Do you want to start or get into wholesaling but not sure which is the best wholesale real estate course for you and where to begin?

No doubt, starting as a real estate investor with wholesaling is a good entry strategy, and there are many great courses out there.

But you might not know which is the best wholesale real estate course for you, which to choose from and by which criteria. This can become confusing and overwhelming.

You could find out how to do it by yourself without a course and by trial and error, but this could cost you more in the end than paying for the right course and getting a “knowledge shortcut”.

Or, you could find the best course for yourself, but it won’t help much if you don’t approach it with the right mindset.

That’s why I researched different wholesale real estate courses for you and tried to find out what kind of marketing they are teaching.

Why did I check them out and, more specifically, their marketing elements?

First, this website is about real estate marketing, so that’s one reason, and second, marketing is also a key success factor in wholesaling, besides all the strategies and technicalities you can learn about setting up wholesale deals.

Some of the wholesaling “gurus” even say that when doing wholesaling, you are not in the real estate business but in the marketing one.

Before I start presenting you the different courses, I will also mention how they should be approached to increase your probability of success because, if you don’t meet these pre-conditions, it is better to not invest in a course and save your money for other purposes.

After this first section, I will give you the best wholesale real estate courses in different price ranges, so you can decide for yourself which one would be the right one for you according to your budget.

So, let’s start with how you can increase your probability of success with your best wholesale real estate course.

How to Increase Your Probability of Success with the Best Wholesale Real Estate Course for You


1) Your Mindset

There are courses in all kinds of different price ranges out there.

When you see one for, let’s say, around $800, this amount seems a lot at first, but the mindset here is what could be your return on investment if you really put the knowledge from the course into action.

Since in one wholesale deal you can make between $10,000 and $15,000, with just one deal you can recoup your investment multiple times (meaning an ROI of about 1250%).

Sure, if you don’t take any action from the course, any amount spent on it will be a loss. So the key in terms of mindset is to take action.


2) Be a Healthy Skeptic

Since the barrier of entry to wholesaling is lower than for other real estate investment strategies (e.g. passive real estate investing), it is a bit more challenging to find individuals with integrity.

This means you want to be a healthy skeptic and evaluate all possible information for yourself and find out about the validity of people/teachers giving you any advice, especially if the offer has a higher price tag.

So, the teacher or material giving you instructions should only be credit worthy if the info provided comes from actual experience (e.g. not owning just one or two properties).

A short example:

A controversial topic (particularly in the U.S.) would be if you can do wholesaling without a real estate license.

If a wholesaling teacher never mentions this risk of doing it without a real estate license or tells you that everything is fine and there is no risk involved whatsoever, you better run.

best wholesale real estate course

What Is the Best Wholesale Real Estate Course – An Overview

You might have realized already that there is no one best wholesale real estate course. It all depends on your overall situation, budget, pre-knowledge, experience, preferences, and more.

Therefore, in this section, you will get a short review according to different categories and hopefully, you will find the best course suitable for you.

Please also bear in mind that I couldn’t run a complete and thorough background check on all the vendors in terms of their credibility.

Wholesale CoursePrice
Wholesaling Real Estate in 30 Days Step by Step$11.99 ($99)
Barriers & Breakthroughs of Real Estate Wholesaling$11.99 ($19.99)
How to Analyze a Wholesale Deal in Real Estate$11.99 ($174.99)
Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling in 30 Days – Basics$11.99 ($89.99)
How to Flip Properties with Little to No Money$499
Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine$1,288
The Real Estate Goddess’s Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate & The Real Estate Goddess’s Guide to Building a Wholesaling Business$1,597
Simple Lease Options$2,495


The 5 Best Wholesale Real Estate Courses for Free or Under $200

Most of these courses in this price range can be found on Udemy with the exception of one (which comes last).

So, here they are:


1) Wholesaling Real Estate in 30 Days Step by Step

In this course, the vendor focuses on the technicalities of setting up and structuring a wholesaling deal. It is for people who just want to know the concrete action steps to take to get their first wholesale deal under contract.

