The LeadGen System for Realtors

Find Your Ideal Real Estate Lead Generation Strategy and Make the Right Marketing Channel(s) Work

About The Book

It can be tough to find the ideal lead generation strategy and make the right marketing channels work. 

Being all over the place and looking and testing different things without a system can cost you a lot of time and money down the road.

Unfortunately, the lead generation part is usually not taught in real estate schools where you get your license, but with my soon-to-be-available “Realtor LeadGen System”, you will get a shortcut that can save you time and money, probably a few $1000s.

This will not just be an ebook. It is a system and will come in a bundle with files such as: 

  • A dynamic lead generation decision-maker sheet that helps you automatically decide which marketing channels to use based on your goals, skills, time, and budget.
  • A worksheet that translates your revenue goals into daily and monthly actions for each marketing channel.
  • A real estate marketing channel testing worksheet that helps you to make the right marketing channels work.


If you join the waiting list today, you can buy “The LeadGen System for Realtors” at the early bird price of $13.90, once it comes out.

After launch, the price will go up to $29.90.