access to information such as the quality of leads and information about attendees.


3) Connect from Homespotter

Connect from Homespotter is an application that centralizes conversations and facilitates collaboration so you can share information 24/7.

So to speak, it’s a bit like an interactive and extended digital business card tailored to real estate and features like customer relationship management software.

You can create a profile, and once you have it, you can text a link to your potential or current clients. Then, your contact information is displayed on Connect.

The respective clients can then browse through the marketplace and collaborate with the real estate agent to find the right property.

The clients can also save their favorite properties and share them with acquaintances, friends, family members, etc.

Also included in this app is a mortgage calculator that takes the property’s value, down payment, home insurance, and further variables into consideration.

Doing that helps the client determine their pricing limits when browsing for homes.

The centralized conversation feature lets a real estate professional chat with clients, listing agents, and prospects from one place.

The last feature helps to edit and update listing information across different devices and synchronize automatically with the respective MLS and MLS-related applications.

Some, but not all, of the supported MLSs are:


homespotter reviews

Homespotter Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Homespotter is generally a bit secretive about it, and you can find some information only after some further digging.


Homespotter Boost Pricing

If you choose a small one-week ad package to generate 2,000 to 3,000 impressions, the price starts at $59.

If you want to run open house ads, the price is $59. However, these will run for a shorter time (around 3.5 days). 

In this case, you would also generate between 2,000 and 3,000 impressions.

You won’t have to pay setup fees or monthly minimums, and you wouldn’t be tied to a long-term contract.


Homespotter Spacio Pricing

For Homespotter Spacio, there are three pricing plans: Agent, Team, and Brokerage.

The Agent plan is $25 per month and includes all standard features, such as:

  • Boost Listings and Open House Ads
  • Unlimited Properties, Open Houses, Brokers’ Open Houses, In-Person and Virtual Events, and Registrants
  • Custom Questions (the questions you can use when guests sign in)
  • Auto Follow-up Emails
  • Broadcast Emails
  • iOS and Android Mobile Apps
  • Export Registrants
  • New Visitors Notification
  • Open House Reporting
  • Editable Follow-Up Email Content
  • Auto Follow-Up Email Status
  • All Partner Integrations
  • Profile and Property Pages
  • External Registration Links
  • Leads+ Lead Gen Content
  • Contact Verification
  • Social Profiling
  • Social Sharing

The Team plan costs $100 per month and includes 5 agents. 

It costs $50 extra per 5 additional agents, and if you want the custom sign-in form branding, you also have to pay a $150 one-time setup fee.

The next hidden one-time setup fee is when you want auto-populated listings. 

According to the company, this fee depends on the volume of data.

This plan includes all the standard features and the following:

  • Spacio for all the agents (that’s kind of obvious)
  • Admin Permissions
  • Agents Management
  • Team-Wide Reporting
  • Property Sharing with Team
  • Permissioned Access to Leads
  • Default Form Questions for Agents

The Brokerage plan costs $145 per month and includes everything from the agent plan without the hidden setup fees, and additionally the following features:

  • In-App Branding
  • Company-Wide Onboarding
  • Company-Wide Reporting

So, if I wanted to use the features for teams, I would go right to the brokerage plan since it doesn’t have all the additional hidden fees. 

Or at least I would first test the agent plan for a few months and then switch to the brokerage one.

Agent Plan $25/ Month Team Plan $100/Month Brokerage Plan $145/Month
Boost Listings and Open House Ads All Standard Features of Agent Plan All Team Plan Features
Unlimited Properties, Open Houses, Brokers Open Houses, In-Person and Virtual Events, and Registrants Spacio for all the agents In-App Branding
Custom Questions Admin Permissions Company-Wide Onboarding
Auto Follow-up Emails Agents Management Company-Wide Reporting
Broadcast Emails Team-Wide Reporting
iOS and Android Mobile Apps Property Sharing with Team
Export Registrants Permissioned Access to Leads
New Visitors Notification Default Form Questions for Agents
Open House Reporting
Editable Follow-Up Email Content
Auto Follow-Up Email Status
All Partner Integrations
Profile and Property Pages
External Registration Links
Leads+ Lead Gen Content
Contact Verification
Social Profiling
Social Sharing



Homespotter Connect Pricing

While it’s a bit difficult to find pricing information on the company’s website, I couldn’t find any concrete pricing anywhere for this one.

Homespotter Connect offers two plans. 

One is the free core edition, and the other is the premium edition with undisclosed pricing.

The core features in the free version are:

  • Agent Search
  • Mobile-First Search
  • Password-Protected Agent Access
  • MLS Specific Branding
  • Access to Agent-Only MLS Information
  • Analytics
  • Custom Support
  • Auto-Populated Listings
  • In-app Messaging System

The premium features are:

  • All the core features
  • Public Records
  • Search by Drive Time
  • Access to other information such as tax information, down payment resource, listing supplements
  • MLS vendor integration so you can edit listings, add/edit contacts, upload photos, access carts, access saved searches
  • Property Boundaries/ Lot Lines


    Free Version Premium Version
    Agent Search All the core features
    Mobile-First Search Public Records
    Password-Protected Agent Access Search by Drive Time
    MLS Specific Branding Access to other information such as tax information, down payment resource, listing supplements
    Access to Agent-Only MLS Information MLS vendor integration so you can edit listings, add/edit contacts, upload photos, access carts, access saved searches
    Analytics Property Boundaries/ Lot Lines
    Custom Support
    Auto-Populated Listings
    In-app Messaging System


    The Pros and Cons of Homespotter

    For this pros and cons section, I researched 80% of all bad and good reviews of Homespotter and included my own impressions.



    • It integrates with more than 300 MLS in North America.
    • Easy navigation to find info quickly (especially helpful during a showing)
    • Great ease of use which makes it easy to teach new employees the software
    • Easy to customize for particular needs
    • Compatible with multiple types of devices
    • You can share data easily.
    • Nice group conversation features


    • Lack of pricing information
    • Still buggy sometimes on Android and iPhones
    • There are more bugs reported from the real estate customer’s side than from the real estate professional’s side, such as crashes and server connection problems.
    • Some report a poor user interface or display functionality which contradicts one of the pros and could be due to individual user behavior.
    • Some users reported slow loading speed.

    21 Homespotter Alternatives

    In this last section, I will discuss some of the Homespotter alternatives concerning the different Homespotter software products.

    4 Homespotter Boost Alternatives

    With Boost by Homespotter, we are basically in the field of advertising automation or automatic lead generation.

    These platforms aim to make it easier to create pay-per-click campaigns than directly from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Google.

    So here are the 4 Alternatives:


    2 Homespotter Spacio Alternatives

    Open House Wizard

    15 Homespotter Connect Alternatives

    Many of the features of Homespotter Connect are, in fact, like the ones from customer relationship software.

    So here are the 15 alternatives:

    IXACT Contact
    Market Leader
    Top Producer CRM
    Z57 Solutions Property Pulse
    Bold Leads CRM
    Follow Up Boss
    Real Geeks

    I also have a whole article about 28 real estate CRMs that you might want to look at.

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    Tobias Schnellbacher

    Tobias Schnellbacher