Get More Organic Seller & Buyer Leads with the Real Estate Blog Boost Package 

Imagine you wake up in the morning. You check your emails and find out that many high-quality real estate leads have already entered your database and are waiting for your reply.

It’s from content you produced 8-12 months back. And when you crunch the numbers, you find you’re paying up to 62% less per lead than with PPC campaigns.

These real estate leads are more likely to do business with you than those you’ve prospected before by cold-calling, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.


They are of higher quality.

Content marketing, as an inbound marketing strategy, has many long-term benefits compared to traditional outbound marketing channels.

The marketing statistics about this channel are clear:

✅ It costs 62% less than traditional marketing but generates three times as many leads.

✅ The conversion rates are six times higher than with other marketing methods.

✅ Traditional outbound methods have a conversion rate of 1.7%, but SEO (Content Marketing) can achieve a 14.6% conversion rate.

Yet, two obstacles prevent many from enjoying these benefits:

1) The first one is not being strategic about it and churning out mass-produced, low-quality articles.

2) The second is related to the first: not having enough time to produce the content, resulting in no content being produced at all.

And the third is expecting short-term results from a long-term marketing channel.

The latter is just the nature of the game you play with Google’s search algorithm.

So, a little warning: The “Blog Boost Package” may not be a great fit for you if you expect short-term results from Google.

However, I can help you overcome the first two obstacles: a lack of strategy and a lack of time to write the articles.”

“The Real Estate Blog Boost Package” Includes Two Services in One:

✅ The building of a real estate SEO content strategy plan.

✅ Real estate SEO content writing.

So, the real estate SEO content strategy plan is the foundation for your organic traffic.

It’s the traffic that can bring you high-quality seller and buyer leads.

And the real estate SEO content writing service helps you with the most time-consuming part of this plan.”

The Real Estate SEO Content Strategy Plan

You know, buying just a bunch of cheap, generic real estate articles somewhere to publish won’t cut it.

It sounds like a nice shortcut at first, but it comes at a high cost in the long run.

Yes, you get many articles on your website that way, but traffic and quality leads are not what they will get you.

After many Google algorithm updates (especially the one in September 2023), one thing is clear: Your content strategy shouldn’t focus solely on keywords.

Instead, it should concentrate on topics that Google’s AI-powered algorithm, which runs in the background, can understand.

So, the real estate SEO content strategy plan features…

✅ A comprehensive niche and competitor analysis to find your competitive edge for your blog.

✅ Target audience research to understand your readers’ wants and needs (helps drive conversions).

✅ Preparation of a customer journey for your target customers.

✅ A semantic SEO-focused topical map to gain topical authority on Google.

✅ Delivery of everything in a simple Google Sheet.

✅ A content promotion strategy to further maximize exposure to your target audience.

✅ An overview of the goals and KPIs to track, based on your goals.”

The Real Estate SEO Content Writing Service

This service helps you avoid spending hours you may not have on writing the content.

It provides you with high-quality, human-written content for your real estate website to attract more seller or buyer prospects.

The service includes four articles per month, each with the following features:

✅ 1,000-word real estate articles with the most recent Google Updates and local SEO for real estate in mind.

Uses semantically relevant subheadings to enhance Google rankings.

✅ Plagiarism-free assurance.

✅ 100% manual writing.

✅ No cheap outsourcing.

✅ Extensive human editing with Grammarly Pro and multiple proofreads.

Hemingway App readability below grade 9 ensures high engagement and meets Google AI’s readability standards.

✅ Complete copyrights for each piece of real estate content.

✅ No keyword stuffing (the 2000s are over).

✅ Written to beat your competition on the first page.

✅ Catchy SEO-friendly titles with a high emotional marketing value (EMV).

What Does the Real Estate Blog Boost Package Cost?

The price for the first month is $1,140. This includes the “Real Estate SEO Content Strategy Plan” and the “Real Estate SEO Content Writing Service” for the first month. The latter includes four articles.

After that, it’s $340 for the four articles per month.

If that seems high to you, let me make a comparison.

Generating leads through Facebook ads costs, on average, $81 per lead.

That’s not to be confused with “leads” some platforms sell.

That’s usually scraped contacts you still have to convert into leads. But they label them as such.

When I say “leads,” I mean people who have raised their hands and have shown basic interest in your real estate services.

Let’s say you book the “Real Estate Blog Boost Package” only for three months. After that you stop and have 12 published articles.

And 8 to 12 months after that, these 12 articles bring in on average 200 pageviews per month each.

That’s 2,400 page views per month.

Now, let’s stay pessimistic.

Suppose you don’t use the best lead magnet to convert this traffic into leads.

So the conversion rate is just 1.5%.

Still, this would be 36 leads per month.

For the same 36 leads via Facebook ads, you would have paid $2,916 (36 x $81), and you would have to pay this again and again monthly to keep the lead machine going.

In comparison for the “Real Estate Blog Boost Package” you would have paid $1140 plus two more months of $340 each to reach the twelve articles. This makes a total of $1,820.

So, with these savings and potential for seller and buyer lead generation, are you ready to start your first month with the “Real Estate Blog Boost Package”?

After you place your order, you will receive an email with questions for the real estate SEO content strategy plan.

Due to my limited time resources I can only take on a limited number of clients to safeguard the quality of content produced.

Do you have a question abuot “The Real Estate Blog Boost Package?” Please, contact me at