I already explored the topic of monthly real estate mailers.

It was in my article “Finding the Cheapest Provider for Automated Real Estate Postcards.”

It takes a nurturing email campaign offline and applies it to direct mailing.

Like nurturing campaigns, it’s not always easy to know what content to use.

Unfortunately, there are annual special days that happen only, well, once a year.

It’s days like:

  • Home anniversaries

  • Birthdays of past clients and/or current prospects

  • Christmas

  • Thanksgiving

  • Halloween

So, what could you do in the remaining seven or more months?

It’s a direct-mail real estate newsletter (not a postcard).

This one is most suitable for running a monthly real estate direct mail nurturing or follow-up campaign.


Because you can take your whole online real estate content marketing into the offline world.

So the work you may have already done for your content marketing can be repurposed.

The same principles as for your real estate content marketing strategy apply here.

You want to know your potential customer or audience first.

Secondly, you want to cater valuable information to their needs, considering the customer journey.

We can borrow several ideas from my article, “254 Real Estate Content Ideas and Samples.

Here are 12 (a year’s worth of monthly real estate direct mail ideas) of them that you could use:

  • Stories and myths about your neighborhood

  • Typical housing styles and architecture in your area

  • What historic buildings can be found in your neighborhood?

  • The most common and biggest mistakes when selling

  • A home inspection guide or checklist

  • How to do a thorough walkthrough (checklist)

  • Statistics about a neighborhood important to sellers and buyers

  • How to detect overpriced homes

  • Where do you see things in 5, 10, or 20 years?

  • A list of appliances and how long they last

  • A list of ideas for unique features

  • How to manage bad neighbors

Again, there are many, many more ideas (well, 254) you could use from my article.

Using topics that align with your target audience’s customer journey is key.

And if you would like to know how you could automate the regular sending of direct mail, you may also want to read this article.

Click2Mail, for example, is a provider that doesn’t solely focus on automated postcards but also letters.

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Tobias Schnellbacher