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The Low-Inventory Buster that Gives You an Unfair Advantage

The current low-inventory market can be a really frustrating drag.

Let’s say you spend much of your day manually sifting through incomplete or unreliable data sources to find potential seller leads.

And then, you call them and find out they aren’t even sellers or are other listing agents, have already sold, or changed their mind because they couldn’t afford to buy another house in this current market.

So, besides dealing with rejection in these calls, you are not even dealing with motivated sellers…

This is a pretty frustrating experience that likely repeats over and over when it’s difficult to distinguish high-quality leads from poor ones and use poor data sources.

You waste time and money on potential sellers that way…not fun. 

And as the cherry on top, you may realize that your competitors seem to do something different…Whatever they do, it seems to work better, and they appear to get better results despite this market condition.

So, you may end the day feeling outpaced by these competitors and get the sense of not having accomplished that much when it comes to new high-quality leads.

Besides frustration, this often leads to stress and anxiety about the future.

Now, what if there were a game-changing way where you could start your day by quickly identifying high-quality seller leads who are motivated and not underwater, so there is room for a commission?

And after that, you could do an easily targeted outreach… knowing you can rely on the contact data. 

Sounds like more peace of mind, doesn’t it?

What is the result of this targeted outreach with reliable and high-quality seller data like that?

Well, your time is well-spent, and productive meetings and appointments with potential sellers and new listing contracts follow.


Again, it’s the solid data on properties and market trends you can rely on.

And all of that will help you further in your business growth and commission income goals.

Now, What Is This Game-Changer?

✅ A low-inventory buster that speeds up your listing acquisitions…Works even better with ninja tactics right out of the investor’s playbook.

The tool your competitors don’t want you to know about…access the most accurate and reliable seller contact data nationwide in seconds

Finally, get more peace of mind and feel satisfied with an efficient and effective work process to acquire listings without surprises.

✅ PLUS: Make fast and reliable decisions about who and where to target your marketing campaigns

It’s not Propstream because their skip tracing data is only 47% accurate, according to a 2022 study and agent directory.

It’s also not Dealmachine, with less up-to-date data, no agent directory, and a more difficult search for on-market deals.

It’s not REISift since it doesn’t have any lead gen platform.

No, it isn’t Privy either because it doesn’t do skip tracing and also has no marketing tools.

And PropertyRradar? 

No, it’s not that either because it doesn’t offer listing data or true nationwide data coverage.

It’s BatchLeads!

And this software was developed by real estate investors who struggled to get the data and tools they needed to grow their businesses. 

So, the software was initially aimed at real estate investors.

However, as a creative and problem-solving real estate agent, you can use this software to generate motivated seller leads and bust this low inventory market.

I Will Let You in on a Secret Probably Only a Few Real Estate Agents Know About BatchLeads…

I know, usually, you would ditch these types of software…Why?

It’s aimed at investors who can work with underwater properties and all kinds of homes in financial distress and apply various creative strategies.

These types of properties usually don’t leave room for commissions.

However, BatchLeads also has several data filters where you can find homes that are not in these situations and are still owned by motivated sellers.

Just to name a few…

  • Senior citizens who downsize or need to move into a permanent care home
  • Tired landlords who want to get rid of their portfolio
  • Family members of an inherited home

And it doesn’t stop there either…You can also easily search and filter by age, household size, income, net worth, and recent live events to further identify the most motivated sellers…especially those without listing agents (more potential commission for you).

Batchleads is also the only platform with a nationwide agent directory. 

You can leverage this directory to gain access to pocket listings or build relationships with other agents for referrals 

And all this contact and listing data you get is the most reliable nationwide.

As the cherry on top, you can also virtually drive for dollars or have a virtual assistant do this to identify even more potential listings so you can skip trace by their addresses.

And it charges you only for successful matches.

To all the seller prospects, you can send SMS texts, direct mail, or cold call them from one place. So it’s a one-stop shop.

And you can integrate it with CRMs, such as…

  • Podio
  • Salesforce
  • kvKORE
  • Pipedrive
  • Zoho
  • Chime
  • Liondesk 

  In addition to the lead generation and marketing you can do directly from the platform, you can use the collected seller data to identify target demographics for social media and Google search ads and, basically, all other paid traffic platforms that allow it.

You can also send targeted and personalized emails to the seller prospects BatchLeads helps you find.

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And Today, You Can Get 500 Seller Prospects for Free…

Yes, that’s right…When you click on the button below, you will land on a registration form for the 7-Day Free Trial that comes preloaded with 500 property saves.

After the registration, you will get access to Batchleads’ most core features included in the individual plans.  

After the 7-day trial, you can buy the personal plan for $99, paid monthly, or $82.

You get the reduced price of $82 when you commit to a one-time payment 12 months in advance. 

Now, with the personal plan, instead of getting access to 500 seller prospects (in the free trial), you get 10,000 each month. 

“But arent other providers like REISift cheaper with their comparable plan?”

Well, only at first glance…The thing is that many miss the effect of data accuracy and quality BatchLeads offers.

And many don’t offer the same marketing features in one place.

So, the other providers only need to be slightly less accurate than Batchleads, and you pay the cheaper monthly fee with a lower seller prospect quality. 

And then, you may take two months instead of just one with Batchleads to reach the same number of quality seller prospects.

PLUS, you may pay extra per skip-traced contact, and for additional marketing tools, you will likely need to reach your future potential seller clients.

So, are you ready to bust the low inventory situation with BatchLeads?

Just click the button below. “I Want the Free 7-Day Trial,” and you are good to go.

Again, after clicking the button, you only need to fill out a short form, and that’s it.

BatchLeads Has Already Thousands of Satisfied Customers…

And a 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot from 1,156 customers.


Here are four of them that share their positive experiences with BatchLeads.


So let BatchLeads help you defy this low inventory situation and start accessing the most accurate and reliable seller contact data nationwide today.