As part of content marketing, real estate video marketing can be a time-consuming and sometimes money-consuming endeavor.

Nevertheless, you don’t want to completely ignore video marketing for real estate since the key marketing performance indicators and statistics for online video look quite promising.

While not necessarily the best option for freshly starting out real estate professionals, using a real estate video marketing service that can bring in results can be a solution.

Therefore, in this article, I will give you a general overview of what real estate video marketing services are, general costs, 9 criteria to keep in mind when looking for top providers, and 8 US-based providers that might be of interest to you.

So, let’s get into it.

What Are Real Estate Video Marketing Services?

Real estate video marketing services are usually offered by marketing agencies that not only specialize in the real estate industry but also other industries.

The services most often include:

  • Working out inbound or content marketing strategies with video
  • YouTube channel analysis
  • Video script copywriting
  • Video graphic creation
  • Producing a set amount of videos per month (animation, on-location shoots, studio productions, man-on-the-street videos, testimonials, video blogs, event coverage, whiteboard videos, and more)
  • Video search engine optimization on and offsite (e.g. optimized video embedding, optimizing YouTube channels, titles, etc.)
  • Video editing
  • Social media promotion
  • Training and coaching for video (to be comfortable on camera)
  • YouTube video ad campaigns

Real Estate Video Marketing Services Costs

For the most part, the hourly costs range between $75 to $150 if the pricing is based on time.

Other agencies charge a flat fee based on the individual project.

However, at least for the different video marketing agencies I researched, it is common for pricing to not be publicly disclosed.

In my opinion, this is understandable, since this is usually a highly individualized process.

I would even say that you should be a bit suspicious if the service can be standardized so that a flat fee can be charged and publicly disclosed.

Sure, if it’s only the video editing part or promoting part, then this is more feasible, since it can be easier systemized as a sort of productized service.

Another scenario where this is possible and quite common is when it’s about a video creation software that focuses on animation, whiteboard videos, and other types of computer-generated animation videos.

But that’s not a video marketing agency, it’s software.

So, once we get into analyzing, strategizing and the production for your individual real estate business situation, needs and problems, it’s highly doubtful that the process can be standardized, at least at present.

However, this might be an opportunity for tech affine video marketing agencies in the future.

Because the processes with a high degree of individualization might be systemized with AI and machine learning.

This would be AI-assisted analyzing, strategizing and video production.

But for now, I don’t think so. At least I didn’t come across such a video marketing agency just yet.

9 Criteria to Find Top Real Estate Video Marketing Services

As a general rule, the real estate video marketing services offered should especially help you in the areas where the major benefits of video marketing shine through and with those where the downsides lie.

When a video is used as part of a content marketing strategy, the long-term game of this strategy should also be taken into consideration.

The following benefits that I already discussed in this article of are relevant for this general rule:

  • Video can increase conversion rates by 80% on landing pages.
  • Distributed on social media, a video generates 1200% more shares.
  • You can increase the chances of ranking on Google by 53 times.
  • Videos used in the first emails to potential customers can increase the click-through rate by 96%.
  • You will increase the time visitors stay on your website by 88% if you include video.

These are the downsides a real estate video marketing service should help you with:

  • The risk of producing bad video content, that can damage a brand.
  • The additional skills, costs, and time it takes to produce a good video.

The 9 Criteria

From the above, we can now derive the following criteria that top real estate video marketing services should cover:

1) They should offer assistance in creating video content for landing pages.

2) They should include the regular promotion and distribution of videos on social media.

3) The agency should offer video search engine optimization (starting already with the content ideation).

4) The production of videos for follow-up campaigns with your list of potential customers and clients should be provided (e.g. email video drip campaigns), and optionally also the follow-up campaign management itself.

5) Video content that can be embedded on your real estate website should be provided as well as the embedding itself.

7) They should help you work out a good strategy and the planning of a good video content plan and/or taking into consideration an already existing content strategy plan you have.

8) Of course, the overall video pre-production, production and post-production should be done by the agency (this compensates one of the major downsides of video creation).

9) As an additional plus, video creation for video ad campaigns and its management should be provided and also some experience or focus in the real estate space should exist.

8 Real Estate Video Marketing Services and Companies in the U.S.

Now, let’s first take a look at the different video marketing services and companies I researched for the U.S. and what they have to offer.

I also asked them several questions about their services via email for information that couldn’t be found on their websites.

As you will see below only one has replied so far.

At the end of this section, they will be included in a neat table, and their service offers compared to the criteria I’ve just discussed above.