It is also suitable for aspiring real estate investors who want to start a side hustle, haven’t done their first deal yet, feel stuck and want to know more about real estate investing.

What will you learn in the wholesale real estate course?

  • What to do with the seller, buyer, title company, real estate lawyer, contractor and more
  • The reason, why most people fail in their first wholesale deal
  • A detailed process of 5 steps
  • The good and bad about wholesaling
  • What paperwork is needed, where to get it, and how to fill it out
  • What to focus on to be a successful wholesaler
  • How to do comps
  • Marketing strategies to find sellers that must sell
  • How to build a strong effective buyer’s list
  • Guidance all the way through the wholesale process

What’s the Price?

The current price is $11.99 (a discounted price). The usual price is $99.

Check it out HERE

2) Barriers & Breakthroughs of Real Estate Wholesaling

This course has its focus rather on the psychological part and common fears towards wholesaling, such as getting sued.

It is especially for people who are new and experienced real estate investors that still have difficulties in reaching the next level in their real estate wholesaling business.

What will you learn in the wholesale real estate course?

  • Overcome the barriers of real estate wholesaling
  • How to move forward with confidence towards your business goals
  • The course material is delivered to you via a series of high quality, easy-to-implement videos

What’s the Price?

Right now, the price is also discounted at $11.99. The usual price is $19.99.

Check it out HERE

3) How to Analyze a Wholesale Deal in Real Estate

This course digs deeper into the different techniques of how you can analyze a wholesale deal.

So, by design, it’s more for the investor or aspiring investor who needs to become more knowledgeable about this part of the wholesaling business.

What will you learn in the wholesale real estate course?

  • How to find and use comps to calculate your after repair values (ARVs)
  • How to calculate a reliable maximum allowable offer (MAO)
  • A custom-built wholesaling calculator to analyze future deals
  • The difference between the 70% rule and the fixed costs method
  • How to present a convincing pitch to potential investor buyers

What’s the Price?

The normal price of this course is $174.99, but right now it is offered at a steep discount at $11.99.


Check it out HERE

4) Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling in 30 Days – Basics

This course is similar to the first one mentioned, but with the difference that the focus lays more on the remote or virtual aspect of starting a real estate wholesaling business.

It addresses real estate investors who want to do business in multiple markets and use technology to make the business virtual or local independent.

What will you learn in the wholesale real estate course?

  • A step-by-step instructional guide that aims to help you wholesale real estate within 30 days
  • An interview with Ebonie Caldwell of the REI Investment Society about virtual wholesaling teaching you:
    • How to structure a remote team
    • How to use the right contracts
    • Examples of wholesale deals done remotely
    • How to find buyers and sellers
    • How to market yourself and your business

What’s the Price?

The usual price is $89.99 and this one has also a temporarily discounted price of $11.99 right now.

You can check it out HERE.

5) How to Flip Properties with Little to No Money

This course is not from Udemy, but from David Dodge & Mike Slane, and it’s a free wholesaling course.

It teaches aspiring real estate investors how to get started with little or no money out of their own pockets.

Both are experienced investors and are specialized in wholesaling.

The aim of their course is to keep things simple and demonstrate to you how it works and what you need to get started.

What will you learn in the wholesale real estate course?

  • An overview of wholesaling, what it is, how it works and the reason why it’s an interesting business model
  • How to find motivated sellers
  • How to make offers to motivated sellers
  • How to use contracts to secure a property and get control and/or equitable interest
  • How to market deals to cash buyers
  • How to get motivated sellers and cash buyers to close together

What’s the Price?

This one is actually free, you just need to opt-in.

They offer also an advanced wholesaling course at a higher price tag of $499, which you can check out here, and a coaching program at $4,997. This one you can check out here.

The free course you can find HERE

The 3 Best Wholesale Real Estate Courses for over $1000

Now we come to the real estate wholesale courses with higher price tags.


1) Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine

This course contains 71 ways to find and attract deals and is based on the vendor book “Real Estate Day Trading”.

It claims to show you how to do it without a marketing budget and how to set up your computer so you can find the right classifieds, owners of vacant homes, appraisals, funding and build a list of buyers and sellers fast.

