Nothing Works in Real Estate Lead Generation

And furious is just the diplomatic term for what I really felt.

Many years ago, when my business was generating buyer and seller leads as a referral agency, I didn’t know where to start. 

I didn’t know which real estate marketing channel would work to generate the leads I needed. 

Like today, many different marketing channels were available back then. 

So I started researching.

I found Google Ads, Facebook Ads, cold calling, Craigslist, content marketing, direct mail…

You name it.

And like today, you could find different sources, such as articles, videos, and books from teachers. 

They unequivocally swore by Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Craigslist, blogging, cold calling, etc.

I would try Craigslist for a while, and with the results, I wouldn’t reach my goals.

I didn’t get enough buyer leads (that was my goal). Instead, I rather got unserious seller leads.

Then, the next teacher who made Facebook ads work for himself would convince me about this marketing channel. 

So I would try this one too… and would again fail with the results I got. 

This time, I got buyer leads. 

But they were too far from closing a real estate transaction (again, not aligned with my goals at that time).

The next teacher made content marketing and blog articles work for himself. Thus,he taught this method. 

Again, I was sold on that one and failed again.

I realized too late that content marketing was a long game. 

Still, my goal was to generate serious seller and buyer leads within 6–12 months when I tested this method.

But I was already in thirty or more articles when I realized that.

As you can see, it was a fatal time- and money-wasting cocktail. 

And its ingredients were: the shiny object syndrome and the grass is always greener on the other side.

No one is to blame for getting myself into a situation like this. 

The different teachers meant well. 

And the different marketing channels may indeed have worked for these teachers.

That is for their individual situations, goals, budgets, time frames, and experience levels.

Yet, this understanding didn’t help much to avoid feeling frustrated, lost, and anxious.

I experienced these feelings when I learned that nothing just works in real estate lead generation.

I mean, I spent weeks researching and trying to find the right marketing channel for my goals. 

Then, on top of that, I spent a lot of time and money making the new marketing channel work.

Just to find out after a few months that it was the one I shouldn’t have started with in the first place.


The marketing channels these teachers recommended as the ideal ones…

  • Didn’t reach the right audience and real estate prospects (sellers or buyers) I needed.


  • Didn’t align with my monthly marketing budget.


  • Didn’t align with my experience level.


  • Didn’t align with the buyers’ or sellers’ awareness level I needed.


  • Didn’t align with my income goal and the time in which I wanted to reach it.


  • Didn’t align with my daily “sweat equity” budget, or, in other words, the time available to do the respective marketing work.


So, they didn’t align with my goals, preferences, experience levels, and constraints.

Despite being furious and feeling slightly lied to (although I hadn’t been lied to), realizing this brought me a great revelation. 

I will come to that revelation pretty soon, and if you read until the end, you will benefit greatly from it.

For some reason, I was always looking for the next best real estate marketing channel. 

So, at that moment, I asked myself why I was doing that. 

Sure, I wanted results (meaning good-quality leads). But there was a deeper reason here.

By asking this question, it hit me. I had the wrong assumption in my mind all along.

The assumption was this:

When someone who is supposedly experienced tells me that the XYZ marketing channel works, it must also work for me.

But this assumption has a problem.

So, here are two questions for you:

Would you recommend someone 59 inches “tall” to start a pro career as a basketball player? 

Or how about someone who is invested in gold? Not only that, but this person also makes money with gold investments. 

So they recommend it to you as the best investment.

Would you believe gold to be the best investment, then?

I hope you will answer both questions with “no.”

See, the problem in suggesting a 59-inch “tall” person a pro career as a basketball player is ignoring the viability. 

Thus, the chances of success in this endeavor would be highly unlikely.

It would completely ignore the constraints of being just 59 inches “tall.” 

A pro basketball player reading the height situation of a 59-inch “tall” person correctly wouldn’t recommend it either. 

However, it would be pretty likely that he suggested a basketball career. 


It worked for him and his individual situation. At least he became successful with it. 

So, it would be a biased recommendation. 

The same is true for the “gold investor.” 

He is also biased since he makes money by selling gold investment plans.

And he would be even more biased if his gold investments had been successful.

So this is when I realized…

Nothing Just Works in Real Estate Lead Generation!