You will see that there are only 3 agencies that position themselves having some focus on or experience in the real estate industry.

real estate video marketing services

1) Brafton

The Brafton agency provides you with the production of different types of videos, such as:

  • Animation in 2D and 3D formats
  • On-location shoots for high-quality video production including filming site scouting, live-action interviews, demos, promos, and testimonials
  • Studio productions from their studio in Boston
  • Short man-on-the-street videos (questions, opinions, consumer polls, etc.)
  • Explainer videos (animated, live-action, 2D, 3D or hybrids)
  • Video testimonials
  • Video blogs (a direct video format) by on-screen actors
  • Event coverage for industry conferences, trade shows, or private events including repurposing the videos on social media and post-event follow-ups
  • Whiteboard animation videos

Besides the different types of video production, they also offer video editing and a video distribution and promotion strategy.

Additionally, the company provides general SEO, editorial, social media, and PPC services.

Part of their services related to video marketing include:

  • Video search engine optimization (e.g. the right keywords in titles, captions, descriptions and more)
  • Landing page creation for targeted searches
  • YouTube channel optimization
  • Social media management
  • Digital marketing strategies

The Brafton agency has offices in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Sydney.

You can learn more about their video marketing services here.

real estate video marketing services

2) igw – The Visual Marketing Agency

The agency igw has 11+ years of experience in the field of marketing, and provides you with different services related to video marketing that are aligned with their overall process.

These are their services:

  • Developing the right strategy by analyzing the competition, existing content, and determining the overall goals
  • Producing the right videos based on the strategy including scriptwriting, storyboarding, music, voiceover, sound effects and animations
  • Video marketing campaign pre-launch preparation that includes the creation of shortened video versions for social media ads, thumbnails, video embedding on the respective website, and SEO optimization
  • Video marketing campaign launch consisting of an overall campaign monitoring and testing, such as video ad split testing, video landing page monitoring, email sequences (monitoring the open rates, and click rates), and based on this, data steady campaign improvements.

You can find out more about this agency here.

real estate video marketing services

3) Blue Corona

The smaller video marketing agency Blue Corona seems to have a stronger focus on the production of “how-to”, company profile, and product review videos which the agency recommends as a proven way to increase your search engine rankings.

The video marketing services they offer include:

  • Writing video scripts and copywriting
  • Pre-production services
  • On-site video consultation, design, and shooting
  • Post-production, editing, and publication
  • Creating video graphics
  • YouTube marketing (YouTube video optimization, YouTube Analytics, and YouTube Ads)
  • Video search engine optimization for YouTube and the respective website

The following are the video types the agency seems to be specialized in:

  • Competitor differentiation videos
  • Testimonials
  • Company history videos
  • How-to videos

Besides video marketing services, the agency also offers SEO, PPC campaigns, email marketing, conversion optimization, web design, social media marketing, TV and radio advertising, and more.

You can learn more about this agency here.

real estate video marketing services

4) Thrive

Thrive offers a large array of different marketing services in digital marketing, web design, social media marketing, and eCommerce Marketing.

Their video marketing services are just one of them. Included in these services are:

  • Creation of storyboards
  • The actual filming with their own equipment
  • Post-production
  • Video publishing on different social media channels, and also embedding in websites

The agency also works with a team of producers, writers, directors, and cinematographers.

Video types thrive is offering include:

  • About Us videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Product videos
  • Service videos
  • Event videos
  • End-of-year videos
  • Videos for ads
  • Explainer animation videos
  • Social media videos
  • Landing page videos

You can find out more about the agency here.

real estate video marketing service

5) DMA

In the field of video marketing, DMA’s main focus is video marketing with and on YouTube.

Other marketing services they offer cover search engine optimization, reputation management, social media, web development, and marketing automation.

What stuck out to me was that one of the industries they are specialized in is also real estate.

The scope of their video marketing services include:

  • Pre-production, production, and post-production of videos for YouTube (content marketing and paid advertising)
  • The production and publishing of regular video content for YouTube
  • Key influencer reach outs
  • Steady campaign improvements based on messages and campaign tracking
  • Influencer marketing with sponsor videos

You can find out more about DMA here.


real estate video marketing services

6) SimplyAds

SimplyAds is one of the highly specialized marketing agencies with the main focus on YouTube video ads.

SimplyAds produces custom-made YouTube advertising campaigns. The production capacity reaches from talking head videos to full-scale miniature movies.

