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Welcome to my resource page on featured top picks, which I came across when carrying out research for my various articles! 

It will provide you with one of my top picks, and recommended products and services that I have used and/or know will likely be important to you.

This will help you find great products and services in just one place.

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Driving for Dollars & Skip Tracing

Deal Machine

If you, as a real estate professional, use driving for dollars to get seller leads, you might want to take a look at Deal Machine. 

It is mainly for wholesale real estate investors looking for distressed properties, but realtors can also benefit. 

This software helps you find potential deals, do direct mailing campaigns, manage the seller leads, and track driving routes. You can also do virtual driving for dollars from the comfort of your home office. 

Again, even though it targets primarily wholesalers, this doesn’t mean realtors couldn’t use it to get a seller’s contact information that might be willing to sign a listing contract.

You can learn more about this software here, and read my review article here.


BatchDriven is a direct competitor to Dealmachine, offering basically the same features:

  • Virtually driving for dollars
  • Driving route tracking
  • Skip tracing seller contact information
  • Seller lead management and follow-up campaigns

In contrast to Dealmachine, property lookups are not limited in their numbers, but direct mailing pricing per piece is more elevated than Dealmachine.

You can check out BatchDriven here. My review article you can read here.

Seller Contact Scraping & Skip Tracing

Batch Leads

BatchLeads is very similar to Propstream, and you could see it as the light version of it.

Its main purpose is to help real estate professionals find different types of seller contact information, so they can be contacted.

The property and homeowner search feature includes several filters such as homeowners with multiple properties, pre-foreclosures, vacant properties, and more. 

 You can also run comps, manage the contacts, skip trace the gathered contact information, and run direct mail and texting campaigns from one place.

 One major difference between BatchLeads and Propstream is that the latter doesn’t scrub the contact data against DNC or litigation lists. 

You can check out Batch Leads here, and also my review article here.


Propstream is a tool that helps brokers, agents, and investors get seller contact information and research and analyze real estate market data.

About 80% of its features provide you with market intelligence, and the remaining 20% feature marketing tools (e.g., direct mail, email campaigns, voice mail campaigns, and website landing pages).

The following is a short overview of all the features:

  • A property database to find homeowners’ contact information
  • Targeted property lists (e.g., pre-foreclosures, expired listings, etc.)
  • Instant comparables
  • A rehab estimator
  • Marketing tools
  • A deal analyzer
  • Skip tracing

You can learn more about Propstream here, and here you can find my review article.

Batch Skip Tracing

Batch Skip Tracing also comes from the “Batch brand and does what the name implies – skip tracing. 

It is tailored to real estate professionals, call centers, attorneys, bank & debt collectors, private investigators, and law enforcement.  

After uploading a list of contacts via Excel or another format, you can do single or bulk skip tracing with the provided contact information. 

You can check out Batch Skip Tracing here, and my review article about the software here.

Website Building and Funnels

Divi Theme (my Favorite WordPress Theme)

If you plan on creating your own real estate website, you may want to look at WordPress and its Divi Theme. 

It’s my favorite WordPress theme which I have used for my different websites. It’s a great time saver and features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder.

You can learn more about it in this review article. It may be of help to you.


In my article about real estate marketing funnels, I mentioned the software Funnelytics. I used this tool to create different real estate funnel graphics. 

With this tool, you can map out different funnel strategies, measure the performance, and have an overview of which element to optimize.

You can check it out here.


Cloudways is my favorite hosting provider so far. I have tried many different ones in the past, and for now, I am pretty happy with them. 

The number one reason to go with them was their performance and security at fair prices. It will speed up your website, and you can tailor the server capacity to the traffic amount you get.

Other features (but not the complete list):

  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
  • SSD based hosting
  • Free WordPress cache plugin
  • Image and mobile optimization
  • Fast ticket response times
  • Bot protection
  • 1-Click free SSL installation
  • IP-Whitelisting
  • No long-term contract

You can check it out here.

Real Estate Marketing Suites

Real Geeks

Real Geeks is a real estate marketing service and tool provider focusing on lead generation.

They provide you with a CRM, lead generation websites, lead nurturing tools, and digital marketing services.

You could also call it a real estate marketing suite.

Features and services they include are the following: 

  • IDX real estate websites
  • Market reports
  • Automated email drip system
  • Managed Google ads & Facebook ads campaigns
  • Personalized mobile app
  • Property valuation tool
  • CRM
  • SMS autoresponder
  • Facebook marketing tool

Pricing starts at $199 per month, and here, you can learn more about them. 

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