Real Estate LeadGen Consulting

real estate leadgen consulting
real estate leadgen consulting

The Problem

Finding the ideal lead generation strategy and making the proper marketing channels work can be challenging.

Being all over the place, searching and testing different things without a system can cost you a lot of time and money down the road.

Unfortunately, the lead generation part is usually not taught in real estate schools where you get your license.

real estate leadgen consulting

My Offer

With my now available Real Estate Lead Gen Consulting Service, you will get a shortcut that will help you save time and money, probably a few $1000s. 

The “Real Estate LeadGen Consulting” is a system that will help you…

  • …decide which marketing channels to use based on your goals, skills, time, and budget.
  • …get clarity about your goals and weak spots
  • …what real estate marketing funnel to build
  • …what lead follow-up system to build
  • …increase your lead conversion rates
  • …translate your revenue goals into daily and monthly actions for each marketing channel.
  • …testing the right marketing channels, so they start giving you results.
  • …track the performance of your marketing channels

How Does This Consulting Work?

It will be an asynchronous consultation. Meaning the communication will always be at your convenience. So you won’t need to schedule a fixed time on Zoom for a live call.  

It will all work via email, and you will receive specific consulting information via text or video. 

The advantage of this type of consultation is that you won’t need to cancel scheduled zoom meetings if something comes up (especially when real estate clients call you out of the blue).  

Different time zones are not an issue either, which is often the case with live consultation sessions. 

Once you book my Real Estate Lead Gen Consulting service, you will first receive an email with a link to a questionnaire and the payment information. 

Filling out the questionnaire will be essential to better understand your individual situation, struggles, and goals. 

This will also uncover some weak spots that you are probably unaware of.  

The consulting starts once I receive the payment and the filled-out questionnaire.  

Depending on the scope of your situation, within 1-2 working days, you will receive an individual real estate lead gen strategy tailored to your unique situation and business that increases your chances of success and saves you time and money.  

My “Real Estate LeadGen Consulting Service” includes 30-day email support for up to three more emails with follow-up questions from your end.  

You can book it by clicking the button below.