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Your restults don’t necessarily mean that doing your own real estate lead generation isn’t something for you. However, you may likely find some stumbling blocks on the way.

There is the possibility that you may perceive real estate lead generation methods not working from the get-go as a failure. 

However, one of the most critical mindsets in real estate lead generation, but marketing in general, is that there is no failure, only testing.

Therefore it’s important to realize that starting with a real estate lead generation campaign, which works right from the start, is far from usual.  

Yes, you can get lucky, and it can happen.  

But even if you are lucky, a campaign that works today doesn’t necessarily work tomorrow. 

So the testing mindset will keep you flexible no matter what happens. 

There are chances that you either don’t want to or just can’t put a monthly budget aside to carry out different lead-generation tests. 

You may also have trouble reserving some daily time to run at least some labor but not money-consuming lead generation tests. 

However, at least one of the two, money and/or daily “sweat equity,” will be necessary. 


No marketing channel is truly free and will take its time until it gets you reliable results.  

You need to set a monthly budget aside to carry out the different lead generation tests with varying marketing channels until you get reliable results.

You also need a runway or lead time to see the first results. 

And if you don’t have the monthly budget, you will need at least a few hours per day to test marketing channels that primarily need your “sweat equity” (e.g., cold calling, door knocking, etc.). 

You may also believe the money you spend on failing lead generation tests is a loss, and the better perspective is to consider this money as an investment.  

How so?  

Of the money you spend, even if you don’t get results first, you will get essential feedback data from the market that can help you move in the right direction with the proper adjustments. 

Overall, doing real estate lead generation on your own may be slightly harder for you. 

However, with a tiny mindset shift, this could change…So if you want to try it regardless, you may want to learn about…

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