Tobias Schnellbacher

The one in the photo that’s me. My name is Tobias Schnellbacher, and I suck at taking selfies.

Only this day of all days, when I finally managed to take a decent one, I needed to have one earphone in my ear.

When I am not taking bad selfies, I am an internet entrepreneur with a passion for digital marketing, copywriting, real estate, and comedy writing.

My Work Story

At first, I didn’t know much about what I was doing or where I should start. So as you may expect, my work story is pretty much all over the place.

But still, I got a college degree (an interdisciplinary course of study in web development, design, and business administration).

Before and while studying, I worked in different places, which taught me a lot.

So I worked…

  • As a driver for people with special needs, where I sometimes inhaled the medicinal weed that was smoked by one of the passengers that also had multiple sclerosis. This did not change much of my speedy driving style.
  • As a house painter, I also got a degree in reading boulevard magazines that covered essential topics about star gossip and one-dimensional politics.
  • As a math private tuition teacher, I didn’t teach much math because my student couldn’t focus for one minute straight.
  • In a gym, mixing protein shakes and dealing with clients that often just came to drink protein shakes and coffee, but not to train.
  • As a bartender and waiter in a Mexican restaurant and a club for electronic music, where I got a degree in “nonviolent communication” and managing narcissistic personality disorders.
  • In trade fair constructions, where I learned by driving a large truck, you can’t find parking space easily in cities and can’t win red light contests anymore.
  • For the software company SAP in the marketing department.
  • In a graphic design agency learning that details matter a lot. Coffee cups had to be placed precisely the same distance before a meeting.
  • As a freelancer building websites, learning firsthand the everlasting conflict between design and conversion rate optimization.
  • As a Yoga teacher getting to know muscle soreness in body parts, I didn’t know they existed.
  • As an author publishing kindle books getting some reps in producing non-fiction writing but having neglected the marketing (and copywriting) part. So I didn’t exactly land on the New York Times bestseller list, but only by a whisker (of course).
  • As a PPC marketing (social and search) and copywriting freelancer for a real estate development company.

For over 10 years, I ran an international referral real estate agency, generating mainly buyer leads for local agents and brokerages.

Today besides being the owner and founder of, I co-own and manage 4 commercial properties.

The main constant in these years has been my passion for digital marketing, real estate, copywriting, and internet entrepreneurship.