So what happens when a teacher recommends a marketing channel as best for your real estate lead generation?

That’s like the pro basketball player recommending someone 59 inches “tall” to start a pro career as a basketball player because it worked well for the pro.

Realizing that nothing just works in real estate lead generation made me furious and frustrated.

Still, it was a healthy emotional reaction from which I could learn something.

What was it?

I shouldn’t translate the results others had with a particular real estate marketing channel one-on-one.

They found and made a viable marketing channel for their real estate lead generation work. 

This marketing channel was aligned with:

  • Their experience level


  • The right audience


  • Their income goals


  • Their time frame in which they wanted to reach their goals.


  • Their monthly budget


  • Their buyers’ or sellers’ awareness levels


  • Their daily budget of available time


So, I had to correct my wrong assumption.

Instead of thinking, “If someone experienced tells me that the XYZ marketing channel works, it must work for me too,” I had to find a more unbiased way of thinking.

And it became…

“I need to assess my individual situation first. 

Then I need to find a viable marketing channel aligned with this situation.

And then I have to make it work.”

Assessing your individual situation means asking yourself questions such as…

  • What is your yearly income goal?


  • When would you like to reach this goal?


  • What is your monthly budget for real estate lead generation?


  • What is your daily “sweat equity” budget in hours for labor-intensive lead generation tasks (e.g., content marketing)?


  • How many marketing channels can you focus your time on?


  • What is your skill level in a particular marketing channel?


  • What prospects do you mainly focus on (e.g., sellers, buyers, both equally)?


Looking at these questions, you may already ask yourself one thing.

What are the odds that a marketing channel that works for one marketing expert is also the right choice for you??

The odds are pretty low that their individual situation matches exactly yours.

The odds are a bit like getting your first marriage right.

Well, actually, the odds may be even better for the first marriage.

A better metaphor would be winning the lottery.


The odds of successfully training a horse to climb trees.

Now, you may wonder what to do after answering the questions above.

How could you possibly align all the answers to find a viable marketing channel for your real estate lead generation with high odds of success?

Let me tell you that it is possible.

That’s why I created a solution for you…

A near-instant way to make a high-odds decision on what real estate marketing channel to focus on based on your individual goals, constraints, experience level, preferences, and more… Instead of weeks of pondering, it takes under an hour.  

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PLUS: It’s based on data and numbers, not emotions. It gives you confidence and structure regarding what marketing channel to focus on to reach your income goals.

And, like a human marketing strategy consultant, it factors in your preferences, individual constraints, experience levels, income goals, and more. This prevents you from paralysis by analysis.

No other tool will help you make a speedy, data-driven decision on what ideal and viable real estate marketing channel to focus on that matches your goals, constraints, and preferences. 

So let me introduce you to…

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As you can see in the video, “The Ultimate Real Estate Lead Gen Strategy and Performance Suite” helps you make a quick data-driven decision about what ideal and viable marketing channel to focus on that aligns with your income goals, constraints, preferences, and more. 

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A lot of time and research went into developing this tool to make the complex selection of real estate marketing channels easy.

It’s not a simple Google Sheet template. It’s an application that does the heavy lifting for you with a complex algorithm running in the background.

It’s your “sheet anchor” in the storm, the storm being the real estate and business world of uncertainties and probabilities. 

It can prevent you from using the wrong marketing channel for your real estate lead generation and help you generate more high-quality leads earlier.

This can save you weeks, if not months, of going in the wrong direction and losing thousands of dollars in testing.

So, Let’s Talk for a Second About Money…

What is avoiding costly and time-wasting marketing channels worth to you?

As a realtor, you may allocate 10% of your gross commission to monthly marketing.

That’s roughly $800, considering the average annual gross commission income of $85,000.

But when you use an ineffective and unviable marketing channel, it often takes several months until you realize it’s not working..

So you pay between $2,400 (3 x $800) and $4,800 (6 x $800) to learn it was a waste of time and money.

Or let’s take it from the positive side…

What would generating more high-quality leads a few months earlier be worth to you? 

Remember, you will make higher-odds decisions with “The Ultimate Real Estate Lead Gen Strategy and Performance Suite.”

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