blue knot funnel consulting

THe real estate funnel leak solution

The Gordian Knot is perhaps the most famous knot in history.

This comes from a legend associated with Alexander the Great.

This knot, intricately tied, was found in the ancient city of Gordium and was made by Gordius, a peasant who would become king.

The prophecy of an oracle was that whoever could untie the knot would become the ruler of all Asia.

Unable to untie the knot, Alexander the Great sliced it in half with his sword.

This solution came to symbolize innovative thinking and decisive action.

Similarly, you may be dealing with a comparable knot in your digital marketing funnel for your real estate business.

Failing to follow the proper strategies often leads to…

  • Missed opportunities
  • Wasted marketing dollars and a poor ROI
  • Staying behind
  • The wrong focus and competitive disadvantages
  • Poor seller and buyer lead quality

Although I can’t use a sword to untie these digital marketing “knots,” I offer a similar solution.

It is the only digital marketing funnel consulting service for real estate that is not limited to digital marketing.

The main aim is to increase your ROI from marketing activities.

  • It reveals where you are leaving money on the table in your lead generation efforts…Your current funnel may have many LEAKS.
  • Discover the most powerful real estate marketing strategies and channels that get you the most BANG for your BUCK…PLUS, it’s completely tailored to your individual business situation.
  • Free up more money to future-proof your real estate business and stay ahead of the curve, enabling you to adapt new marketing strategies. PLUS, eclipse your competition and elevate your lead quality and quantity.

Now, what happens when you can use your marketing dollars more efficiently?

Well, you will free up funds to invest in technologies and trends, keeping you ahead of the curve and enabling you to future-proof your business.

This will also enable sustainable growth and create a competitive advantage.

But, you might wonder if you really need this digital marketing funnel consulting service for real estate.

If you’ve read this far, chances are you do.

The thing is you may not realize you need it because you haven’t yet analyzed your current situation.

It’s like driving your car without realizing the handbrake is on, and , even using the wrong type of fuel.

Many consulting services offer one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t cater to your specific needs.

This is certainly not the case with “The Real Estate Funnel Leak Solution” for real estate.

The strategies developed by this service are completely tailored to your business situation.

It’s aim?

To help you increase your ROI from real estate marketing activities and lead generation funnels.

You might also have concerns about relying on external help for your digital marketing efforts.

“The Real Estate Funnel Leak Solution” doesn’t attempt to hook you as can happen with certain drugs.

It’s more like showing you where to find a better fishing spot and which fishing rod and lures to use.

Thus, you won’t depend on me to generate your leads. It’s about identifying potential and funnel leaks.

Also, developing strategies based on those findings.

So, it’s not about the execution part.

The result of “The Real Estate Funnel Leak Solution” is a report and a digital marketing strategy plan.

You can then either execute this strategy plan yourself or outsource it.