What will you learn in the wholesale real estate course?

  • How to make risk-free offers
  • Options and when to use them
  • Assignments and when to use them
  • How to create and sell shares of a corporation or LLC
  • How to assign beneficial interest using a trust
  • How to work with cash partners
  • How to work with credit partners
  • How to do simultaneous closings
  • How to get private and hard money
  • Self-directed IRAs
  • Which contracts and 31 clauses to use in any situation that may come up

What’s the Price?

The course is currently offered at a price of $1288.

You can check it out HERE.

best wholesale real estate course

2) The Real Estate Goddess’s Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate & The Real Estate Goddess’s Guide to Building a Wholesaling Business

This one is from Vena Jones-Cox and addresses new investors who need a strategy that let them make money without the risks of owning property, experienced investors who want to profit from deals they usually would pass up, landlords, and any investors who need to generate cash for down payments, renovation or personal reasons.

What will you learn in the wholesale real estate course?

  • An overview of the entire process and how it works
  • 10 Ways to find low-priced properties
  • How to determine the value of a house without “comps”
  • How to estimate repairs costs
  • Ways you can wholesale a “non-assignable” deal
  • How to guarantee your profit with the right offer
  • Finding motivated cash buyers for your deals
  • How to close and get paid $5,000-$10,000 cash without money from your pocket
  • The ethics of wholesaling
  • Taxes and how to minimize them for your wholesale deals
  • How to create business processes and delegate, so that you can scale
  • How to wholesale deals tax-free in your IRA or other self-directed retirement, education, or health savings accounts
  • What entities to use when wholesaling and why
  • How to legally find money to close deals, if you ever need to close a deal

What’s the Price?

The price for this course is currently at $1,597.

You can check it out HERE.

3) Simple Lease Options

I wasn’t sure if I should include this one, because it’s not directly about the traditional wholesaling strategies, but rather about a wholesaling sub-niche called “wholesaling lease options”.

It was created by Joe McCall who has been specializing for years now in lease options.

I decided to include it because from some videos I watched from him I know that he also mentions using traditional wholesaling as a part of his lease option strategy (in the offers) depending on the individual situation of the deal, and besides it might be interesting to know also about a sub-niche of wholesaling.

What will you learn in his course?

  • A comprehensive overview of how lease options work and how this business works
  • The best marketing strategies to find the best sellers for lease option deals, in any market
  • How to talk to sellers: what to say, and what questions to ask, when you are talking to sellers
  • How to make the right offers, and how to present winning offers to your sellers
    How to find tenant buyers, and how to structure deals for win-win scenarios.
  • How to use land contracts and Subject-To’s to have further tools in your offer toolbelt
  • How to build the right systems, and hire the right people
  • How to do lease option deals with vacant land

What’s the Price?

This one has the highest price tag, and currently costs $2,495.

You can check it out HERE.

What About the Marketing Strategies of the Courses Presented Above?

Unless the course is rather focused on psychological elements or on analytical elements, they all teach some type of marketing to find buyers and/or sellers.

All course pages are not specific about the marketing strategies used, but I am in the process of interviewing all the relevant vendors about that directly.

So, make sure to check this article again in the future, when I have it updated with the answers from the vendors.

best wholesale real estate course

Final Thoughts with Pros and Cons

As with everything in life, there are always pros and there are cons. The same is true with wholesale courses.

In terms of pros, these courses can give you a knowledge “short cut” and shorten your learning curve, and by that, saving you time and money long term.

You can reduce your risks, including your legal risk, by learning from costly mistakes of others presented in those courses.

Then you might also find a community of fellow investors, with which you could do joint ventures and reducing your barriers of entry.

And finally, the courses may help you grow your wholesaling business faster.

In terms of cons, you need to maintain a healthy skepticism about who the teacher is.

And most, if not all of the courses are not so helpful when you want to get started in your local area, where laws and regulations can differ. Most of them have a rather gross approach.

All in all, I hope I could help you in evaluating wholesale real estate courses better and find the best one for you or discard them at all.