The Only FREE Course Revealing the Overlooked Foundation Factor for Your Lead Gen Success

You may have tried them already: the generic strategies, the ad courses, social media courses, scripts, Facebook Ads over here, Google Ads over there…You name it.

The thing is, there is a foundational step before you get into real estate lead gen tactics.

It’s a crucial step that everyone else is missing.

And when you get this step right, you create a ripple effect that makes every other piece fall into place, including your lead gen success.

The realtors who get this right are the ones who can consistently outperform everyone else.

Others not knowing about this may scratch their heads, wondering, “What the heck are they doing differently…?”

So what is it?

It’s the “foundation factor” you get when you have found your unique real estate niche, creating a wide-reaching ripple effect.

In a competitive market, this is your edge.

And more and better real estate leads start with your niche. 

More and better leads are just one of the many ripple effects that will unfold for your whole real estate business. 

How can you find this edge?





I created the FREE video course: “The Foundation Factor” to find your ideal real estate niche.

The course consists of five short lessons…

  • Lesson 1: The most important groundwork for increasing your lead gen success rate
  • Lesson 2: Analyzing seven crucial variables for your high-odds niche decision
  • Lesson 3: How to use Google Trends to analyze the long-term potential of a niche
  • Lesson 4: Getting a glance at all available real estate niches
  • Lesson 5: How to rate your short list of real estate niches and find your ideal one

What’s more, the six lessons come with two bonuses… It’s a cheat sheet with all real estate niches at a glance.

The second bonus is a Google Sheet template that speeds up the rating of your real estate niches on your shortlist.

And today, you can access the “Foundation Factor Course” for FREE.

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