The agency also offers the following complementary services:

  • YouTube channel management
  • Social media advertising on additional platforms
  • Search engine optimization
  • Display advertising
  • Strategy development
  • Creative copywriting

Questions and Answers from Our Email Correspondence

1. Do you also create video content for landing pages?

“We do. Sometimes these are referred to as “video sales letters” depending on the content and nature of the video.”

2. Do you offer ongoing promotion and distribution of video content on social media?

“We do, but we do tend to specialize in YouTube as we see the most long-term success from that channel.

Social is extremely crowded and doesn’t lend itself well to long-term audience engagement like it used to, in our experience.”

3. Do you also provide video search engine optimization?

“Yes, but nowadays, the SEO services tend to revolve around best-practice and technical improvements to the site which help Google understand the site better.

As opposed to link-building and those types of activities where Google has gotten wise.

The most effective way to ensure the site is optimized for SEO is to be involved during the scoping and build phase.

If this is done, it can save thousands of dollars on “SEO services” that don’t return on investment.”

4. Have you also produced video content for follow up campaigns or lead nurturing campaigns?

“We have run lead generation campaigns for property investment companies in the past, leading people to a landing page designed to generate investment leads.”

5. Do you offer video embedding on websites?

“We can embed the videos on the website wherever appropriate.”

6. Did you have real estate professionals as clients in the past?

“We have had a few real estate agents in the past as well as real estate investment companies.” 

You can learn more about SimplyAds here.

real estate video marketing services

7) Vyral

Vyral’s main service and focus is doing video marketing for your real estate database.

This is another agency that explicitly mentions serving the real estate industry besides five further industries (mortgage, consultants, chiropractors, recruiters, small businesses, and wealth managers).

Their video marketing services include:

  • Video blog building
  • Social media management and branding
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Determining video topics
  • Email database export
  • Reconnection with contacts
  • Interview type video creation (twice a month from video interview via HD webcam)
  • Video editing
  • Video upload to YouTube and optimization for search engines
  • Custom blog article writing
  • Ongoing video sending by email
  • Ongoing social media posting
  • Engagement tracking
  • Video advertising on Facebook
  • Weekly client marketing classes
  • Weekly feedback calls

Something to keep in mind is that their video marketing services are not aimed to generate new leads but to provide educational video content to contacts in your database.

So, the focus is more on increasing referral rates or repeat business.

You can learn more about Vyral here.

real estate video marketing services

8) Luxury Presence

The last video marketing service to mention is “Luxury Presence”.

From the website design, you will already get the impression that their main focus is the high-end real estate segment. It is also the only industry they are catering to.

Their video marketing services include:

  • Pre-production, production, and post-production
  • A dedicated producer
  • Multiple revisions
  • Productions all over North America
  • Video types such as aerial, brand, homepage, lifestyle area videos, and property videos

Besides the video marketing service, Luxury Presence also offers real estate websites, page builders, a listing manager, IDX search integration, real estate advertising and lead generation, lead nurturing funnels, SEO-based content marketing, and Instagram management.

You can learn more about the agency here.

Top Real Estate Video Marketing Services – A Table Overview of All Providers

Based on the services offered by the different agencies in the area of video marketing and also on the offering of further marketing services, I compared them with the nine criteria I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

CriteriaBraftonigwBlue CoronathriveDMASimplyAdsvyralLuxury Presence
Video content for landing pagesyesyesyesyes
Ongoing promotion and distribution of videos on social mediayes yesyesyes yesyesyes
Video search engine optimizationyesyesyesyesyes yesyesyes
Production of videos for follow up campaigns or lead nurturing campaignsyes yesyesyes yesyesyes
Video embedding on websiteyesyesyesyes
Video content strategy creationyesyes yesyes
Video pre-production, production and post-production yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Video ad campaigns and managementyesyesyesyes yesyesyes
Experience and/or focus in the real estate industry yesyesyesyes

The Bottom Line

The majority of the above real estate video marketing services have a broader range of service offers and cover most criteria to qualify as a top video marketing service.

Not all have experience in the field of real estate and fewer so are solely specialized in the real estate industry.

As I already mentioned in past articles, when you consider working with an agency, I would recommend that you ask them also about key marketing performance indicators from past clients, so you can calculate if you are to expect a positive or a negative ROI for potential video marketing campaigns.

This article has been reviewed by our editorial team. It has been approved for publication in accordance with our editorial policy.

Tobias Schnellbacher

Tobias Schnellbacher

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